Mothers Day crafts with Baker Ross

Mothers Day is only a few days away, and we have been making a few gifts for the Mum’s and Granny’s in the family. Baker Ross have some great new spring kits which are perfect to complete with all the things you need in each pack, they are perfect for the boy who has become a bit reluctant to complete craft projects. Having a kit with everything included means there is no delay in getting started.

mothers day crafts

We spent the weekend having fun with the Heart Fuze Bead kits which make the perfect Mothers Day gift. This is one craft that the boy is happy to sit and make his own unique patterns. Each of the kits comes with a sheet of suggested patterns and we enjoyed making these as well as our own. The boy was very pleased that he is old enough to have a go at fusing the beads with the hot iron He was very confident using it as he has been learning to iron his cub uniform.

mothers day

Baker Ross have a great selection of Mothers Day craft kits, and we were sent some which we have been sharing with the boys cub pack, as they are completing their artist Badges. Our Cub leader always buys Baker Ross kits for the kids to do, and they love having something to take home and show the parents. Because you can buy Baker Ross craft kits in larger quantities at a saving these are perfect for after school groups like cubs.

mothers day Baker ross

Have a look at the Baker Ross website for a great selection of crafts, for all ages. With Easter coming up there will be plenty of time to get crafty with some lovely gifts for all the family to make and enjoy. For me Easter is not the same without the little fluffy pipe cleaner chickens!

Disclaimer, we were sent a selection of projects to review, the words remain ours and have not been altered.

Truprint Mum in a Million

Do you have a Mum in a million?

This is something Truprint are asking families everywhere this Mothers Day, and to celebrate Mums and all they do are offering to give a Million Mums a free greetings card. Personalised for every special Mum out there it could certainly make my Mum smile to receive a special card this year time for Mothers Day on Sunday 15th March. Have a look at the huge range of styles, something to celebrate and say thank you to Mums everywhere (see below for T&C’s).

Truprint have a great range of gifts, and with a little creativity you can make some great and very personal Mothers Day gifts for your Mum in a Million. Some of my favourite Mothers Day gifts from the boy have been those which were homemade, pictures, paintings or even hand prints. Each one special because it will remind me what a lovely person he is. Now that he is confident using computers he would enjoy designing and making gifts online, and with only a little help ordering, these would make a thoughtful gift for Mums or Granny’s.

mum in a million

Each year I make a point of making my Mum a personalised calendar, something she can enjoy looking at and seeing how much the boy has grown and changed over the last year. Calendars are so easy to personalise, and I think it would be fun to get the boy to draw a picture for each month I might even use his handiwork from school. These could easily be scanned in and used to make something very special.

I love to let the boy take photos of his own, and he has had his own camera since he was five. It can be a fun way to see the world through his eyes, and sometimes he captures a moment or a feeling that I might have missed. These photos would make a fantastic collage gift, or cover to a notebook. Truprint even offer moving covers to their notebooks, which could be something different to experiment with. Our holiday pictures are ideal for making a special gift for Granny, as she hasn’t seen them yet!


If I had to choose just one picture that the boy has drawn, that I love more than any other, it would be a simple one that he drew of me a few years ago. This simple line drawing of me playing my ukulele with our little cat Magic sums up what he could see at the time, and too this day brings a smile to my face. I would love to have a permanent reminder each day of this picture and having it printed onto a coaster for my desk would make be the best gift ever.

mum in a million truprint

Truprint do far more than print just pictures, and with a little inspiration and easy to use software on their website you can make some truly unique and personal Mothers Day Gifts for your Mum in a Million.

Terms and Conditions for your free Mothers Day Card:

  • Awards one free 7×5 folded card
  • Standard P&P charges apply (99p)
  • Ship to recipient not available
  • Complete with envelope
  • Code is One time use only
  • Strictly one code use per household.

Disclaimer, we were asked to help promote Truprint’s Mum in a Million campaign in return for Mothers day gifts.



