Mysterium – review and giveaway

Mysterium is a game from Esdevium for 2 -7 players ages 10+ RRP £34.99

We have had Mysterium for some time now and I had been a little put off by the lengthy rules. The boy decided that we should give it a go as we have been playing lots of board games this week. Our favourite of the moment being Colt Express. I would suggest that you have a good read through the rules of Mysterium. Familiarise yourself with the set up and this will make the game much easier to play the first time.

Mysterium is not a traditional board based game and comes with a mixture of cards and standing elements. There is a great page to explain the set up but we found that setting a pretend game up was the best way to work out what each part is used for. Whilst our first time of setting up took some time, subsequent times it has been less than five minutes.

Mysterium is a co-operative game, so rather than battling against each other it is about the ghost and psychics working to help each other to discover the identity of the ghosts killer. There are two phases to the game the first you need to work out the different killers. The second you work out the poor departed persons murderer. Each part is good fun, and at first seemed complicated but as we discovered how each person thought the play became easier.

There are two roles in Mysterium, the Ghost the one player who can see who the potential killers are, where the event happened and the weapon. And the rest of the players are the Psychics trying to work out what happened. I can see some comparisons with Cludo, but I love Mysterium and have always disliked Cludo! I have no plans to write out every rule for Mysterium as the rule book covers that. I loved the additional rules for larger groups of seeing who is the better guesser. It is great that there are different levels of play too. We started on easy as the game suggests, and moved onto medium when we were confident we had all the rules correct.

For a more atmospheric game you can download a spooky soundtrack from the makers website, or simply just play at Halloween when its dark outside. I loved playing the ghost and not having to speak at all, teasing the psychics if their guesses were correct of not. It turns out that the boy thinks more along the lines which I do, with my clues to my killer and out of the half-dozen games we played over the weekend was usually the first to guess the correct answers to each part of the Mysterium puzzle.

As for winners, depending on the number of players you can all win. Finding the killer means the ghost is freed. I have to say we all took turns as ghosts and we all failed at some point! I would recommend Mysterium for family’s that love to play together. You can make it as spooky as you like and would be the perfect fun party game for Halloween.

Mysterium is available now from toy stores, use the handy store finder here.

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Accentuate – Rainbow awards review

Accentuate is a game for 4+ players ages 16+ RRP £17.99. We were sent this game as part of the Rainbow Awards testing panel and have received no payment.

Accentuate is a team party game and I can remember when it was on Dragons Den! The box contains two sets of cards one has an accent and points and the other a film quote. there is a timer and also special pictorial dice.

Firstly you need to set up your teams and choose who will be the speaker. Team one then rolls the dice which gives you a special instruction such as swap, pass, play and all. Then a black film quotation card followed by a white Accent card. you then have till the end of the 30 second timer to say the quote as many times as you like in your version of the accent. Your team then have one chance to make a guess of the accent, film and year of release.

You score points from the card for the accent, 1 point for the film and 2 for the year. The winning team is the first one to 15 points or you can play to the amount that suits you. Accentuate is such a simple game to play and learn it would be perfect for a party. It was a bit tricky playing with just the three of us so I don’t feel we were able to have the full Accentuate experience. We will have to save that for the festive season.

Accentuate is available now from toy stores, online and via my affiliate link below

Disclaimer we were sent this game as part of the Rainbow Toy Awards testers panel for 2017, and have not been paid for this post.

OG on the Bog – Review

OG on the BOG, is a fun new game from Drumond Park, for 2-4 players aged 5+ RRP £22.99. Something for the family to enjoy this Christmas.

