Kids Clothing – Review is a well-known online fashion retailer and have recently added Kids clothing to their range. They asked us to have a look, the boy wanted some new clothes so we thought we would give them a try. I ordered a selection of items from the Boys section which has clothing from ages 5-12 (although I was able to find some sized age 13) I chose some skinny jeans, High top trainers and 4 t-shirts in sizes 11-12 and 13.


The website has plenty of offers, discounts, one day sales and free delivery. I was able to use a code for free next day delivery which was perfect for my impatient boy. The boy is starting to get more conscious of what he wears out of school, and has enjoyed trying out some of the fashions. He particularly likes the cobweb print Tee. This came in handy for the Halloween party at cubs. The boy is not keen on dressing up so felt in the spirit with his spooky top, without feeling left out .

The boy was also impressed with the high top trainers. He said they were very trendy but took a bit of getting used to in the feel. I have been impressed with the selection and the price with Tee’s from £3 to £5. The high top trainers were £8, perfect for a fashion item that he will grow out of before he can wear them out.


The jeans were a good quality the only problem we had was they don’t have an adjustable waist. You could use the online sizing guide (which I didn’t) as a guide to the correct size. I don’t usually shop online so this has been a lesson for me to take note next time. The boy tends to take a smaller sized trouser so there is some growing room in these size 11 jeans. The sizing for the rest of the clothing was good and I like that the website tells you the make up of the fabric so you have an idea of feel before ordering.


Overall the boy is thrilled with his new wardrobe additions. The trainers have seen good use, and the cobweb tee is a firm favourite. have a fun constantly changing range of clothes perfect for my mini fashionista!

Disclaimer we were asked to try out clothing in return for an honest review. The words remain my own and have not been altered.

Love the Sales

Love the sales is a website for people who love a bargain, or like me who don’t buy clothes unless they are on sale! I never seem to have the time to spend money on my clothes so tend to pick up bits and pieces as I see them. I was interested to find out more about the Love the Sales website, and see if I could find something in the Vera Moda Sale.

Using the website is easy, you don’t need an account and it isn’t a shop, you simply register an email, then fill in as much information or as little as you like. You can add your favourite labels and stores, with not just clothes but home and garden and pretty much everything in between. I thought about getting the boy something new, but he has more clothes than he wears, so instead thought I would treat myself.

love the sales

Love the Sales was easy to use, and I soon found my way around, with some great bargains to be had. I live in Jeans so first stop was a new pair of dark denim skinnies. Love the Sales allows you to search for colours, sizes, labels so you only see the items that are available currently. I quickly found the right size and decided to choose some summer tops to complement my new trousers.

vera modea love the sales

I chose a tunic sleeveless top with a high neck because I liked the pattern. A floaty summer tunic, plain green top and a rather nice cotton jumper for the chilly evenings. Because each item was on sale the total value of my clothing should have been £126.00 but cost just £58.00 saving me over 50%. Love the sales are not a shop so for each item you are redirected to order from a high street store or online retailer. Postage may be extra dependant on the store or collection options, but even taking this into account saving over 50% of the retail price is enough for me to keep my eyes peeled for more Love the Sales Bargains.

Via lovethesales


Hotter Shoes at Chelsea

I was recently invited to a Hotter shoe party in Horsham by BakesBooksandMyBoys which got me very excited as I never treat myself to anything! This was going to be my first experience of Hotter shoes, and after a warm welcome and a few nibbles I set about browsing the store.

I decided to have my feet measured, as I can’t remember the last time I did this, and after some trying on and great advice from the staff discovered that I have strange feet. Although I am a standard six, due to a low ankle bone and narrow heels a five and a half or narrow fitting was a much better fit. I was very impressed with the patience and of the Hotter store staff as I spent an hour trying to find the right shoes. Only slightly disappointed that they didn’t have the chosen ones in stock, they offered to have the shoes ordered and delivered to my home.

hotter shoes

Leaving with an empty bag, was a little strange, but I was assured they would arrive shortly. I was excited that I would no longer be a hotter shoe virgin. Sure enough after about 10 days my shoes arrived, I had chosen Quake in Mauve Nubuck (although I think they look more of a soft pink). They fitted perfectly and had arrived just in time for me to set them the ultimate test a day out at Chelsea Flower show.

hotter shoes at chelsea

Chelsea flower show was the perfect test of all the Hotter shoe claims, comfort, style and adventure! There was no slipping about on the tube as the touch fastening kept them in place. They certainly had style and looked so much nicer than my trainers. I saw so many people as they left changing out of their shoes into something more comfy. I didn’t have too, as the Hotter shoes have millions of little bubbles in the soles to keep your feet comfy. It certainly was a long day on my feet, and with plenty of walking I made it home with happy feet, and a camera full of fantastic flower pictures.

hotter shoes london

I have been impressed with my Hotter shoes, and the fact that 80% of the shoes from Hotter are British made means that I will be back for more very soon. If you would like to try hotter shoes for yourself I have an offer to share with you, use the code PPATEN to receive £10 off plus free delivery for your first order, then you too will no longer be a Hotter shoes virgin!

