Santa’s Final Preparations – Ravensburger Christmas Puzzle

Christmas is the perfect time to sit down as a family and complete a puzzle, so Santa’s Final Preparations is a great puzzle for celebrating the season. This limited edition Ravensburger puzzle is available now for RRP £12.99 suited to ages 10+

Santa’s Final Preparations is the 19th Limited Edition Christmas Puzzle developed by our British marketing and design team, and illustrated by Devon-based artist Roy Trower.
This heart-warming design is only available for Christmas 2015, so catch it while you can! – Ravensburger team

santa's final preparations

I have never done a Christmas puzzle before so was excited to see if Santa’s Final Preparations would hold my attention. With the cute illustrations and traditional feel, I was captivated from the first piece, despite the box looking quite red in colour there wasn’t as much red in the puzzle itself. Having had a debate on twitter earlier in the week on the right place to start a puzzle, I had to start with the edges.

santas final preparations ravensburger

There is plenty of small detail in Santa’s final preparations, from the toys all neatly tagged to the sweet hidden cats and cheeky elves. I found that blue was the standout colour to start me off, followed by sorting the red. I found faces and writing next then it was down to a piece by piece analysis. I find this system works for me, interestingly from the twitter chat different people have different techniques. I found that the red piece were the final pieces that I placed in this puzzle. I love how Ravensburger take such care to make every piece unique and details you don’t at first notice now pop out of the picture.

santas final preparations puzzle

I have thoroughly enjoyed completing Santa’s final preparations with some help from the boy who loved the little woodland characters peeping in at the door. I think this puzzle has something for everyone, while still maintaining a traditional feel. Ravensburger puzzles make great gifts all year round, and Santa’s Final Preparation will be a great puzzle to while away the winter hours.

santas puzzle

For more fun Ravensburger puzzles have a look at their website, or click below on my affiliate link to get your Santa’s final preparation puzzle. This puzzle will only be around this year so be quick.


Disclaimer we were sent this puzzle to review the opinions remain my own and have not been altered.

Its not to late to visit Santa with Portable North Pole

With an age of high-tech it’s not surprising that Santa has gone Portable, and now has the Portable North Pole app (PNP for short). This online service is something I have used for the last couple of years to string the boy along with the game that is Santa.

This year it is proving to be a bit more of a challenge for him to believe. Gone are the days when I could tell him I would text Santa if he was naughty, now his friends are all muttering about “is he real or not”? When I was given the chance to review the PNP App and a call from the BIG man himself, how could I refuse, plus it sounds fun. The video as in previous visits is easy to set up. Simply register an online account choose your products, and get entering the information. I included pictures from the boys year, his choice of gift, and personal details.

The video arrives instantly, and I am saving it for later today as a surprise for the boy. I have watched it, and it never ceases to amaze me how they come up with something a little bit different each time. I am looking forward to seeing his face when Santa gives him a ring, I think he still thinks Santa is me, and the magical years of belief are behind us, but even as an adult its nice to enjoy a bit of magic at this time of year!

Have a look at PNP as it’s not to late to get a personal message from Santa for your child, and here is a code for 20% off simply enter the promotional code when prompted BLG20BKP (valid till 1/1/14)

Merry Christmas.

Disclaimer, we were sent a code to use Portable North Pole, the opinions remain ours and have not been changed.


Video review for Tummy Ache…

We were chosen a couple of weeks ago by Izzywizzi Kids Play fest on Facebook to review one of the games from Orchard Toys called Tummy Ache. They were looking for families to review their top six Christmas games.

Our video review can be found HERE

The game came very well packed direct from Orchard toys, so no damage from the delivery which is great for gifts. The game itself is very well made from sturdy card and I would imagine will last as well as all Orchard toy products do.

It says the age range is from 3 -10 we think that it would be more enjoyable for the younger children as The Boy (7) and I could finish a two player game in less than five minutes. We changed the rules slightly that you couldn’t pick up a discarded card to make the game last longer.  We found it more fun when playing with Daddy and will be trying it out on Granny at the weekend. The cards are bright with great graphics, and we made up names for the bugs, The Boy was getting upset as I kept winning which is very unusual for me but he did beat me in the end!

It was quick to learn, and easy to understand, I think it would be great with different ages, and would be fun for a short time but you might get fed up after a few goes.

Tummy Ache retails at £9.50 which we felt was a little expensive for something that was ended so quickly.

Overall we give this game 3 out of 5 and we will be playing it again.


We played this with Granny as promised at the weekend, and she picked it up very quickly. We had great fun and it is a much better game with 4 people. Still finished a game in less than 5 minutes and granny won!