Journey Around and Inside your Amazing Body

Journey Around and Inside your Amazing Body is a great addition to the Parragon books gold star range, and a great way to encourage children to understand a little bit about how their body works. This book has a RRP £7.99 and is filled with facts and fun puzzles.

The boy wanted to know how eyes worked and after a long discussion I remembered I had this book in my to do pile. The Amazing Body book has the right mix of information without being to graphic and with great illustrations I was able to show the boy the workings of an eye. The boy was keen to find out more and spend quite some time looking at the facts and using the fun quizzes to test my knowledge.

amazing body

The boy chose to take the book on a car journey at the weekend just to finish off the puzzles. He loved the mazes and questions and simply skipped the bits he wasn’t interested in. I like this book as unlike a work book you don’t have to start at the beginning and work through. Each section stands alone so you can read pages and come back to others when it suits. I liked the experiments that you can try out from testing your reflexes to skipping and testing your pulse. The boy has enjoyed this book a great deal and I am sure the knowledge he has gained from the pages will help him with his understanding of how his body works.

parragon books amazing body

Disclaimer we were sent a copy of this book for review, the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

Parragon Paper Planes

Parragon Paper Planes has gone down very well in the Soup Dragon house. Considering the boy is usually disappointed when a book arrived this one has proved very popular.

parragon paper planes

Paper Planes from Parragon is available now for RRP £8.00, the folder contains a book of instructions, pad of printed papers and a sheet of stickers to personalise your creations. I knew the boy would enjoy making the planes as much as he enjoyed making up the dinosaur models from Dinogami which we reviewed earlier in the year.

making paper planes

The Paper Planes pack comes in a great folder which you can store your creations once constructed and with 25 to make there is plenty to keep you busy. The boy found the book a little tricky to follow, but after some encouragement was able to complete a few models on his own. The paper pad is not thin and flimsy so the planes that you make are pretty robust and there are some interesting shapes including flying saucers as well as dinosaurs. With 50 stickers you can really make the planes personal to you.

paper planes flying saucer

The book not only has instructions, it has jokes and even suggestions of games to play. The only one the boy wanted to do though was test the planes from his bedroom window. It was a bit breezy but was fun to see how each different shaped plane behaved when launched from height. Bingo Granny became official collector of the planes and had to return them to the boy for the next launch.

paper planes

Our favourite game from the book was the target game with Dad M becoming the target on his return home from work. Since Monday, the boy has continued to go back to the book for more planes and spent most of the week having his own races around the living room. This book would be the perfect rainy day book for the summer holidays, and would also make a fab birthday gift as I think it is great value for money.

The Parragon Paper Plane book gets a huge thumbs up from us, and is our favourite book so far this year. The Parragon Paper Planes book is available now from bookshops and online.

Family Fever

Disclaimer we were sent the book to review the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

Yuck! Gross! Activities

Yuck! Gross! Activities is the latest book which Parragon have sent us, and for all mucky kids is a great read. From horrible doodles to puzzles, colouring and activities there is something for everyone.
The boy enjoyed looking through the creepy mazes, he like to do these now without a pencil, he says he is the master! With 187 pages full of great colour pages this is not a small book and Retails at £10.00. I love the added gloopy cutout across the top making the pages wavy. This book would defiantly stand out from the crowd! The pages are made from good quality paper and wont get all soggy when you get the pens out. The illustrations are great fun, and this book is not like the colouring in I remember as a child. I love the coloured pages, and the boys favourite is the “How to draw a Zombie” page. He is getting rather too good at impersonating them to be honest!

I think the puzzles in this book are a good mix, and would suit children ages 5+there was nothing to difficult that the boy (8) couldn’t complete, and while he is not to keen on colouring at the moment I caught him going back to a couple of the pages he quite liked.

We didn’t get our copy in time for Halloween, but monsters should be for all year round so we think you should have slime and monsters at Christmas too. We give this book a slimy 5/5 with lots of gross fun.


Disclaimer we were sent a copy of this book as part of Paragon’s Book Buddy’s, the opinions are ours and have not been changed.

Sharks Encyclopedia, our review

This is our first review for Parragon books and we were sent Sharks Encyclopedia.

Shark encyclopedia with hundreds of amazing shark facts, figures and diagrams! Chapters include: Coastal Sharks, Reef Sharks, Ocean Sharks and Sharks and People. For ages 8 and up.

This is a great book for the boy, as he has a love of anything to do with the natural world and especially fish. Ok so I know a shark is not a fish, but this book can explain to any budding naturalist the difference. This book is filled with amazing colour pictures, with everything from the Great White, to jellyfish and crabs. It has great little fact bubbles throughout the book, making it an easy book for the boy to find little bits of information. I can imagine this will be a great research tool for future school projects. I think at RRP £12.00 this is a great hardback book and we will certainly get lots of value out of this shark filled book.

You can find out more about Parragon books from their website, Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest.

We give Sharks Encyclopedia 5/5, I’m sure this will be a book we find very useful.

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Disclaimer, we were sent this book to review and keep, the opinions remain ours and have not been altered.