I is for…

I is for…
Well that’s is where I got stuck, I have been thinking for the last 24 hours what I has meant to me and I just came up blank. I decided there was only one way to find a picture and that would be to fire up my external hard drive, and have a look at all the old baby pictures for inspiration.

With only 106 days till we leave for our Florida Holiday, I was again drawn to the many folders of Disney pictures. They all bring back so many happy memories of our last trip. There has been lots of talk about the trip this week as I have just paid the final invoice and it seems all that more real. Defiantly more real than it did when I booked the trip a year ago! So with my head full of pictures I have chosen this one of the boy, to me it shouts Imagination. The one word that Disney has been built on, something the boy has bucket loads of, and I hope he manages to keep hold into adulthood. For most of the holiday the Polar bear travelled with us and had to have its photo taken, the boy wasn’t afraid to be a bit different and use his imagination. He was 6, and doesn’t remember much from the holiday, I am hoping the memories from our trip in October will last a little bit longer, and that he will take his imagination and see where it leads him.


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G is for…

G is the letter for this weeks photo challenge from PODcast, and I have been wracking my brains for an image or topic to fit this letter. Garden, grass, green, there are so many, but after feeling gutted that I didn’t do Fencing for the letter F last week I have chosen Glove.

Our family life is starting to revolve around the boys Fencing competitions, and I will confess that I think I enjoy both the social side and watching this fast paced sport as much as the boy enjoys competing.

The boy has competed in the British Youth Championships where he fenced against 55 other competitors. Also the Leon Paul series competition at Portsmouth only a week ago, and now I have him booked in to take part in possible the most difficult competition he has tried. The English Youth Championships will see some of the best fencers in England, taking part to secure places in next years competition as well as improving their ranks. This competition will be tough on the boy as at 8 years old competing in an under 11 competition he will be up against competitors nearly two and a half years older and obviously more experienced.

Fencing Glove

We will be wishing him and his fellow fencers all the luck we can muster, but it will be luck of the draw in who he is pooled against on the day. So this week G is for… glove, and lets hope it brings him some good luck this weekend.


E is for… Eco

E is for… Eco

I am trying desperately to reduce, reuse and recycle and one of our recycling Eco successes is reusing the pallets that our roof tiles arrived on. I hate throwing anything away, and am a terrible hoarder, but with some great sites like freecycle and ragging all our old textiles through the cubs I do think it is getting easier to be a little more Eco.

eco recycling

So this week I wanted to share with you our pallet recycling, runner bean growing, raised bed. Simply disassemble the pallet and then using the pieces cut to size my other half made this great raised bed. With the addition of a liner, some packaging to add drainage, compost, canes, and plants I am pleased with the patio sized veg garden.

recycle pallet bean planter

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