Love the Sales

Love the sales is a website for people who love a bargain, or like me who don’t buy clothes unless they are on sale! I never seem to have the time to spend money on my clothes so tend to pick up bits and pieces as I see them. I was interested to find out more about the Love the Sales website, and see if I could find something in the Vera Moda Sale.

Using the website is easy, you don’t need an account and it isn’t a shop, you simply register an email, then fill in as much information or as little as you like. You can add your favourite labels and stores, with not just clothes but home and garden and pretty much everything in between. I thought about getting the boy something new, but he has more clothes than he wears, so instead thought I would treat myself.

love the sales

Love the Sales was easy to use, and I soon found my way around, with some great bargains to be had. I live in Jeans so first stop was a new pair of dark denim skinnies. Love the Sales allows you to search for colours, sizes, labels so you only see the items that are available currently. I quickly found the right size and decided to choose some summer tops to complement my new trousers.

vera modea love the sales

I chose a tunic sleeveless top with a high neck because I liked the pattern. A floaty summer tunic, plain green top and a rather nice cotton jumper for the chilly evenings. Because each item was on sale the total value of my clothing should have been £126.00 but cost just £58.00 saving me over 50%. Love the sales are not a shop so for each item you are redirected to order from a high street store or online retailer. Postage may be extra dependant on the store or collection options, but even taking this into account saving over 50% of the retail price is enough for me to keep my eyes peeled for more Love the Sales Bargains.

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Chemist Direct everyday essentials and more

Chemist Direct are an online chemist and something I wouldn’t have considered using before now. I was excited to be given the chance to try them out, and with an online credit I was interested to see how far my money would go. I had the idea that I would see if I could get all my holiday travel essentials in one place from the Chemist Direct website. I was impressed with how easy it was to find everything on the site. There are different ways to navigate to your products, via suggestions, drop downs or the search bar. The website is super easy to use, and checkout was just as easy.

Chemist Direct are not just there for your winter medicines like cough syrup and cold remedy’s but have a vast range of your everyday essentials. The website has everything from shampoo, toothpaste and lip balm. As well as the type of products you expect from any high street Chemist. I was able to find all my family bathroom essentials, as well as a few treats and even tested out the non prescription medicines buy getting Dad’s Hay fever medication. The traffic light system means that it was easy for me to see when this part of my order had been accepted.

chemist direct

There are plenty of special offers on the Chemist Direct website, and the prices were very competitive. I was particularly impressed with the prices of the hay fever tables at less than £3 for 90 days. I was very impressed by the vast range of products with both named and own brands, I was able to get a few things for our holiday back in the summer including a family first aid kit which thankfully we didn’t need. Sea Bands for the ferry crossing, which were amazing! and Athletes foot spray which we never leave behind when there is a communal pool.

Chemist Direct also stock vitamin tablets for the boy, hand cream for me, and shampoo for Dad. The best part of the Chemist Direct service was the speed of Delivery. I ordered at the end of the week, and with e-mails keeping me updated my delivery was with me by the Monday morning.  Overall I will certainly be using Chemist Direct again as it was much easier than trying to get into town for my medicine cupboard top ups. There is even free delivery on orders over £40 or free next day delivery on larger orders.

Visit the Chemist Direct website for current offers, or follow them on Facebook, and Twitter.

Disclaimer we were given credit to spend in order to try out Chemist Directs service, the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.





Design a Superhero

Have you always wanted to design a Superhero, well here is your chance. This isn’t just any superhero though as McAfee have partnered with Bletchley Park home of the famous Enigma code breakers to design a superhero worthy of defeating modern cyber crime.

Bletchley Park has undergone a complete restoration thanks to £8 million pound Lottery funding, to include new interactive exhibits visitors center, café and shop. It is hoped that the new site will encourage 250,000 visitors a year to visit the site and learn more about the important role that the codebreakers had in WW2.


McAfee and Bletchley Park aim to help people of all ages understand how the WW2 code breakers can help to protect us today from modern cyber crime, and they need a mascot. This is where children aged 8-11 come in, as they have been invited to think either as a class or individuals, what powers a cyber fighting hero might need? They are looking for creativity and fun, as well as including ways to defeat the threats children currently face online.

