Truprint Mum in a Million

Do you have a Mum in a million?

This is something Truprint are asking families everywhere this Mothers Day, and to celebrate Mums and all they do are offering to give a Million Mums a free greetings card. Personalised for every special Mum out there it could certainly make my Mum smile to receive a special card this year time for Mothers Day on Sunday 15th March. Have a look at the huge range of styles, something to celebrate and say thank you to Mums everywhere (see below for T&C’s).

Truprint have a great range of gifts, and with a little creativity you can make some great and very personal Mothers Day gifts for your Mum in a Million. Some of my favourite Mothers Day gifts from the boy have been those which were homemade, pictures, paintings or even hand prints. Each one special because it will remind me what a lovely person he is. Now that he is confident using computers he would enjoy designing and making gifts online, and with only a little help ordering, these would make a thoughtful gift for Mums or Granny’s.

mum in a million

Each year I make a point of making my Mum a personalised calendar, something she can enjoy looking at and seeing how much the boy has grown and changed over the last year. Calendars are so easy to personalise, and I think it would be fun to get the boy to draw a picture for each month I might even use his handiwork from school. These could easily be scanned in and used to make something very special.

I love to let the boy take photos of his own, and he has had his own camera since he was five. It can be a fun way to see the world through his eyes, and sometimes he captures a moment or a feeling that I might have missed. These photos would make a fantastic collage gift, or cover to a notebook. Truprint even offer moving covers to their notebooks, which could be something different to experiment with. Our holiday pictures are ideal for making a special gift for Granny, as she hasn’t seen them yet!


If I had to choose just one picture that the boy has drawn, that I love more than any other, it would be a simple one that he drew of me a few years ago. This simple line drawing of me playing my ukulele with our little cat Magic sums up what he could see at the time, and too this day brings a smile to my face. I would love to have a permanent reminder each day of this picture and having it printed onto a coaster for my desk would make be the best gift ever.

mum in a million truprint

Truprint do far more than print just pictures, and with a little inspiration and easy to use software on their website you can make some truly unique and personal Mothers Day Gifts for your Mum in a Million.

Terms and Conditions for your free Mothers Day Card:

  • Awards one free 7×5 folded card
  • Standard P&P charges apply (99p)
  • Ship to recipient not available
  • Complete with envelope
  • Code is One time use only
  • Strictly one code use per household.

Disclaimer, we were asked to help promote Truprint’s Mum in a Million campaign in return for Mothers day gifts.



I is for…

I is for…
Well that’s is where I got stuck, I have been thinking for the last 24 hours what I has meant to me and I just came up blank. I decided there was only one way to find a picture and that would be to fire up my external hard drive, and have a look at all the old baby pictures for inspiration.

With only 106 days till we leave for our Florida Holiday, I was again drawn to the many folders of Disney pictures. They all bring back so many happy memories of our last trip. There has been lots of talk about the trip this week as I have just paid the final invoice and it seems all that more real. Defiantly more real than it did when I booked the trip a year ago! So with my head full of pictures I have chosen this one of the boy, to me it shouts Imagination. The one word that Disney has been built on, something the boy has bucket loads of, and I hope he manages to keep hold into adulthood. For most of the holiday the Polar bear travelled with us and had to have its photo taken, the boy wasn’t afraid to be a bit different and use his imagination. He was 6, and doesn’t remember much from the holiday, I am hoping the memories from our trip in October will last a little bit longer, and that he will take his imagination and see where it leads him.


Thanks to PODcast for the Linky, my other posts can be found here B C D E F G H

G is for…

G is the letter for this weeks photo challenge from PODcast, and I have been wracking my brains for an image or topic to fit this letter. Garden, grass, green, there are so many, but after feeling gutted that I didn’t do Fencing for the letter F last week I have chosen Glove.

Our family life is starting to revolve around the boys Fencing competitions, and I will confess that I think I enjoy both the social side and watching this fast paced sport as much as the boy enjoys competing.

The boy has competed in the British Youth Championships where he fenced against 55 other competitors. Also the Leon Paul series competition at Portsmouth only a week ago, and now I have him booked in to take part in possible the most difficult competition he has tried. The English Youth Championships will see some of the best fencers in England, taking part to secure places in next years competition as well as improving their ranks. This competition will be tough on the boy as at 8 years old competing in an under 11 competition he will be up against competitors nearly two and a half years older and obviously more experienced.

Fencing Glove

We will be wishing him and his fellow fencers all the luck we can muster, but it will be luck of the draw in who he is pooled against on the day. So this week G is for… glove, and lets hope it brings him some good luck this weekend.


F is for… Flowers

This week F is for… Flowers, and I have lots of different ones to choose from. I love the Alliums which I could never get to survive in my last garden but thrive in the flower bed outside my kitchen window. There is one flower in my garden that looks at its best this month and that is the rose. Apparently the last owner didn’t like them, but with more than 30 in the garden when we moved in he didn’t dislike them that much. I bought a few special ones with me, including one very dear rose who’s name I can’t remember. This particular rose was always know as Nan’s rose as I grew up, and grew in her front garden as a shrub rose. I spent many hours searching garden centres to find one for my own garden and finally 2 years came across a local grower who not only identified it but found one for me. I chose to buy it as a climbing rose to grow through my cherry tree and this will be the first year it has had a chance to flower properly.

