Dig in from Drumond Park – Review

Dig In is a great new game from Drumond park and one I have been excited to try out since I first saw it at Toy Fair in January. Available now for 2-4 players, aged 8+, RRP £19.99. (No batteries needed)

Dig In captured my attention as it is a simple fun family game that takes no time to learn. The box contains 128 play pieces, Dig In bowl, timer and 12 double-sided cards. After setting up the bowl with playing pieces in the centre of the table, players take a card. The first player has one turn of the timer (15 seconds) to find as many of the playing pieces pictured on the card. The first round the players each get a go on their own. Subsequent rounds it is a free for all and the only additional rule is they may only search one-handed.


The winner of the round is the first to correctly find all the pieces on their card, and the winner of three cards is the Dig In winner! The cards have two sides coloured and grey. The grey meaning that you can collect that piece in any colour, we actually found this more tricky so experimented playing both ways in a game to mix it up.

Dig in, in its simplicity makes it a great game for Christmas, as everyone can join in quickly. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the lack of rules makes Dig In easier for the parents to win. There was plenty of hand slapping and some devious tactics from the one-handed Dragon Dad. The pieces themselves when on their own are easily identifiable, but when in the Dig In mix telling and ice cream from a rocket is a little more tricky. Dig in is a fast and furious game that we have loved playing as a family and cant wait to share with our visitors over the festive season.


I am excited to be able to offer one of my readers the chance to win Dig In for their family to play this Christmas, and am sure for many years to come! Simply enter with my gleam app below and don’t forget to comment on this post to complete your entry.
Dig In

If you cant wait to Dig In! Then check the Drumond Park website for a current list of retailers, or click on my amazon affiliate link to buy your game in time for Christmas.

Disclaimer we were sent this game in return for our honest review

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Review Rory’s Story Cubes for Izziwizzi Kids Play Fest Dream Toys

Thanks to Izziwizzi Kids for letting us review another toy this time for Playfest join in on Tuesday 4th December Twitter and Thursday 6th December Facebook

This time for the top Ten Dream toys or slow toys, I understand this means no batteries!

So here is our review of Rory’s Story Cubes from The Creativity Hub.

So lets start at the beginning!

The story cubes come in a neat little box and an outer sleeve with nine six-sided dice with pictures and a small instruction booklet. This game retails at £10 and despite its size I think it good value for money. The box is nice and sturdy, with a hidden magnetic catch which keeps it firmly shut. The dice come with interesting and creative pictures which are detailed. There are faces, animals people and then objects like clocks. With 54 images and 10,000,000+ combinations plus two other expansion packs there are lots more possibilities.

The basic game idea is that you shake the nine dice and make up a story starting “Once upon a time…” with the nine upturned pictures. You can start with the first picture which appeals, and carry on till you have completed all nine pictures and come to the story end. This at first may seem easy but for me proved more difficult, as I ran out of ideas and then my mind went blank! If you are playing with lots of people it is up to them to decide if your story is any good, but ultimately there is no winner, just lots of fun, giggles and imagination.

We have played this game a lot in the last few, and its been great fun to get my son creative, we experimented with changing the number of dice and not repeating parts of previous stories. We think this a great portable game that could be kept for car journey, as the dice can be popped back in the box. (As a lover of all things Disney, this would be great for killing time in those Disney queues, or other queues for that matter) The boy loved them too, and asked if I could pop them in my handbag for when he gets bored! The box recommends that ages 6+ and I think that this would be about right, although if you have kids with very active imaginations who are younger they may love the story cubes too, as you don’t need to be a good reader to get the ideas. We even used them for my sons story writing homework, I just hope the teacher didn’t think that his story was too random!

Overall I think this is the best game we have reviewed and I can see why it has won awards already. I noticed it says an app is coming soon, (on the website it says available now) and I think this will be a great hit as even more portable.  I think I would certainly consider this as a different toy gift, and even better that it needs no batteries just an active imagination!

We award Rory’s Story Cubes a family 5/5* + extra learing imagination and education points!