Fencing Competition

We may have only been home from our holiday for three days but already the boy is taking part in much-loved Fencing competitions. This weekend was the Sussex County.  After some confusion on whether he could take part because of a mix up of ages, we set off for East Grinstead.

The boy was having mixed feeling about this one as it would mean he was at the bottom age of the up to 12 years age group. But on arrival it soon became clear that although some of the boys were much bigger than him, he was not by any means out-of-place. He fought beautifully, and his coach said he did a great job. He came 12 out of the 18 competing and even got a bye into the next round.

magic moments

I love watching the boy fence, and so does Dad M. But one of the best parts for all the parents, is how supportive the kids are of each other. They all watched and cheered each others fights, some even lent the boy kit as he was having problems with some of his wires. So it wont matter if he ever wins a competition as I know the friends he is making will be ones he keeps for a long time.

We were all worn out by the end of a long day, thankfully it wasn’t far home and time for hot drinks all round. I am sure this wont be the last competition, infact the boy has another in two weeks time. I foresee many a Sunday sports hall trip, but I don’t mind as I think it is great he has a sport he loves, and think he is incredibly brave to go up against boys 4 years older than him!