Blackpool Happy Days – Review

Blackpool is the eleventh of the Happy Days series of 1,000 piece puzzles from Ravensburger. Available for £11.99 and suited to ages 10+.blackpool-ravensburger

I have now done a few of the Happy days puzzles from Ravensburger and I think this one is my new favourite. I have many happy memories of days spent in this historic seaside town. The Happy Days Blackpool puzzle has a sense of nostalgia as well as depicting all the classic parts of Blackpool. From the tower, trams and donkeys and of course the lights this picture has it all.



Happy Days Blackpool was a pleasure to complete, and I had no problems with any large areas of colour. I completed this puzzle in my usual 4/5 hours. The colours are bright so I started with the blues and yellows. The pavement was also easy to complete and helped shape the Blackpool picture. The illustration from Kevin Walsh has some lovely characters and these were next to be completed.



The sky was the last part I finished on this puzzle and finished the Blackpool scene. The Happy days series have a nostalgic feel, while still remaining bright and interesting puzzles. I think this is one that Bingo Granny will also enjoy completing. Despite the fact she has never visited this British holiday destination.



Blackpool happy days puzzle is available now from retailers including Amazon and my affiliate link to purchase is below. Visit the Ravensburger website for more puzzles in the Happy Days Series.


Disclaimer I was sent this puzzle in return for an honest review.

Dear Bed… Wish you were here!

Dear Bed…

Are you like us? with six out of ten families in Britain that miss their beds while away on holiday. This is according to a survey by leading bedding company Silentnight, which looked into what made a dream holiday for UK consumers.

Peace and home comforts are top of the list, with 52% of British holidaymakers just wanting rest and relaxation above everything else. 41% of respondents listed a good night’s sleep as a key criteria for a dream holiday, with 75% of respondents saying that fluffy pillows and duvets were more important than a balcony or mini bar in the hotel room.

Yes that is me, I’m such a light sleeper that I very rarely get a full nights sleep away from home. Added to the fact that I have a memory foam mattress at home and I’m just not used to a conventional mattress anymore. This all equals a pretty crabby Mum Dragon who is always pleased to be back in her own bed.

beds on holiday

This doesn’t mean I don’t like holidays, I love to go away. I have been luck enough to have visited some pretty dreamy destinations. Florida is a favourite and I would love to go back. We might have to start saving as the boy has his sights set on a Caribbean cruise. I have also been entering competitions to win holidays, like the one being offered by Silent Night in their “Win the holiday of your dreams competition”.

florida bed 

Sadly only 11% of Brits are confident that they will get to visit all their dream holiday destinations. So I guess I am an exception that I have managed to visit several of my dream destinations. Silentnight want you to have the chance to visit your dream destination with their holiday of your dreams competition, you can find details of how to enter here. They have also given one of my readers the chance to win a prize of a double duvet and pillows, by entering via the gleam app below.
PB0987__spring_into_summer_pillows (3)

Silent Night bedding

The Silentnight Dream Holiday survey was carried out with a database of 1000 UK adults to launch its Dream Holiday promotion which offers consumers the chance to win a Dream Holiday, as well as lots of other prizes. OnePoll carried out the research.
Disclaimer I was asked to help promote the Silentniight Giveaway by running this competition.

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Confessions of a Summer Parent

Confessions of a summer parent, yes we have all been there! The moment when a game of hide and seek turns into Mum sneaking off for hidden bar of chocolate, or is that just me?

I start off in week one of the summer holidays fresh, ready to tackle the world. With my weekly planner, a mixture of days booked, and exciting activities planned. Baking, working together, meeting friends. You know the kind of things.

Week two we have started to get into the bad habits of late nights, irregular meal times and too much screen time. The boy wants to spend his days on the computer, yes its minecraft. Things not quite going to plan, and lack of summer sunshine never helps.


By week three, and you can throw the planner out of the window. Mornings are spent with long lazy lie ins, and afternoons gardening, cleaning and catching up around the house. While the boy spends too much time on computers and tv, I try to tempt him away.

