Pandemic – Review for Bloggers Board Game Club

Pandemic is a cooperative game from Asmodee for 2 -4 players aged 8+ RRP £29.99.

Can you save Humanity?

This is the question Pandemic asks. Pandemic is a cooperative play game so there will never be just one winner, but as we found out this doesn’t make it less challenging. In order to save the world from the deadly diseases you will need to work with your individual skills to cure the 4 diseases before they breakout takes over.

I have come to expect well made and packaged games from Asmodee, and Pandemic doesn’t disappoint. The playing pieces have a lovely weight and feel and each part comes with its own zip lock bag so there is very little additional plastic packaging. The box and board a are a very good long-lasting card. The player cards also have a good long-lasting feel.

Game set up is fairly straight forward and is set out well in the instructions. Cards are dealt in relation to the number of players, and roles are also chosen at random. We have enjoyed playing this game as after our first try an average game lasts about 3/4 of an hour. The rules were also pretty easy to pick up and we only missed one which helped greatly on subsequent games.

Play follows three parts with the first being 4 actions, moving your and other players pieces around the Pandemic board. This can be setting up research stations of helping fellow players to cure the diseases before they spread too far. Players draw more cards and then infect cities. Play continues until you either cure-all four diseases, or you run out of players cards.

We discovered that we could save the world on our first attempt of playing the game, and then have failed on our last two pandemic games. It turn out I think it was beginners luck. Pandemic has been a refreshing change to the games we usually play which can be very competitive. It is great for encouraging conversation and co-operation. It is also not as disturbing as the name mas suggest.

Pandemic has won many awards and will also be featuring in the Asmodee Classic games promotion for 2018. This classic version of the game is a great start, and if you enjoy it then there are other variants of the game. Pandemic Legacy looks like a great with slightly different game play as well as various expansion packs.

Pandemic is available now from your local games store, online and via my Amazon affiliate link below.

Disclaimer: we have been sent this game as part of the Bloggers Board Game Club with Asmodee Games and have not been paid for this review. #BoardGameClub

Dig In – Giveaway


Dig In is our favourite Drumond Park game that we have reviewed over the last few years, and is set to be a great family game for generations to come. Dig in is available for RRP £19.99, and is suitable for ages 8+.

Dig In has been a big hit in the dragon house, not only for its fast competitive game play. It’s easy to learn rules mean that it has proved to be a great family and friends game as well as one the adults enjoy. With 128 colourful characters to find, gameplay is as simple as find and match against the clock.

This is what Drumond Park have to say about Dig in:

You’ll find Dig In! intense and totally engrossing.  Each player is living-in-the-moment, fixated at finding their pieces.  So for those 15 seconds the rest of the world is shut out – and nothing else matters.  It’s a mesmerizing formula, ensuring hours of stimulating fun for the players, who’re desperate to be the first to fill their card!

Leave Dig In! lying around the house and we guarantee it won’t be long before the white bowl and its colourful contents prove to be irresistible to people passing by.  Those smooth and tactile model pieces are just waiting to be played with, touched, swirled around and delved into… Drumond Park’s research has shown that it’s almost impossible to walk past without having a sneaky, satisfying rummage in that bowl, or even a quick 15 second session with the timer on, all on your own!

And adults who’re looking for grown-up, after dinner party fun will be surprised to find this game totally engrossing and amazing in its deceptive and addictive simplicity – and keep coming back for more! One thing’s for certain… Dig In! is set to be a winner with everyone – family and friends alike!


So here is your chance to get your hands on Dig in, I have one to giveaway to one lucky family. Simply comment and complete the gleam app below.

Dig In 2017

Disclaimer Drumond park asked us to choose our favourite game from 2016 to giveaway, all words remain our own and have not been altered.

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