Spirograph – Review

Spirograph is a classic art and design toy from Flair, and available in all good shops and online starting from £10 we were sent the Deluxe set to review. Suitable for ages 8+ when I was younger I desperately wanted a Spirograph set so have enjoyed this set more than the boy.


The deluxe Spirograph set comes with 19 wheels 2 rings putty to hold the rings in place and pens. The clever design of the box means it doubles as a travel pack and work surface for your designs. The enclosed booklet is a great start, and you even have sheets of paper supplied to get you started. I found set up easy as you simply use the Spiro-tack provided to place a ring, then choose a wheel and off you go. The enclosed instruction book is a good starting point for ideas, I found that after a few goes it was more fun to find the patterns you like and just experiment. There are literally thousands of possibilities for patterns and colour combinations.

spirograph deluxe

The enclosed Spirograph booklet gives you ideas on how to make repeating patterns, some look very 3D and with the three enclosed primary coloured pens you can make some pretty stunning patterns. The boy finds he doesn’t have the patience for this type of activity, and you would need lots of patience. You need to carefully position the rings with the Spiro-tack as they can move if pushed too hard. be prepared for some failed patterns, but once you have discovered which way the wheel will move I found it easier to predict when the wheel might jump.

spirograph deluxe

Spirograph is a great way to teach maths as the patterns are very rhythmic. Concentration, patience, and try a try again attitude are also needed. Spirograph is defiantly more suited to a more arty or driven child, although the boy did try again, he was disappointed with the results if they went wrong.

I liked all the different ways of using the wheels inside and outside of the rings. Before long you will be hooked and making your own great colourful designs. Spirograph are looking for some young designers, so have a look at the Cool Create website, and why not enter for some fun Spirograph prizes. I have loved making the Spirograph patterns, and think it could be the new colouring craze for adults as it is very relaxing in the evening to sit and draw. Why not have a go for yourself and see what patterns you can make, the pictures make great phone screen savers!


Disclaimer we were sent the Spirograph deluxe set to review the words remain our own and have not been altered.



The Christmas Cupboard Ravensburger Puzzle – Review

The Christmas Cupboard is the 4th puzzle in the Curious cupboards series by Colin Thompson. This Ravensburger 1,000 piece Puzzle is RRP £12.99 suitable for ages 10+, this festive edition is a fun bright puzzle for fans of Colin’s quirky illustrate puzzles.

christmas cupboard

The Christmas Cupboard like Colin’s other Curious Cupboard puzzles are a mix of illustrations and photographs. Ever since I completed the Bizarre town 5,000 piece puzzle I have been hooked on this eclectic picture puzzle. I love all the tiny details and completing the puzzle is like meeting up with an old friend. The Christmas Cupboard is a good mix of previous illustrations from the other puzzles, with a mix of new and a hint of Christmas cheer. I have always enjoyed seeking out the odd tiny characters in the curious cupboard puzzles. From the strange pink creatures, walking books, and the little bowler hatted men.

christmas cupboard colin thompson

The Christmas Cupboard was fun to complete and took me between 4/5 hours. I found it easy to check the enclosed picture sheet and find this more useful than the box lid when completing the puzzle. I liked the mix of colours as there wasn’t too much red which I noticed with other Christmas puzzles. The quirky feel of the Christmas Cupboard transports you to a different world and my favourite part was the corner of vintage style wrapping paper, something I’m sure my Nan used to buy from the market.

christmas cupboar ravensburger

The Christmas Cupboard has to be one of my favourite puzzles from this year, and along with the other curious cupboard puzzles I’m sure will be popular with puzzlers across the world. For more great puzzles visit the Ravensburger website, or click on my Amazon affiliate link below


Disclaimer I was sent this puzzle the words remain my own and have not been altered.