Week four and its time for a change. We like to go away, and Dad dragon has booked a week off. I however have a confession and haven’t managed to find anywhere reasonable priced to stay! Whoops. Resulting in a grumpy husband and a staycation. I quickly get my thinking cap on and prey for good weather, the odd ice cream and trip to the beach, I manage to save the week.

confessions pictures

Entering week five and already the panic has set in. Do the shoes fit? Wjat happened to your PE kit? Is it still at school? Where can we get those bits of uniform? Ah yes I had forgotten all your school trousers have holes! So its time to get the iron out and the name labels on order.

By week six we are on the home straight, and this is where my confessions of hidden chocolate come in. The boy however has sussed out my hiding places and can hear the crinkly sound of an opening wrapper. Like lightning he can intercept me, with a well placed “where’s mine?” and before we blink its the new school year.

confessions summer

I love the summer holidays, the best days are the ones that are unplanned. The days where we get on our bikes and see where the wind takes us. As a family doing silly things and often free activities are the ones, which have the fondest place in our memories. I am lucky, I get to spent the whole summer with my boy, there are good and bad days, but when he goes back to the school routine, there is a big gap. He is already going into his last year of primary school, so my summers are running out. I had best get the planner out and hiding the chocolate ready for summer 2016.

This post is an entry for BritMums Confessions of a Summer Parent Challenge, sponsored by Anchor

Bubble Bum Booster Seat -Review

Bubble Bum Booster Seat is a great product, and one I have been truly impressed by! from the moment I saw the fun packaging and cleaver design. I thought it was a product worthy of Dragons Den, when I found out that it has already featured on the Irish version of the show, it was no surprise.

Bubble Bum has already won its fair share or awards, and in my opinion rightly so. This booster seat is going to be perfect for our  holiday and removes some of the worry for parents traveling abroad with kids. Despite the boy being 9 now, he is still too short to be traveling in a car without some form of booster seat. The Bubble bum is perfect to give him the extra height to fit the seat belt properly, and despite the boys initial reluctance to want to try out the Bubble Bum he has found it a very comfy car seat.

bubble bum booster seat

Bubble Bum car seats are available directly from the website as well as Halford stores for RRP £29.99. With all the relevant safety testing, (United Nations ECE Regulation R44/04 for safety for both Groups 2 and 3) handy carry bag, and positioning clips. Bubble Bum is possible better than my current heavy plastic booster seat. The Bubble Bum has a simple twist valve, making it easy to inflate and deflate even for someone with little puff, and weighs just 0.5kg when deflated.

bubble bum car seat

The boy said that he thought at first that the Bubble Bum might pop under his weight, I told him this is unlikely, and he should give it a try. He found it super comfy and the only thing he was not so happy about are the seat belt clips. I think the clips are great as you know the Bubble bum is not going to move whilst in use. Younger children might not be able to undo the clips, but the boy had only a little problem with them, and once used to them no problem at all.

Bubble Bum

The Bubble Bum booster seat comes in some great colours, neon, pink, and the cool black which we chose with a silver piping which is a great touch and matches my car seat. Bubble Bum is suitable for kids aged 4 – 11 weighing 15kg to 36kg, and is perfect not just for holidays but short trips, or even packing the boy off with his grandparents. The video on the Bubble Bum website shows how versatile the seat is especially useful if you have to pick up friends for an after school play date, or even just for a short trip in a taxi.  

fitting the Bubble Bum car seat

I have been so impressed with the Bubble Bum, that I have been showing it to some of the Mums, I have always been thoughtful of when the boy travels in cars as having had a small car accident before the boy was born I know how important seatbelts and car safety are. The Bubble Bum is already for its holiday to Florida in a months time, and I have popped it in the suitcase already, and I know even though the boy is at the top end of using a booster it will be a very useful seat, maybe even replacing the one in my car which is used for short journeys.

Find out more about Bubble Bum on their website, Facebook page, Twitter and other social media or have a look and see how Bubble Bum inventor Grainne Kelly did on Dragons Den for yourself.

