Who’s The Dude – Review and giveaway

Who’s the Dude is just one of the new games this year from Drumond Park. Best suited to ages 16+ 3-8 players £24.99. Who’s the Dude brings the game of Charades into the 21st century!

Who’s the dude is based of the old game of charades. But now you have the ‘Dude’ to help you act out your words. The box contains a full size inflatable figure and 110 scenario cards as well as a scoring pad. Players can play alone or as teams and rules are simple. Download the Dude app for a handy timer and fun extras.

The first thing is to inflate the Who’s the dude figure. Be careful not to over inflate him so that you can still move his arms and legs easily. Shuffle the cards and starting with the youngest player choose a card. Act out as many of the options on the card in 45 seconds. Players score a point for each correct guess and the actor scores one point for each successful charade.

There are 4 rounds with round four being a double up round. The winner is the person with the highest score. Team play is similar with the winners having the highest score at the end of four rounds.

Who’s the dude is going to be our Christmas party game, and is best played with adults as some of the charades may appear a little risqué. I love that this game is such a simple concept, so know it will be perfect for the festive party. Acting out being a fitness instructor, or dancing on the ceiling. Or even what famous couple are we? Torville & Dean. Even the thought of these makes me smile.

Who’s the dude is available online and in high street stores now or use my amazon affiliate link below.

Would you like the chance to act out a charade with your own Who’s the Dude? enter my giveaway below:
Who’s the Dude

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Accentuate – Rainbow awards review

Accentuate is a game for 4+ players ages 16+ RRP £17.99. We were sent this game as part of the Rainbow Awards testing panel and have received no payment.

Accentuate is a team party game and I can remember when it was on Dragons Den! The box contains two sets of cards one has an accent and points and the other a film quote. there is a timer and also special pictorial dice.

Firstly you need to set up your teams and choose who will be the speaker. Team one then rolls the dice which gives you a special instruction such as swap, pass, play and all. Then a black film quotation card followed by a white Accent card. you then have till the end of the 30 second timer to say the quote as many times as you like in your version of the accent. Your team then have one chance to make a guess of the accent, film and year of release.

You score points from the card for the accent, 1 point for the film and 2 for the year. The winning team is the first one to 15 points or you can play to the amount that suits you. Accentuate is such a simple game to play and learn it would be perfect for a party. It was a bit tricky playing with just the three of us so I don’t feel we were able to have the full Accentuate experience. We will have to save that for the festive season.

Accentuate is available now from toy stores, online and via my affiliate link below

Disclaimer we were sent this game as part of the Rainbow Toy Awards testers panel for 2017, and have not been paid for this post.