Spooky Steps from Orchard toys

Spooky Steps is a great new game from Orchard Toys.
It is for children aged 4-12 and 2-4 players, and costs £15.95.
As with all Orchard Toys it is made of bright coloured and strong board, with the promise to replace any bits lost, mangled or chewed! Which I think is a great initiative on behalf of their customer service.


We loved playing this game as a family. You start the game as a frog and have to travel through all the rooms of the house past the sleeping witch to the cauldron where you get a chance to turn back into a human. there are educational elements to the game, thinking about the probability of getting a ghost card, lots of counting and doubling. We think it is good for all ages, easy to learn, little ones will like the jigsaw pieces and building the house. The cauldron was a bit tricky to fix together but once put together stores neatly in the box. You do need quite a bit of space so this may be a good game to play on the floor if you don’t have a big table. We think the artwork is fun and the boy loved looking in all the spooky rooms. The rules are easy to change to make them age appropriate, or even just to make the game last longer.

Overall a fun game, something special for Halloween! and we gave it a thumbs up 5/5
Another great toy from Orchard toys

Video review for Tummy Ache…

We were chosen a couple of weeks ago by Izzywizzi Kids Play fest on Facebook to review one of the games from Orchard Toys called Tummy Ache. They were looking for families to review their top six Christmas games.

Our video review can be found HERE

The game came very well packed direct from Orchard toys, so no damage from the delivery which is great for gifts. The game itself is very well made from sturdy card and I would imagine will last as well as all Orchard toy products do.

It says the age range is from 3 -10 we think that it would be more enjoyable for the younger children as The Boy (7) and I could finish a two player game in less than five minutes. We changed the rules slightly that you couldn’t pick up a discarded card to make the game last longer.  We found it more fun when playing with Daddy and will be trying it out on Granny at the weekend. The cards are bright with great graphics, and we made up names for the bugs, The Boy was getting upset as I kept winning which is very unusual for me but he did beat me in the end!

It was quick to learn, and easy to understand, I think it would be great with different ages, and would be fun for a short time but you might get fed up after a few goes.

Tummy Ache retails at £9.50 which we felt was a little expensive for something that was ended so quickly.

Overall we give this game 3 out of 5 and we will be playing it again.


We played this with Granny as promised at the weekend, and she picked it up very quickly. We had great fun and it is a much better game with 4 people. Still finished a game in less than 5 minutes and granny won!