Disclaimer we were given this product for the purpose of review, the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.


miamoo Travel Goodies

I was excited when miamoo offered to send me their travel goodies to try out, as its only 141 days till we leave for our holiday, and the miamoo travel goodies are perfectly sized to fit in your hand luggage. The Travel pack contains everything that you might need for mum’s and babies with 30ml of each product, splashy wash, fresh locks shampoo, huggy lotion, cheeky cream, spritz and wipe, and baba oil. The pack of  miamoo travel goodies also comes in a handy plastic travel purse and has a lovely cotton flannel.

miamoo travel

The first thing I noticed was that all the miamoo products are Paraben and free from other petrochemicals, which means that the boy can use them. The miamoo products are especially kind to children’s and babies who suffer from dry or sensitive skin like the boy.  The first product we tried was the miamoo fresh locks shampoo. It has a lovely lavender smell to it, and is not to overpowering, and I could tell that the boy was clean when he came out of the bathroom as his hair smelt lovely and looked shiny too.

The miamoo splashy wash has a lovely lemon scent which I thought was very pleasant and is a favourite smell of mine. I gave this product a try and it was very refreshing, but without feeling that it had stripped all the oil from my skin it felt very soft afterwards. The boy found that it was easy and gentle on his skin too.

The miamoo cheeky cream as its name might suggest could be used for babies cheeks, but as I don’t have a baby to test on, I tried the cream out on my face. With a very pleasing smell, it wasn’t greasy, this cream made my skin feel very soft, and was also easy to use as a hand cream. Perfect for when I forget to take one on the plane with me which I always do!

miamoo cheeky cream

There are also 3 spray bottles in the miamoo travel pack, spritz and wipe with lime and minerals, which would be great for freshening up after a days travel. This had a very subtle smell and would be great to keep in my handbag for cleaning sticky fingers.

The huggy lotion has to be my favourite from the pack, as it was easy to apply and made my skin feel soft, with almond and marshmallow extracts it makes a perfect all over moisturiser. It is also very easy to use from the pump bottle.

Finally baba oil, and this is something I don’t have much call for now the boy is older, but it is always handy to have. I will use baby oil removing paint from hands, and even tree sap, from when the boy has been helping dad to move the logs. With lavender and almond oil it had a lovely smell, but is not something I would necessarily take on holiday with me.

miamoo huggy lotion

I was impressed with the quality of the miamoo products, and think the handy sizes are a great way to find your favourites, or even give as a gift for a new mum. You can buy miamoo products from their website and the travel pack has an RRP of £15.00, which for this type of product is very reasonable. The full-sized products start from £5.00 which again is very comparable for Paraben and petrochemical free products. Delivery is free for orders over £50.

If you would like to try miamoo products I have a 10% discount code for you. Simply use Blog13 at the checkout and 10% will be taken off your order (full price products only).

To purchase miamoo products or find out more about the story behind the brand why not visit miamoo online, Facebook, or twitter. Also have a look at the 3 step guide online on how to prevent and heal dry skin.

The All New Catch Phrase Board Game

The All New Catch Phrase Board Game from Drumond Park is a game based on the increasingly popular TV show hosted by Stephen Mulhern. You will find all your favourite parts of the show transferred into this fun board game. Recommended for ages 8+, 2-4 players with one player being the game host, and costing RRP £19.99.

We first reviewed this game just before Christmas last year, and have had fun playing, what is a great family game. We discovered that Bingo Granny is very good at this game, and the boy struggled a bit. We decided to team up for a few games to give him a chance. Playing more recently the boy has improved, as he becomes more confident in how the game works. He has enjoyed playing the Catch Phrase board game and as we already had a copy, we decided to pass on the spare one to the hospital where we recently spent the night.

catchphrase from drumond park

The All New Catch Phrase Board game box contains:

  • 96 Double sided regular catch phrase cards
  • 15 Double sided bonus cards
  • 48 Single sided super cards
  • Mr Chips
  • Bonus catch phrase picture frame
  • 9 Window covers
  • Frame clip
  • Sand timer
  • Red filter
  • 60 Asst bank notes

The game starts with one person being decided as host and it is their job to set up each of the rounds award the winners their money and keep the time.

