Didrikson, getting outside whatever the weather

Didrikson are a Swedish company who have been around since 1913 and have a full range of both adult and children’s waterproof outerwear. The boy was asked to test out a coat and trouser set from the new and innovative adjustable  range. With a few Cub hikes in the coming months I thought the boy would benefit from the chance to see if the Didrikson Nera Set would keep him warm and dry.

As I would expect with a clothing company from Sweden the Nera set of coat and trousers is extremely well made, with an outer water-repellent shell, breathable coating and lining. There are too many details to list on this set but include loops for attaching gloves, and soft lined cuffs, and not forgetting the reflective safety strips. The boy was instructed to put the Nera set through its paces. At first he was not all that impressed, “Yuck! its clothes” as you can see here, but after a bit of persuasion he tried them on.

Didrikson Nera Set

The Didrikson Nera coat is a lovely shade of blue with a pattern called Pool waves, which at first I thought the boy might find too childish. He hasn’t said anything and actually the pattern is very neutral, so would suit girls or boys. The trousers are a dark navy with the addition of reinforced knees with a rubber textured material. These are a dungarees style and even though they looked huge, once the boy had adjusted the elastic braces fitted very well. I like the details of this set with adjustable under foot straps, high wasted and contrast elastic. The coat is zipped and poppered with a removable hood with a drip guard.

Having only ever purchased high street coats for the boy in the past, I know these are not always waterproof, or even windproof, but with the boy growing so quickly investing in full waterproof has not been an option till now. Didrikson have come up with the idea of extending the use of your coat and trouser sets with their hidden seam system.The arms and legs of this set each have a hidden tacked seam, in a contrast cotton it is easy to find and when the set starts to look a little shorter you can extend your use by releasing these seams. Children grow so fast, and this is a winning idea with me as I would want a coat to last at least one year, if not a little longer.

nera waterproof trousers

We had a long discussion about how to test the water-proofing of the Didrikson Nera coat set, and decided squirting the boy with a hose was not the best option. Some ideas included water rides, but it was decided a cub hike would possibly be more enjoyable. The boy set off all zipped up on a sunny spring evening, complete with hard-boiled egg. The experiment for the evening was going to be who could roll their egg down the hill without breaking the shell. Ok the boy didn’t manage to keep his egg undamaged but he did manage to get the award for the furthest rolled! The prize we got to bring the aptly named ‘smeg egg’ home. Nice!

the winning egg

The Didrikson Nera set fared well, the boy was dry, and kept warm as the evening had turned chilly. The trousers have shown signs of muddy puddles, but this easily brushed off. The coat is still looking new, and the boy has been wearing it everyday in the hope that it might rain. He even offered to wear the set to bed to test it out! I’m not sure this was needed so we have stuck to daytime wear.

I have been very impressed with both the quality and wearability of the Didrikson Nera set, and would consider investing the RRP £80 when the boy finally grows out of this one. But we will keep you updated as to how we get on when we extend the legs and arms later on in the year!

To find your local Didrikson stockist, or purchase online follow the link to the Didrikson website, they also have a Facebook page where you can find out more about the story behind the firm.

Disclaimer, we were sent this set to review the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

Family Fever

The Best of TV & Movies Board Game

The boy has really started to enjoy playing board games over the last few months, and with Dad M still not quite mended it has become part of our weekend to sit and play at least one game. Over christmas we had been given a few new games but the boy was most fascinated with the The Best of TV & Movies board game from Drumond Park.

The Best of TV & Movies board game is from the Logo family and has already reached the heights of 4th most popular family board game in the UK. Like the other games in the series it comes with a playing board, box of 400 question cards, six playing pieces and 3 special bonus cards for use when playing as a team. This year we had three christmas days and the final one with bingo granny, uncle and Miss L was the perfect opportunity to try out this more grown up board game.

The Best of TV & Movies costs £29.99 and is recommended for age 12+, a game for 2-6 individual players or 2 teams of any number. We chose to play as a team the boy enjoyed playing but would have struggled to answer a lot of the questions as they contain lots of programs which he is not familiar with. Having said that there was plenty of question which the boy could get involved with including singing Disney themes! The playing format is the same as previous logo series of games, taking turns to ask and answer each coloured question from the card and moving to each correctly answered space in turn. When playing as a team you have some fun special bonus cards:

Mute Button: stops one team member from answering

Change Channel: allows to return a card they don’t like the look of

Fast Forward: allows a team to skip to the next question

Each of these Bonus cards can only be used once per team, making gameplay more fun. Play continues with questions being thrown to the other team for extra chances to move, until you reach the top of the board. The winner is the team to answer either 2 consecutive questions or the green question from the current or next question card.

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After discovering that the question cards need a good shuffle before you start we found the questions were a good mixture of subjects. The game we played was close right till the end with both teams making it to the final square of the board. The winners were the boy, uncle and Miss L winning with a singing rendition of Sponge Bob square pants!

The Boy really enjoyed this game and despite some of the questions being too old for him enjoyed playing question master and challenging everyone to answer all the questions from a card.

The Best of TV & Movies board games is currently available online, or from these main retailers or as a mini version ideal for travel at just RRP £4.99.

If you would like a chance to win both the full board game and the Mini, and become your own question master why not enter my rafflecopter giveaway below.

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Disclaimer we were sent a copy if this game for review the opinions remain ours and have not been altered.