Don’t be put off by the title of this game, as it will be enjoyed by young and old, and even had the boy giggling. The box comes with OG in his Bog, there is a small amount assembly needed as you add the handle to the Bog door. There are 12 loo rolls a tree stump spinner card, and instructions. You will also need to install 3 AA batteries (not included).

og on the bog

The game play for OG on the BOG is straight forward and fast to learn. Start by assembling OG in his bog and turn the switch to on. You will hear OG snoring and sounds of the forest. load 6 of the loo rolls onto the pole by the bog door. Then starting with the youngest player take it in turns to spin the spinner. A red cross means end of your go. Hand holding loo roll means steal from another player. A green tick means its time to sneak up on OG!

og on the bog game

Sneak up to OG, and press the step outside, if he has heard you he will say something and your go is over. Hear grunts and even farts and its time to steal one of the loo rolls from outside the door. As carefully as you can remove one of the toilet rolls from the pole outside OG’s Bog. But beware if the toilet explodes you will lose two of your collected toilet rolls. The winner of OG on the Bog is the first person to collect 4 rolls ( with 2 or 3 players) or 3 rolls (with 4 players).

drumond park game

I thought the boy might be a little old for this game, but it turns out that farting, toilet humour and monsters is ageless for boys! We spent a fun hour playing with OG on the Bog, and Dad especially enjoyed winning, and making the bog explode. This is a fun game, that I can see the boy enjoying playing with his mates as it would certainly cause some giggles. For younger players OG on the Bog will be good for learning patience, and hand control as they sneak the loo rolls off the pole. The noises coming from Og on the Bog certainly made us all chuckle.

OG on the bog is already getting nominated as one of the top games for this Christmas, and I can see it being very popular with everyone after a big Christmas dinner. Available now in all toy stores, or via my Amazon affiliate link below.

If you would like the chance to win OG on the BOG to play with your family in time for Christmas, then enter with the Gleam app below.

OG on the BOG

Disclaimer we were sent this game to review, the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

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Summer Holiday Crafts with Baker Ross

Each summer I like to do some crafts with the boy, and we start off with our summer holiday planner. Baker Ross have some great summer craft packs, and we were sent a selection to try. This is something I have made and kept every year since the boy started school. It is a great way of recording our days out, and something we can look back on, to remind us what we did as well as being a visual diary of what we have to look forward too.

summer holidays

Usually I rule out a large sheet of card with a box for each day, this year I had an unused calendar which I cut up and stuck to a sheet of card. Then it was the boys job to decorate it and make it look nice. We used the Baker Ross Craft-it! square self adhesive jewels to embellish our Summer planner, as well as Deco pens to highlight special days out. The boy enjoyed making a rainbow by lacing and threading beads and hung this from the bottom of our planner. Having a Summer Holiday Planner helps stop some of the questions, and “I’m Bored!” moments in our house. I will add days out and play dates. This way the boy can see where we are in the holidays as he often forgets what day it is. Having a holiday at the end also means we have something fun before he starts back at school in September.

summer holiday

Once completed we looked at some of the other New Summer Holiday crafts from Baker Ross. The boy enjoyed the wooden frame lacing kits which come in four shapes with four colours of wool to make fun and intricate patterns by treading through the pre drilled holes in each shape. We used the Deco pens to add colour to the shapes, and the boy then hung them up for decoration. I have been very impressed with how easy to use the Deco pens are and as they are acrylic they wash off hands, while the colours still stay vibrant on your project.

rainbow holiday craft

Baker Ross also have great little party bag fillers, and we used our sticky monsters to make little thank you gifts. We decorated our craft baskets, and filled each one with sweets and a gift, perfect to say thank you for friends and teachers.

baker ross summer holiday crafts

We have loved crafting with the Baker Ross Summer Holiday Range, and are now looking forward to some more fun crafting projects over the summer. Have a look at the Baker Ross website for crafts for all ages, and with the click and collect service you don’t even have to stay at home for your parcels.

Disclaimer: we were sent these products to try, the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.


Family Fever

Open Goaaal – Review, and Giveaway

Open Goaaal! is a great new outdoor football goal, with a difference. No more lost balls, or trips round to next door to beg for your ball back. Yes that’s right, the people at Open Goaaal have found a solution, a net that spans your whole garden. Available from the Open Goaaal website a standard goal costs RRP £134.99, or the large is available for £149.99.