Round 1: Individual Round

In this round each player takes a turn to solve as one individual catch phrase within the length of the timer. If they don’t manage it within the time, then it will be opened up to the other players to try to steal and the fastest answer wins. The correct guess is awarded with £100. The host then reveals one window from the bonus catch phrase (in number order 1-9) and everyone gets one guess. play continues on this round until all 9 windows have been revealed or the correct answer is guessed. The winner receiving £300 to add to their kitty.

Round 2: Rapid Fire Round

This round is played in a similar way to round one, except each of the catch phrases is open for all contestants to answer. You can have as many guesses as you like with a total of 5 catch phrases to be guessed. The correct guess will win £200.

Round 3: Super Catch Phrase Round

For this round the Super Catch phrase cards come into play, with the host setting out 6 cards face down on the super catch phrase board. Starting from the bottom players all have the chance to call out the answers as each catch phrase is revealed. The bottom row wins £300, next row £400 finally with the top row worth £500. The host can check the answers on the bottom of the card with the special red filter.

The winner:

Once you have had the first round a new host takes over, and when everyone has had a go at hosting the winner will be the person with the most money.

can you guess the catchphrase

We still love this game, although as you work your way through the cards the boy has started to memorize some of the answers. The boy also enjoys being the host, and this is done in an enthusiastic style as his current favourite tv channel is challenge! I would like to see a top up set of cards available for this game, and also our My chips who is made from cardboard has started to look a little tatty. This is still a fun family game and if you would like the chance to win a copy then why not enter my giveaway below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer, we were sent this game to review and keep, the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

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Packing for Hospital

Packing for hospital is just like packing for a holiday. Ok so the destination may not be quite so exciting, but the boy was actually looking forward to it, me? not so much. I had been stock piling a few of the boys favourite things, as well as some new items for review, to keep him interested, I didn’t want to hear “I’m bored!”. So here are a few of our recommendations, and a few surprise finds of our brief stay.



Yes we have lots of books, and they are defiantly in the case. The boy chose to take his current reading book which is Mr Stink by David Walliams, RRP £6.99 This is the 4th of David’s books that we have read, and I can thoroughly recommend them all. Gangsta Granny has a tough ending, and one the boy wasn’t quite ready for so if you have a younger child or one who is a little sensitive, this may be one to leave till they are older. Billionaire boy, and The Boy in the Dress are proper laugh out loud, the characters are brought to life in amazing detail, repeating characters common to all the books are fun to spot. We have a soft spot for Raj the shopkeeper, and the toilet roll puns!

Joe and the race to Rescue by Victoria Eveleigh is a Orion book that the boy chose, RRP £5.99 it is a different story to one he would normally chose, but I think he liked the look of the cover. This book is one for all animal lovers and while I know girls enjoy pony books, I will be encouraging the boy to enjoy different books. This way he can decide what he likes and doesn’t like.

When his family’s farm floods, Joe comes to the rescue with the help of two brave Shire horses, in the final instalment in the brand new pony trilogy from Victoria Eveleigh, author of the Katy’s Ponies series.

The Quirks in circus Quirks by Erin Soderberg from Bloomsbury RRP £5.99, looks like another good fun read. This story tells the tale of a family, but no ordinary family as the title might imply.

The Quirks are a rather special family with rather magical powers and, sometimes, when the Quirks are involved things don’t quite go to plan!


This is Erin’s first book for children aged 7-9 and is packed with the type of adventure you need to keep this age group of children interested. A book packed full of family life with a smattering of huge, hairy, twisted, sticky secrets! I think the boy will enjoy this book as it is based in small town America it will open up some new topics of discussion.



We took a selection of puzzle books, including a new Deadly 60 Activity book from Orion books. Priced at RRP £4.99 and with lots of interesting facts and puzzles, full colour pictures, this will always be a winner with both Deadly 60 fans and puzzle fanatics.

I bought myself a mixed puzzle book, and it has been a long time since I have enjoyed some quiet time to sit and just think. I was looking forward to doing a couple of Sudoku, and was surprised that the boy wanted to join in and help. It turned out he understands the process of thinking behind Sudoku and was disappointed there went any in his comic. Bingo Granny had bought the boy a magazine called Adventure Time and a huge flower pen, she wanted to keep him occupied while he was away from home and the free toy that came with the magazine was a kit as it fired small plastic discs. I’m sure it wont be a long-lasting toy, but boys seem to really enjoy this kind of thing! These types of magazines are perfect for holidays, as you wont need to bring a whole library with you!



