Triop World – Review

Triop World is a natureset from the My Living World collection from Interplay. Suitable for ages 7+ RRP £9.99. The box contains a tank, triop information booklet, spoon, pipette, triop eggs, triop food and a small bag of sand.

Triop world is a hands on set with everything to grow and watch triops grow and find out more about these fascinating creatures. Triops are creatures that are millions of years old and are sometimes called living fossils. This is the perfect activity for the boy who is currently learning about water, rivers and creatures at school. You will need to collect some rain water for your Triop world kit, or buy some bottled spring water. The box comes with everything else that you will need.

triop world

First you will need to clean and fill your triop tank use a little of your water (not tap water) to do this then fill your tank to 3/4 full. Next you need to make sure that the water in the tank is at room temperature. Next sprinkle half the bag of detritus from the Triop World box onto the top of the water. This pack contains the Triop eggs, they are very small and you wont be able to see them. They should hatch within 24 hours but there is a troubleshooting section in the leaflet if you have problems.

triop world set up

After cleaning and filling our tank we added half the packet marked Triop eggs. Then we had to wait. The boy was keen to find out how long, and we were convinced we would see activity after the 24 hours. We had to wait a little longer before we were able to see anything with the naked eye as they creatures are pretty small. After a couple of days there was defiantly something moving in the water but it is still difficult to work out if it is a triop or not. It was time to feed our Triops a tiny but of food on day three, and the boy was keen to see if they would appear from the bottom. We definatly have some creatures now and can see movement, a few days more and we might be able to work out if we have triops.

The Booklet in the triop World kit has plenty of fascinating facts about triops. From how they evolved and their life cycle. Also detailed pictures and plenty for the boy to learn about these peculiar creatures. You also may get other creatures from your egg packet like fairy shrimps, daphnia and clam shrimp. Just like the Triop these are all creatures that have evolved to live and reproduce in a short amount of time to survive.

The boy has enjoyed finding out more about these ancient creatures, and hopefully once we have some triop eggs, we can dry them out and start all over again with another generation of Triops.

Disclaimer we were sent this kit in exchange for and honest review.