The all important prize will see the winning entry brought to life as the new website mascot at Bletchley Park. Along with the chance for your whole class to be one of the first to try out the new code breakers visitors centre, when it opens later in the year. Winners will also receive McAfee safety software for their whole school as well as superhero capes for everyone!

bletchley Park codebreakers

McAfee aim to educate children and parents in the best way on how to stay safe online, and I know as a parent that this becomes more difficult to police, as your child gets older and more independent. I am excited to see what the boy would make his Cyber superhero look like, and how he would defeat the evil cyber bullies!

Why not have a think over the bank holiday weekend and ask your kids what important qualities they might include.To enter have a look at the Bletchley Park competition page, deadlines for entry has been extended to 20th June 2014, and you can find the full T&C’s here.

Disclaimer this is a collaboration post to help promote this competition.

Photos courtesy of the Bletchley Park website.

How safe are your children online?

How safe are your children online?

This is a question I often ask about the boy, with his increasing use of all the computers in the house and even borrowing mine and Dad’s phone. It is getting increasingly difficult to keep him away from all the modern technology that is around today. Its not the same as when I was at school and there was one computer and that was only for geeks!

I have complete trust in the school that they have all the measures in place that are needed to keep the boy both well-informed and safe, but at home I find it can prove a little more tricky. Last year when we decided to buy the boy a tablet as his main Christmas present, one of the main decisions was that of how to keep him safe. For this reason I looked at lots of the specific children’s tablets with their parental controls. This would be great if the tablets were up to the standard of an adult tablet. It was quickly apparent that for the apps and for his usage a normal tablet would be more flexible, therefore I would have to look at other blocking measures. It turned out that for the time being this is easier than I had thought as I have simply linked his tablet to my e-mail account. I have also blocked Facebook and e-mails, while still allowing the boy access to the internet and free app stores.


There are some great articles on the internet from parents and other safety sources like this one from PC Advisor giving you extra information on how you can help to educate your child to online dangers. I have been lucky so far that the boy is responsible and is happy to ask before he accesses a site. But I don’t know how long this self control will be enough to keep him completely safe? One problem we have is his access to YouTube, where he loves to watch Minecraft videos as well as Lego making films. While these are innocent enough he has managed to use a whole month of broadband in one week before!

Our plan originally was for the boy to access the internet supervised but it turns out that this can be impractical. I think if the boy was less responsible than I would have been less keen for him to have access to some of the sites he does. Sometimes it can be frustrating that sites like CBBC who have all the shows he loves only run flash games which don’t allow access on android, or have video players embedded on every page. This can end up where computer time becomes just and extension of watching TV. I have found the best way for us to monitor use is to have certain times when the boy can have his tablet. This mostly falls at weekends and has proved a great tool for alleviating boredom on long car journeys!


So how do you keep children safe from the undesirable content which is defiantly out there, and cannot really be ignored? I know that maybe I have been trusting that the boy just wont find it but as you can see from this article in the Daily Mail even some of the best PC software wont block out 100% of the porn content online. I have some free software on the PC along with a piece of software that e-mails the boys usage to me each week. But think that now it will be better to invest some time in researching some good software to help, for both the tablet and the main home PC. I think I have been lucky so far, but after half term the boy will start to be given online homework. He is looking forward to this and I would hate to have to spoil his enjoyment if I had to be with him constantly.

I know that Norton is a brand that I can trust and from the Daily Mail article you can see it is one of the highest voted software providers for families with young children. Norton is also the software that I currently have on the home PC, and I have found the free version very easy to use. There is an easy comparison chart on their website which clearly shows you the difference in the online protection between the basic and premier versions. While the basic version has been fine for now I think that as the boy gets older the video monitoring of the premium version looks like a feature we will need:

Video Monitoring –  Shows you the YouTube and Hulu videos your kids watch on their PC or Mac.

Norton Premier will be just what I need to stop any of the excessive YouTube viewing in the future along with being able to see exactly which pages he has visited. Along with the mobile app I think I will be happy in the knowledge that the boy will be as safe as I can hope for in the modern world!

Disclaimer: this is a PR collaboration