Secret Garden Adventures

We spent the weekend having a secret garden adventure with Energizer and the Secret Life of Pets. Energizer have teamed up with the film Secret Life of Pets which comes out on DVD in December, with your chance to win your very own soft toy. Duke from the film came with us on our outdoor adventure, and here is what we got up too.

We started in our own secret garden popping on our Energizer head torches, we set out into the dark to hunt for some of our prickly residents. The boy loves hedgehogs, so we decided to see if we could find evidence of any night-time visitors. We have a hedgehog house cited at the back of the garden under the trampoline. We couldn’t find any evidence of our secret garden friend, so we left his home alone in the hope he would return soon.


There are lots of other smaller creatures in the garden that like to come out at night. We saw spiders, some moths and a few daddy-long-legs who were attracted by the lights. Energizer has a great range of torches. We took our Energizer Impact rubber torch, perfect for those night-time adventures. We listened out for the sounds of nocturnal animals. The only activity we heard was the rustle of bushes as our cat Magic ran out to find out what we were up too.

At the weekend there were plenty of bonfire and firework parties happening around us. We turned off Energizer Lantern and enjoyed watching the fireworks for a while before the night sky came back into view. I love looking up at the stars, and the boy was telling us all the new things he has been learning at school. His topic this term is planets and he loves to share his knowledge with us.


Finally the boy wanted to check out the local park, we have spent lots of time there in the summer hunting virtual reality creatures, this time we were looking for the real thing. Our Energizer headlight means that we can light our way and still have our hands free. We wrapped up warm and set off to see what we could find. Duke came with us, and he certainly had enough fur to keep him warm, as it turned a bit chilly. The boy set of looking, while Dad and I brought up the rear. The park is near the sea so we could hear the sound of the water lapping on the stones, and the odd noise from a seagull. We spotted a lone jogger in the darkness complete with head torch, before setting off home. Time to warm up with a hot chocolate, and a real fire.


The clocks may have gone back and the evenings are dark. We had fun getting out in the fresh air, which meant we all slept well. The boy wants us to make more hedgehog hotels so that we can help his favourite secret garden creatures and maybe even invest in a night vision camera so we can film our night-time visitors.

You can win your very own Secret Life of Pets character ,when you buy Energizer batteries, enter online for your chance to win Max, Duke, Gidget or Snowball. You can also go out this weekend and see if you can find any secret garden surprises in your local area.

Disclaimer Thanks to Energizer for sending us a selection of goodies to promote our secret garden adventure. All words remain our own and have not been altered.

Zoingo Boingo – Review

Zoingo Boingo is a great fun toy for children age 8+, RRP £24.99 and available now from Flair.

We were sent Zoingo Boingo to give it a try, and find out if we could have some outdoor fun with this great alternative to a regular pogo stick. The first thing we needed to do after unpacking our Zoingo Boingo was to set it up. You are supplied with the ball and handle unit as one piece. There is a plastic foot plate, and also a inflation pin included in the box. Taped Inside the box there is a cardboard template as an inflation guide and this will help you to inflate the ball to the correct diameter.

zoingo boingo

You will need a good quality foot pump (not supplied) to inflate the Zoingo Boingo, as it is made from tough plastic. Before you inflate make sure that you have the footplate correctly sitting over the top of the ring on the bouncy ball. You don’t want the footplate to come of while bouncing. Once inflated you are ready to give bouncing a try. The Zoingo Boingo does come with a warning that the elastic between the handle and ball could ping back like elastic but we didn’t have any problems with this.

The boy found the first few times on the Zoingo Boingo were all about getting his balance. I think it has been about a week of practicing getting on and off before he was confident enough to have a go outside. The boy has been waiting for the warmer weather to get outside and give the Zoingo Boingo a proper test. It needs plenty of space and thankfully bounces well on all our garden surfaces. As you can see from the video below, the boy is now pretty confident in getting anywhere he wants to go, and even tried some tricks.

The boy has thoroughly enjoyed bouncing on the Zoingo Boingo, and we think it makes the perfect outside fun activity for kids like the boy who love to bounce. I think that given the chance the boy would be bouncing all day!

Disclaimer we were sent Zoingo Boingo to review, the words remain ours and have not been altered.

Spiderman ReadyBed – Review

Spiderman ReadyBed from Worlds Apart is a fantastic junior inflatable bed for kids aged 3+, RRP £31.99 but currently available from ToysRus for £24.99.

spiderman readybed

The Spiderman ReadyBed box comes with everything you need, with a clever bag design the whole bed rolls up and includes the foot pump. The boy was excited as he loves camping, and this bed looked perfect for him. Although the boy is at the top of the age range height wise ( up to 150cm) the bed proved very comfy, and perfect for sleep overs or odd nights away in the tent.

spiderman ready bed

We set about inflating the bed which is done by attaching the foot pump to the valve at the pillow end of the bed. I found the valve awkward at first, but once I discovered it has a quick release to allow you to deflate the bed quickly we were ready. The bed inflated slowly, as the pump is quite small but the boy was capable of doing this on his own. You are advised not to inflate the till its hard. Simply inflate till the bed is soft but comfy. The bed doesn’t go down either as we have had ours pumped up for over a week.

The boy was impressed with the Spiderman ReadyBed and was keen to put it through its paces, he says

I like that it has a pillow and I cant fall out of it as it has a zip up the side. I was very comfy and didn’t wake up all night. I could fit my cuddlies in too and we all slept well.

readybed spiderman

I don’t know why we hadn’t come across ReadyBeds before as this will be perfect for the summer garden sleep outs, and certainly a lot more comfy that the boys bed roll. The cover is very easy to remove with simple Velcro fastenings. The Spiderman ReadyBed is all in one piece, and can be washed in a machine at 30 degrees. When you are finished with the ReadyBed simply pull out the clever double valve, and roll the bed back into the in-built bag. The Spiderman ReadyBed is perfect if you have very little space for spare mattresses, don’t have a spare room or your kids love to have friends to stay.

The Spiderman ReadyBed is just one in a range of Junior and toddler beds, with themes from Disney planes, Monsters University, and Minnie mouse. So there is something for everyone, and with a range of adult sized ready beds, I think I might be persuaded to give them a try myself!


Disclaimer, we were sent this product to write an honest review, the words are our own and have not been altered.