Open Goaaal

I have been very surprised at what a brilliant invention Open Goaaal is, I have frinds who have goals in their gardens and get fed up or having to retrieve balls. The boy likes nothing better than a good kick about with Dad Dragon in the back garden at weekends, and it turns out after playing for two hours last weekend isn’t too bad as a goalie!

The Open Goaaal is not suitable for all gardens so before you all rush off to buy one some measuring is required. The minimum size for the standard Open Goaaal is 6.3m, with a maximum of 8.3m. Now I have to say I had measured our garden twice, and after reading the instructions realised the goal is actually 4.75m wide, so if you do have a rectangle garden and can secure the posts of the Open Goaaal to existing fence posts then you might be able to fit the Open Goal neatly across a garden. ( Check out the website as they have pictures in their assembly video)

The Open Goal comes in one very neatly packed box, with very comprehensive instructions which go into great detail on how to install the goal. The box also comes with all the tools you will need, a heavy duty mallet, and a rather unique spirit level( you will need to use your own tape measure) I would advise that you read the instructions thoroughly and check out the video too. there is even a helpline number if you get stuck, luckily our Open Goaaal went up smoothly with no problems.

Have a look at our fun time-lapse video which shows us putting up our Open Goaaal!

I was always told to “measure twice and cut once” and this could be the open goal motto, as making accurate measurements on the ground and double checking meant we had no problems installing the Open Goaaal in less that the two hours recommended in the manual. I would go into detail, but basically the system has two very tall poles, which need marking out then with a system of bungees, and ropes you install the Open Goaaal net which cleverly has a football goal mounted in the middle of a finer net. This gives the appearance of a goal with no posts.

There are trouble shooting sections in the manual which cleverly detail each example of a problem and tells you which bungee or rope to adjust. I found that by taking each step slowly none of these were needed and in total I think our goal took around an hour for two adults and one child to construct.

What is super cleaver about the Open Goaaal is that at the end of a football session you can simply unclip the four bottom pegs of the goal and the whole thing neatly slides to one side so that you can have you garden back. We have installed our goal across the bottom of the garden and once pulled back it is hardly visible from the house. For the purpose of mowing you just lift the net and the Open Goal simply hooks up out of the way, this is also useful to stop foxes from nibbling the Open Goal!

open goaaal

I have been surprised already how much use the boy has got from his Open Goaaal, and I think that every football mad, or boy filled household should have one. The Open Goaaal has been a super addition to our outside activities and the boy enjoyed running around inventing timed activities and pretending he is taking part in world record breaking footballing events.

For more information on where to buy your Open Goaaal, instillation or just a huge list of other people who agree that Open Goaaal is fantastic visit the website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Now for the exciting part, as I have the chance for one lucky reader to win an Open Goaaal to install in their garden. This is my best and most exciting prize to date, with a RRP of £134.99, this summer you could be enjoying peaceful days in the garden without the constant apologies to next door for flying balls! Simply follow the instructions on the Gleam app below, and don’t forget to check the the T&C’s.

Win an Open Goaaal! RRP £135

Disclaimer: we were sent an Open Goaaal! for the purpose of review, our oppinions are our own and have not been altered.


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The All New Catch Phrase Board Game

The All New Catch Phrase Board Game from Drumond Park is a game based on the increasingly popular TV show hosted by Stephen Mulhern. You will find all your favourite parts of the show transferred into this fun board game. Recommended for ages 8+, 2-4 players with one player being the game host, and costing RRP £19.99.