Game number one to come with us was of course Dobble, RRP £12.99 (if you are quick you still have the chance to win the game here) This is such an easy and fun game, and the boy was quick to encourage both Dad M and his new friend O to join in with a few games. Having this game in a tin means it was easy to pack and you wont end up with a tatty crushed box at the end of your trip.

We also packed Brain Box Maths by Green Games RRP £12.99, this was something Santa had invested in for Christmas and a way to encourage the boy to think about all sorts of different maths problems I knew it would be a hit. We were sent Inventions Brain Box game last year and enjoyed the easy to follow concept of memorizing the information on a card then being asked a question to see how much you can remember. The boy challenged his friend O to a game, and was surprised when he was beaten. (He isn’t used to loosing well, and this went down badly) I do think this game will be one we enjoy though as it has some interesting facts and is well-balanced for adults to play with all ages of children.


fruit bowl snacks

Finally packing food, OK! I knew that the food in hospital would be ok for the boy as he is used to eating pretty much everything. I would have to fend for myself, but having a few handy snacks for in-between times is always a good idea. Whether you are packing for a day out or a week away I think both fun and healthy snacks are a must.

Luckily Fruit Bowl came to our rescue. This is a brand I have been buying for the boys lunch for a long time now, and we particularly enjoy the yoghurt covered fruit flakes. As a mum I like to try and choose more healthy snacks and will choose these or cereal bars. We were very excited to see the New Sea Shapes and Jungle Animals, these are little gems of the snack world and are now a firm favourite of everyone in the family. They have the amazing fruit flavour of a sweet and as one of your five a day with no added sugar, are a better option.

Fruit bowl’s new peelers also went down well, the boy was excited to tear these apart, and the Strawberry peeler only lasted seconds from the jiffy bag! Have a look on the website to find out more about which supermarkets are stocking which Fruit Bowl Snack here. And keep your eyes peeled in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose for the New Sea and Jungle shapes as they are a big hit!

Disclaimer, we have been sent some of these items for review, the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.



Disney Florida #Flashback Friday

I have been enjoying joining in with Flashback Friday for the past few weeks and this weeks picture was one I came across while looking for something else in one of my Photo files. It makes me smile each time I see it for so many reasons. The first is the cheeky grin, but when you see the other photos with it you realise that he was being instructed by the photographer so that she could get him to pose in a certain way.

Ok, so the story behind the picture is that we were on the boys first trip to Florida, one we had been planning since I was pregnant, so 5 years. One we had dreamt about, and just couldn’t wait. We were married in Florida and have been lucky at this point to be making trip number 4 to Disney.

So the weather, well imaging the weather we have just been having with rain and storms every 4 days, water ankle-deep and constant for over 10 hours each day! Not what you expect in Florida, and not the holiday we were expecting. This picture is special then for two reasons the first, its wasnt raining when it was taken. The second it was Mothers Day (in the UK) not the US and my boy, and Hubby had a special treat meal booked.

disney florida

This is Main Street with Cinderella’s Castle, and the boy who loved shirts and ties is in my favourite of his outfits, which I bought for him at Christmas. He posed so well for each of the shots, and we had no clue what she was up too. This was our first experience of some of the special effects they add to your pictures.

Tinkerbell!! Yes the boy was less than impressed, “She’s a fairy!” “I wasn’t holding her!” but she is in the picture and then 4 1/2 he couldn’t work out quite how she got there!

Priceless moment, and with just 200 days till visit number 6 for us 3 for the boy, one of the things I will be booking in advance is my Disney Photo pass. just for the moments like this that I get to keep forever.

mummy mishaps

Center Parcs Family Blogger in 2014

As a family we love getting out and being active, whether that is visiting historic sites like Battle Abbey, or castles like the one we saw in Dartmouth. We love the thrills of a rollercoaster like the Dragon at Legoland and the scary dungeons at Warwick Castle.