Terms and conditions are £10 off plus FREE delivery is for first orders only. You are entitled to £10 off the total order value of any full priced items in the Hotter range (excluding shoe care products and accessories) plus FREE delivery. Minimum order value £25. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer or on Sale or Factory Clearance items and gift vouchers. Expires 30/6/16

Disclaimer I was given a pair of hotter shoes in return for being asked to write about the event. The words remain my own and have not been altered.


Weird Fish a little treat for me!

I came across Weird Fish clothing through a competition, and since entering I have received their weekly offers and e-mails. I was very excited when I was offered the chance to review for them. I love pretty casual clothing, and as a busy Mum I tend to find myself looking at clothes for the boy and not myself, so this is a real treat!

Choosing from the Weird Fish website was very difficult, not because they don’t have much, or the site is clunky! Quite the opposite, there were so many lovely items it was hard to narrow a choice down. When I found myself coming back to the same tunic dress, I knew it was the one to try. Ok I have said the word Dress! and anyone who knows me will say what? as I live in jeans and t-shirts. In my old job people thought there was something wrong if I wore a skirt, so a dress would be a shock.

The Phoebe Printed Stretch Tunic Dress featured in the Weird Fish sightseer spring outfits, and jumped out at me with its bold retro pattern as something I wouldn’t normally choose, but with such a lovely colour blend I was eager to give it a try.

phoebe tunic dress from weird fish

The tunic dress turned up in a lovely little personalised package and I was surprised at how small the package was. The first thing I noticed was the material, it is cotton! I don’t usually shop online, as I like to feel material before making a purchase, this fabric was a big surprise. From the description and pictures I had thought the material would be a jersey or even synthetic mix. So 95% cotton with 5% elastine for stretch was a nice surprise. It will be lovely and cool and perfect for our holiday later in the year. It wasn’t even creased from its journey so I know it will wear well which is essential as I truly hate ironing.

A versatile printed tunic dress with a slight stretch. Features button detail on the capped sleeves, neckline and centre back, for a synched in shape. Can be worn as a dress or a tunic

I chose a size ten as I don’t have a large bust, and found that the sizing on the dress is very good. The Frost grey Phoebe print is also available in a tunic top and I think in this case I would have chosen an eight with the fabric stretching enough to fit snugly. The button detail is a lovely addition and gives enough shape to the tunic dress to add a few curves which I need. The print of the dress is lovely and just as I imagined with a nice mix of grey, pinks, yellows and blues and exactly as pictured on the website. The length feels good and I love the sweat heart styled neckline with button detail. Finally washing, I was pleased to see the label recommends a cool 30* machine wash, I get disappointed if a favourite item needs hand washing.

weird fish tunic dress

I have often admired friends wearing this style of dress with thick tights or leggings, I am not quite brave enough yet to bare my legs so went for dark jeans. I love the pre matched outfits section where you can see the Phoebe Printed Stretch Tunic Dress matched with dark slate leggings and a little green cardigan. (This will have to go on my holiday wish list).

The Phoebe Printed Stretch Tunic Dress costs RRP £39.95 which I think for the great quality and versatility of this dress is a superb price. In fact I have been surprised at the affordability of lots of the Weird Fish clothing. I have fallen in love with this print, and know that I will get plenty of wear from it, Now we just need some summer weather so that I can get some colour on my legs!

Why not pop along to the Weird Fish website as they have a great selection of Men’s and children’s clothing, currently they have an offer for a FREE poncho in the lovely Phoebe pattern when you order over £70. Postage is FREE for standard delivery in the UK or you might be lucky and have a store near you. I know I will be looking for some more great holiday staples next time I go near a Weird Fish store, and hope I can Escape the Ordinary again soon!

Disclaimer, I was sent this dress to review the opinions remain my own and have not been altered.

Family Fever

Onesie trendy? or just wrong?

Ok so you might have guessed already that I am not a fan of the Onesie! I just don’t see the point? The thought of wearing what is in fact a giant adult sized baby grow is beyond me, but what shocks me more is the thought people wear them in public! I can see tucked up on a sofa, in a cold drafty house on a cold winters evening with your favourite film and possibly a bowl of pop corn. Surely with the cost of energy these days we should be insulating our house not ourselves? I understand being warm, and lounging but in years to come there will be far to many incriminating photos floating around!


From a selection of Onesies available from Next

So how about the kids? babies and toddlers a Onesie could be the solution to keeping everything warm, and lets face it a cute toddler in a little fluffy suit, what is there not to love? Just please don’t let them do ears, if you wanted to give birth to a panda then go to the zoo! You might be worth millions to medical science,  you have a baby and they are cute just as they are.


Available from Next this monkey suit doesn’t do it for me!!

The thought of my other half in a fury all in one, I can’t say fills me with excitement either, so in this house the verdict is summed up by the boy…

“I don’t understand why someone would want to wear a baby grow. Do they think it will make them grow? because it doesn’t work?”


Ok so if you are still undecided as to whether to purchase yourself or a family member this fashion fo-par! Then have a look at the boy modelling a Onesie which is good enough to win any Halloween competition!

Yes this really is a nylon yellow PomBear Onesie, Trendy or just wrong?