A Day with Grandma and Grandad – Puzzle Review

A Day with Grandma and Grandad is a beautiful double illustrative puzzle from Ravensburger. These two 500 piece puzzles are available for RRP £11.99, and are suited to ages 10+.


Sometimes its nice to complete a 500 piece puzzle rather than a bigger 1,000 piece and the Day with Grandma and Grandad is a fun puzzle to complete. I enjoyed the illustrations of these two charming puzzles as they reminded me of fun times with my nan. Baking was one of my treasured memories of times with my Nan, and I’m sure most people will have similar memories.


Each of the two 500 piece puzzles has an illustrative charm. They are lovely to complete, and have a pleasing finish. I like that the characters feature in each puzzle, and provoke simple summer days spent with Grandparents. These puzzles are a good size while still providing a challenge for a keen puzzler. The details on each of Trevor Mitchells illustrations are great, I love all the tools in Granddad’s garage which remind me of the boys Granddad.


A day with Grandma and Grandad would make a lovely gift, and is available now online or shops. Here is my affiliate link for the latest Amazon price. Visit the Ravensburger website for more classic puzzles.

I is for…

I is for…
Well that’s is where I got stuck, I have been thinking for the last 24 hours what I has meant to me and I just came up blank. I decided there was only one way to find a picture and that would be to fire up my external hard drive, and have a look at all the old baby pictures for inspiration.

With only 106 days till we leave for our Florida Holiday, I was again drawn to the many folders of Disney pictures. They all bring back so many happy memories of our last trip. There has been lots of talk about the trip this week as I have just paid the final invoice and it seems all that more real. Defiantly more real than it did when I booked the trip a year ago! So with my head full of pictures I have chosen this one of the boy, to me it shouts Imagination. The one word that Disney has been built on, something the boy has bucket loads of, and I hope he manages to keep hold into adulthood. For most of the holiday the Polar bear travelled with us and had to have its photo taken, the boy wasn’t afraid to be a bit different and use his imagination. He was 6, and doesn’t remember much from the holiday, I am hoping the memories from our trip in October will last a little bit longer, and that he will take his imagination and see where it leads him.


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Push has gone!

Push has gone and this has made me very sad, infact the whole family are a little sad about Push leaving. I can all hear you saying that I have gone a little mad! well yes in a way I have mad at Disney for removing one of the quirky little pieces of magic from the Magic Kingdom.

When I saw the first rumours of this iconic little trash can due to be axed, I didn’t want to believe it and at the time I didn’t know his name was Push. After a couple of days the rumours were denied by Disney who said they had no foundation and that Push would continue to entertain family’s in his Tommorowland residence.


For those of us luck enough to have visited Disney World In Florida and meat Push, he will remain a truly magical character. Not that he has stared in any film, or appeared on tv. He has still entertained us, I will remember the look on the boys face when Push first talked to the boy. The boy was 4 1/2 when we went the first time, we had had awful bad luck with the weather, and this particular day it was dry. We were eating a snack and as you do pop your trash in the bin. This is something the boy toddled off to do, so when the bin started chatting to him and said thank you, you can imagine the look. In all of the 6 visits I have made this was the first time we had met Push, and we sat for some time watching his antics as he lay in wait for unsuspecting passers by. I was looking forward to our visit in October, and hoped our paths would cross, but it seems that Disney may have decided otherwise.


There are campaigns on the internet of course, but I think this little bit of magic will be resigned to the hearts of those who were privileged enough to meet Push on their holidays. Push is a special Trash can who will be thought of fondly by all that met him!

My Perfect Christmas! Is there such a thing?

A Perfect Christmas, I find myself asking is there such a thing as the perfect Christmas?

As a child, Christmas was filled with laughter, food, burnt and soggy sprouts, silly paper hats, a dodgy tree with most of its needles on the floor. There was always a knitted jumper in some weird shade of brown or orange. Gifts from grandparents that were well just odd! Fighting with my brother was part of the deal, fighting over crackers, who had to sleep with Nan, who had to sit in the kitchen with the kids. These things were all part of Christmas for my family.

As a twenty something, Christmas was more about gifts, and parties. Having a New Year Day Birthday became part of the fun, drinking all night then starting again at the stroke of midnight, for the Birthday fun. Family was still important, but having fun with friends and boyfriends took priority. Good times were had, and sledging was the icing on the cake!

As a grown up Christmas became family of a different kind as my husband found his Mum, time was spent with extended family nephews, godson, friends. It was about food and films, fun and giggles and games. Making sure we had travelled to see everyone even if that meant icy and frosty mornings and cold late nights.

Then the boy arrived, priority’s seemed different, for the first time we wanted to be at home for Christmas, people came to us and we cooked dinner. Watching my son open gifts, his eyes alight in the sparkle from the Christmas tree. The dodgy jumpers from his Granny, train sets, Lego, then electrical gadgets, the years have passed so quickly…

So 2013 will it be like all the other Christmases? well actually no! This year we will be on the road Christmas day, off to be with my in-laws, for the first time in over 8 years. The boy is older the magic is changing, spending time in a house with 17 people for Christmas makes me tingle thinking of the sounds. Spending time with our newly returned South African family, my niece who we have yet to meet. The boy is as excited about time with his cousins, as much as he would be for the quiet family Christmas he is used too. This year it will be, LOUD, arguments over game controllers, sleeping on the floor, squashing round garden tables, silly paper hats and crackers with dreadful jokes. Excited and sugar loaded kids getting in your hair, I cant wait! It doesn’t matter what your memories of Christmas are, as they change all the time. The cliché, FAMILY & FRIENDS MAKE THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS! will always be true for us.

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”Merry Christmas! This post is my entry into the Tots100/Argos 12 Days of Christmas competition.“