The boy loves nothing better than hunting for hedgehogs, and taking pictures of the local wildlife. But you just cant beat a lovely bike ride and we have some lovely rides locally, including my favourite one along the prom. So why have we never taken the boy to Center Parcs? That is a very good question, as a boy who loves climbing trees, sports and swimming this would be our ideal family break. This could be our chance to put that right.

Centre Parcs and Tots 100 are looking for 12 family’s to take part in the Center Parcs Family Blogger Club for 2014 and you can find details of how to enter here. Tots 100 members were invited to make a one minute or less video showing how you like to spend time as a family, and after a creative Sunday afternoon last week here is our entry

As you can see we had great fun making our animation and the boy enjoyed making all the puppets and being a film director for the day. We hope you have as much fun making your videos as you have to give it a try and good luck,


Boris has his feelers crossed!

Sky Side at Birmingham Airport

Last week we were invited to join a group of bloggers for our first ever blogging event at Birmingham airport. The brief was to have a look at their new sky side project to keep kids occupied while you wait to fly off on your holidays!

We started the day early as we don’t live that close to the airport but in no time at all we had arrived, it was very easy to find and we had plenty of time to park and meet up with Justine, Francesca and Michelle who were going to show us around.
The first thing we had to do is to check in, and we had to bring our passports so it was just like we were going on holiday. The boy was very excited, even though he knew we weren’t going to actually fly anywhere! We were given security passes, and our all important Sky Pass, and set of on our first mission.
Each child who checks in with their family on a Thompson or Monarch flight from Birmingham will automatically be given a sky pass. But don’t worry because if you are flying with another airline, you just need to keep your eyes peeled for one of the Sky Zone crew. There will be several members of the team handing out sky passes as you go through the departures area of the airport so knowone misses out!

Each pass has lots of fun missions to cater for all ages, and our group had children aged from babies right up to nearly 8. The first thing you need to do is work out your cadet name, and don’t worry they also give each child a pencil. You then have to start to look for hidded letters to form a word to help you find the skyzone. The next step is to go through security and the boy wasn’t allowed to take photos here, once through security you continue to find letters to make up your secret word.
When you arrive in the departure lounge you have all the usual duty free as well as well known high street shops. the boy was getting good at finding the mini zooms and collecting stamps along the way, there are some very sneaky ones!
We then all got together to meet Zoom, who is the character who the whole project is based around, the little kids loved having pictures with him. They also gave him high fives. The boy being a bit cooler than all that wasn’t so keep but still joined in. Zoom then took us to what we think is the best part of the airport the Sky Zone.

This is a one of a kind (in the UK) area where the kids can run around and let of steam while you wait for your flight. There were a couple of coffee shops within easy reach so great for grown ups. The area had 2 large inflatable igloos with fun computer games. One was coloured lights on the floor that played music and the other was cool and you could kick autumn leaves or chase fish and even play football. There was a quite area to watch cartoons, as well as to very cool computer tables. This is the place the boy headed for and stopped for most of the time we were there! At first he was disappointed as the games seemed to easy for his age. But with the sky crew on hand to show us how it worked we soon found puzzles and maths which he loved. You could choose how easy or hard you wanted each game, and could even move screens so that lots of kids could play on each table so no squabbling! There were also questions and interesting facts all around the area, Daddy M enjoyed trying to beat the buzzer, and everyone seemed very impressed.

All too soon it was time to go and have a spot of lunch with the sky crew, but I can honestly say as a parent I was very impressed. We have used the Virgin V lounge at Gatwick (which you have to pay for) and this was much more fun. The airport was lovely and clean easy to get through and find where you needed to go. Security were thorough, and we had great views of the plains for those that just like to see what is going on!. So if you plan to fly from Birmingham with your family I would recommend you check out Sky Zone.

And what did the boy think?

Next time we go on holiday, can we fly from Birmingham airport because I would like to go back and play the maths game!

Have a look at the video as Sam and Mark explain all about it!

We were asked to visit Sky zone and given our travel expenses, but the opinions remain ours and have not been changed or altered.