Space Saving Tips for Your Home this Christmas

With the influx of guests, gifts and decorations, the arrival of Christmas can cause cramped and busy conditions in your home. However, while the array of friendly faces and festive atmosphere might seem great to start with, it won’t be long before you start to get fed up of searching around trying to find the things you want and stumbling over stray toys, abandoned shoes and people’s feet!
Of course, space is always going to be tighter at Christmas than at any other time of year, but that’s just a part of the season’s unique charm. However, that doesn’t mean that you should sit back idly and accept your home being turned into a hotel-slash-storage-facility year after year. Instead, take matters into your own hands and commit to doing what you can to maximise space in your home and avoid that cramped feeling this Christmas.
To help you get started, here are some top tips and space-saving hacks to employ in your home this party season!

Christmas is a time for indulgence and, often, overeating, as we snack on our favourite treats and gorge ourselves on a sumptuous feast come Christmas lunch. Couple this indulgence with the extra supplies needed for any guests, and it’s no surprise that our cupboards, fridges and freezers are full to bursting during December. Save space by storing only what needs to be kept cold in the fridge – everything else can be relegated to cupboards until it is needed. If you need to save money, too, you could also ask your guests to contribute towards Christmas dinner or Boxing Day tea. That way, everyone will be involved and you won’t have to find space in your already-full fridge!

Similarly, if you have a conservatory or garage, it can be a good idea to store drinks in these areas to free up some space in the kitchen. These areas are usually the coldest parts of the home in winter anyway, so chances are your drinks will stay cool and ready for drinking! However, if you’re after a longer term drinks storage solution, have you considered investing in a wine rack? Bespoke wine racks can be made to fit any space, allowing you to easily store your festive wine collection in style all year round.

Have you invited guests over? Will you have family staying with you during the festive season? If you are planning to host guests, it’s more important than ever to make sure that you’re well prepared for the influx of people in your home. Once you have confirmed numbers, the next step is to sort out sleeping arrangements. For older guests or those who would prefer not to slum it on the sofa, it may be worth investing in a sofa bed for a more comfortable option. Alternatively, airbeds are a great way to provide a quick and easy bed that can then be folded away and easily stored for the rest of the year.

space saving
Do you have enough chairs for all of your guests? Is there enough free space to enable everyone to move around freely? Similarly, if your home is a little on the cramped side, it might be worth having a shuffle around and moving any unnecessary furniture to the attic or garage for the duration of the season.

Too many presents might seem like the ultimate first world problem, but if you have a large family, people staying over or just a small home, the question of storing all the gifts is an important one. Tuck smaller items away in stockings to save a little space, and once everything has been opened on Christmas morning, why not invest in a set of tubs or boxes for each member of the family to store all their gifts in? That way, everything can easily be moved around and it will all be kept together in one place.
Are you ready for the onset of the party season? The most wonderful time of year is fast approaching – make sure that it’s as wonderful as can be with these top storage ideas and space-saving hacks!

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Decorating a boys bedroom

Decorating a boys bedroom can often be a challenge, and something I will be considering over the summer. When we moved into our house nine years ago the decoration was very much out of date, with pink ceilings and grey skirting boards. There was woodchip wallpaper, and even a nylon looped pile turquoise carpet! We decided the first room to get decorated would be the boys bedroom. It would be easy as he was into cars and trains so a simple boys blue with car truck sticker details. A new toddlers bed made his room seem so grown up, and with his toys and books around him he loved his little room.


A few years on and we had completed plenty of the other rooms of the house and thoughts turned to moving the boy into the bigger of the two bedrooms. I looked for boys bedroom ideas, and found inspiration like these all over the internet. This made the choice of a mid sleeper a great compromise for storage and space. The boy wanted his say in the room so I took him to a paint shop and let him choose 7 coloured tester pots. He wanted a feature wall with a multi-coloured bar code. We ended up with a zigzag wall that took over 9 hours of masking and painting. The boy loves his wacky wall but it may not be to everyone’s taste.

decorating boys bedroom

Feeling inspired to make and personalise furniture, I was thrilled with our chest of draws, created from a £5.00 B&Q bargain basement flat pack, some additional mdf, knobs and wallpaper. This was much easier to do than I thought, and was a great way to update cheap furniture. I can imagine there are plenty of boys who would love a feature piece of furniture like our Super Hero bargain.

decorating boys room

Now we have finally finished the last room of the house our bedroom, and with no other major projects on the horizon thoughts have moved back to decorating the boys bedroom. As the boy is getting older he is asking if he can have a low bed. The excitement of sleeping up high has worn off, and with the toys getting smaller and more technical his needs have changed. Decorating is the easy part it is finding something that will grown with the boy so I have started looking for decorating ideas. I love the idea of making something bespoke that would fit his needs as we get to the tweenager years.

Disclaimer this post is in collaboration with homify

Truprint Mum in a Million

Do you have a Mum in a million?

This is something Truprint are asking families everywhere this Mothers Day, and to celebrate Mums and all they do are offering to give a Million Mums a free greetings card. Personalised for every special Mum out there it could certainly make my Mum smile to receive a special card this year time for Mothers Day on Sunday 15th March. Have a look at the huge range of styles, something to celebrate and say thank you to Mums everywhere (see below for T&C’s).

Truprint have a great range of gifts, and with a little creativity you can make some great and very personal Mothers Day gifts for your Mum in a Million. Some of my favourite Mothers Day gifts from the boy have been those which were homemade, pictures, paintings or even hand prints. Each one special because it will remind me what a lovely person he is. Now that he is confident using computers he would enjoy designing and making gifts online, and with only a little help ordering, these would make a thoughtful gift for Mums or Granny’s.

mum in a million

Each year I make a point of making my Mum a personalised calendar, something she can enjoy looking at and seeing how much the boy has grown and changed over the last year. Calendars are so easy to personalise, and I think it would be fun to get the boy to draw a picture for each month I might even use his handiwork from school. These could easily be scanned in and used to make something very special.

I love to let the boy take photos of his own, and he has had his own camera since he was five. It can be a fun way to see the world through his eyes, and sometimes he captures a moment or a feeling that I might have missed. These photos would make a fantastic collage gift, or cover to a notebook. Truprint even offer moving covers to their notebooks, which could be something different to experiment with. Our holiday pictures are ideal for making a special gift for Granny, as she hasn’t seen them yet!


If I had to choose just one picture that the boy has drawn, that I love more than any other, it would be a simple one that he drew of me a few years ago. This simple line drawing of me playing my ukulele with our little cat Magic sums up what he could see at the time, and too this day brings a smile to my face. I would love to have a permanent reminder each day of this picture and having it printed onto a coaster for my desk would make be the best gift ever.

mum in a million truprint

Truprint do far more than print just pictures, and with a little inspiration and easy to use software on their website you can make some truly unique and personal Mothers Day Gifts for your Mum in a Million.

Terms and Conditions for your free Mothers Day Card:

  • Awards one free 7×5 folded card
  • Standard P&P charges apply (99p)
  • Ship to recipient not available
  • Complete with envelope
  • Code is One time use only
  • Strictly one code use per household.

Disclaimer, we were asked to help promote Truprint’s Mum in a Million campaign in return for Mothers day gifts.