I was inseparable from my Nan as a young girl, and spent all of my summers, holidays and weekends with my Nan. She was very much-loved by all the family, but will always be part of who I am. My only regret is that she never got to see who I am now, and meet my cheeky little boy who has something of her mischievous twinkle in his eye. So here is Nan’s Rose, climbing through the cherry tree for everyone to see. The smell is divine, and I smile every time I walk past.

Nan's Rose

Thanks to PODcast for running the Alphabet Linky, I am loving the excuse to look through all my pictures!






D is for…

This week D is for …Dinosaurs

We had a great half term holiday from shopping, photo shoots and days out. One of our favourite places to go is the Zoo, you cant beat watching animals, or should that be being watched by animals? Local, Marwell Zoo is a great fun day out and we set off with our picnic to see what has changed since our last visit.

We were surprised and delighted by the addition of a whole new host of animals including Dinosaurs, and there you thought they were extinct! Well Marwell have whole families so I guess there are a few left. The Rise of the Dinosaurs is the latest addition to the park ,a great mix of animated dinosaurs has captured visitors imaginations including ours.

Here are our favourite Dinosaur friends…

D is for...

These animated creatures with sound effects are pretty realistic, not just in size but the movements are pretty cool. There is a show daily, which we didn’t stop to watch but sounded good. There is a dinosaur dig, find the dinosaur trail and our favourite the cheesy dinosaur jokes.


Have a look on the Marwell website for more information on the Rise of the Dinosaurs, and if you have the chance to visit we can recommend the Sunset Party which take place on this year on 13th June and 5th July.


Here are my Alphabet pictures so far:

B is for… Box

C is for… Cats

C is for…

C is for… Cats, ok I know its not very original, but our little feline friends are a big part of our family. Our little scamps Magic and Mischief however are not that easy to photograph, they are mostly outside and don’t often stand and pose for a photo shoot. Here are some of my favourite recent pictures, which seem to involve, sleeping and trees.

C is for...

If you would like to join in the alphabet challenge don’t forget to visit PODcast where you can link up and see what other people have come up with for the letter C.

B is for…

B is for…

I spotted a fun linky last week over at PODcast and missed out on the letter A, yes this is an #alphabetphoto linky, and it looked like everyone was having so much fun finding pictures, not all of which were obvious that I thought I would have a go.

So here are my pictures for the letter B

B is for

B is for Box, I am rather pleased with how my little box chicken has turned out this year. After a little hair cut with my Fiskars multi tool he is looking a little bit like a chicken, and there are plenty of other B’s in the garden, with bud’s and Bugs.

Thanks to PODcast for a fun linky, hopefully see you next week.


The Outtakes

I love the idea of having a linky with the outtakes so felt I just had to join in. I have my share of outtake photos, mainly as the boy gets older and more opinionated he can be less cooperative somehow! Plus as they get bigger they move faster, so here are some of the “Other” pictures from this week.


As you can see the boy was less than impressed at dressing up and having photos taken. The funny part is that once he had tried on his new waterproofs he decided he actually rather liked them and wanted to go to bed in them!
the outtakes

Spring in the Garden

I have been out taking some spring pictures in the garden. These are just a few as I try out my new camera ready for our holiday later in the year, and also here is hoping for a busy and warm summer!

flowers 2 flowers 3 flowers

Kid’s Capture the Colour Challenge

Over the summer Travel Supermarket challenged children to capture the colour and enter their fun competition. The boy who is now 8 has loved taking pictures for a while and has had his own camera since our last holiday to Florida. I am always surprised at some of the lovely photos he takes so was pleased when he said he wanted to take up the colour challenge.

The Boy

Over the summer holidays we have been on some fun day trips the first was Madame Tussaud’s, and the boy went a little snap crazy here with over 300 pictures! It was very busy and we had to wait around a lot, add to this the strange lighting and quite a lot of the pictures were blurry. There were some great ones, even though the boy had no idea who some of the people were. When we went through the photos we realised that we didn’t have anything blue so this entry comes from the London Aquarium which we visited at the weekend. It’s a real shame the boy wasn’t in the mood to take any photos in Disney, but sometimes he just is too busy. So here are our entries, it was difficult to choose our favourites so I have popped a gallery of some of the others at the bottom.

Red Henry viii ring


White The entrance to Alfred Hitchcock


Green The green man himself, The Incredible Hulk!


Yellow Celebrating in Usain Bolt style


Blue Little puzzled fish?


Thanks to Travel Supermarket for this fun competition, and I hope the boy continues with his love of taking snaps as they are such a great way of keeping memories fresh!

Disclaimer these photos have all been taken by the boy aged 7 at the time! and remain his property.