Cake Angels, cakes for Mothers Day

I have found a new love for baking in the last few months and have moved from the Mum that would only ever use a packet mix to one who is more than happy to experiment. So when Cake Angels offered to send me some baking goodies I was very excited. I thought Mothers day would be just the opportunity to share my latest bake with you. Made from my new Leiths cookbook, the Chocolate and Fudge cake was a winner, and you can find the recipe in  the Leith’s cooking bible at the bottom of the post.cake angels

This mix makes a lovely fudgy soft chocolate cake. I think it would freeze well but have not tried yet as this cake doesn’t last more than a day in our house! Onto the decoration, and with the help of Cake Angels we made a super cake for our friend Miss L and the rest of the Steel Band. Everyone said how pretty it was and with lots of different types of sprinkles the boy had a great time decorating it. Cake Angels had sent us some icing, which is a great store cupboard item as it has a long shelf life and keeps well once opened for your next cake. The icing wasn’t too sweet like others I have tried and the Vanilla flavour made a nice contrast to the rich chocolate cake.

chocolate cake

We loved all the sprinkles, from the chocolate whirls and hearts, to the pretty pink flowers. The boy decided to use Mario bombs on the cake this time, and thought they looked very effective. Cake Angels have such a great range of decorations that I am sure there is something perfect for every occasion, and I know I will be stocking up on icing, as my only go at making it myself ended in disaster!

The Cake Angel range can be found in your local supermarket and for inspiration why not pop along and look at their Pintrest page, or find them on Facebook, and Twitter.

.Disclaimer, we received a selection of products to review, the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

Moonpig Gifts for Mothers Day

Did you know sell flowers and gifts? Well I didn’t, I thought they just sold cards! So when I was invited to have a look at the new range of Mothers Day flowers I was interested to see what Moonpig had to offer.

moonpig flowers

I was very surprised at Moonpig’s extensive range of not only flowers but chocolates and plants, some amazing personalised cards and even bottles of Fizz! Yes, something for every type of Mum. I have designed cards with before, for special people and occasions, so I know this is a very easy process. Now shopping for gifts and flowers for is just as easy. With a great range you can browse by gift ranges, bestsellers or even British Grown plants and flowers.

moonpig plants

I loved all the different Moonpig bouquets, and was particularly taken with the range of planters and garden plants available. I think its nice to have a plant that you can enjoy for years to come. The planters and pot plants looked well presented and would be great for any keen gardening Mum, like me! There were some lovely different bouquets with unusual lilies’ and Protea as well as better known roses and gerbera mixes. Lots of the Moonpig Bouquets will also make lovely gifts for a special person, and I loved the spring bouquets which would brighten up any dull day.

moonpig gifts

The gift baskets had some lovely and surprising and scrummy looking gifts including Montezuma’s which are made locally here in Sussex and have some fantastic chocolate treats. With smellies, from Beau Jardin, with no nasty additives and even mini sponge cakes which all make me very happy if I received them.

The prices for all the Moonpig gifts were are very competitive and include delivery and in some cases a free card. Delivery next day if you order before 4pm (Mon-Fri) means you can find a good package for you.

Mother’s Day Delivery:

·         Flowers under £30-Last order 2pm Friday28th for Saturday 29th delivery

·         Flowers over £30- Last order 4pm Saturday 29th for Mother’s Day delivery

·         Free card with all flowers and selected gifts

So no excuse not to have a stunning gift for your Mum in time for her special Day, rather than the last minute garage forecourt offerings.

I certainly will keep Moonpig in mind next time I am looking for something special for someone. I love the personal touches and being able to have enough choice to find the perfect fit for the recipient. Fingers crossed if I drop enough hints I might even get a Moonpig gift in time for Mothers Day!

Disclaimer, thanks to Moonpig for the invitation and sample gifts, and remuneration, the opinions remain my own and have not been changed.