We first reviewed this game just before Christmas last year, and have had fun playing, what is a great family game. We discovered that Bingo Granny is very good at this game, and the boy struggled a bit. We decided to team up for a few games to give him a chance. Playing more recently the boy has improved, as he becomes more confident in how the game works. He has enjoyed playing the Catch Phrase board game and as we already had a copy, we decided to pass on the spare one to the hospital where we recently spent the night.

catchphrase from drumond park

The All New Catch Phrase Board game box contains:

  • 96 Double sided regular catch phrase cards
  • 15 Double sided bonus cards
  • 48 Single sided super cards
  • Mr Chips
  • Bonus catch phrase picture frame
  • 9 Window covers
  • Frame clip
  • Sand timer
  • Red filter
  • 60 Asst bank notes

The game starts with one person being decided as host and it is their job to set up each of the rounds award the winners their money and keep the time.

Round 1: Individual Round

In this round each player takes a turn to solve as one individual catch phrase within the length of the timer. If they don’t manage it within the time, then it will be opened up to the other players to try to steal and the fastest answer wins. The correct guess is awarded with £100. The host then reveals one window from the bonus catch phrase (in number order 1-9) and everyone gets one guess. play continues on this round until all 9 windows have been revealed or the correct answer is guessed. The winner receiving £300 to add to their kitty.

Round 2: Rapid Fire Round

This round is played in a similar way to round one, except each of the catch phrases is open for all contestants to answer. You can have as many guesses as you like with a total of 5 catch phrases to be guessed. The correct guess will win £200.

Round 3: Super Catch Phrase Round

For this round the Super Catch phrase cards come into play, with the host setting out 6 cards face down on the super catch phrase board. Starting from the bottom players all have the chance to call out the answers as each catch phrase is revealed. The bottom row wins £300, next row £400 finally with the top row worth £500. The host can check the answers on the bottom of the card with the special red filter.

The winner:

Once you have had the first round a new host takes over, and when everyone has had a go at hosting the winner will be the person with the most money.

can you guess the catchphrase

We still love this game, although as you work your way through the cards the boy has started to memorize some of the answers. The boy also enjoys being the host, and this is done in an enthusiastic style as his current favourite tv channel is challenge! I would like to see a top up set of cards available for this game, and also our My chips who is made from cardboard has started to look a little tatty. This is still a fun family game and if you would like the chance to win a copy then why not enter my giveaway below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer, we were sent this game to review and keep, the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

Terms & Conditions:
The giveaway is open to the UK only
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  • Winner will be drawn by the Rafflecopter randomly.
  • The winner will be sent an  e-mail to the e-mail address left at time of entry. The winner will need to reply to the e-mail within 7 days of the notification. Every effort will be made to contact the winner, but if no response is made within the 7 days a new winner will be chosen.
  • The prize details are stated at the top of the Rafflecopter, and no alternatives will be offered.
  • The prize will be posted by the promoter, unfortunately I cannot be held responsible or replace missing parcels. Please contact me if there is a problem.
  • Please alow 28 days from notification for your prize to be sent out.
  • For a simple guide to  Rafflecopter, please read Di Coke’s Rafflecopter Guide

Brian – My half term Lego Build

When I saw a competition to build a Lego version of Brian from I knew what I would be spending my spare half term days doing. I am not usually allowed to build my own Lego, as the boy likes to make the models his own now. Spurred on by Jenny from the Brick castle, that it is ok for adults to actually make their own Lego models, I knew I had to give it my best shot! The boy quickly decided that building a replica Brian was too difficult, so started on his own version of a robot complete with jail, tower and minifigure’s. There are two competitions running side by side, one for an Apprentice builder and the other for Master Builder, so we can both enter our efforts.


So starting from the bottom up I set about trying to make my very own Brian, the Master Builder brief was to make your model as close to the real Brian as possible. The first problem was finding some suitable tracks and this is where we started to deconstruct some of the boys other Lego sets. The first model to be raided was Chima Lavel’s royal fighter with the Technic style pieces forming the base. Next I built up a platform using lots of my white or slightly yellowed 1970’s bricks. I needed to form a slope across the front which was achieved with a hinge on the back of two Star Wars base panels.

The most difficult pieces to fit were the curved areas, and this was achieved with the base of the Lego City Airport control tower, finished with some of the Ninjago Ice Dragons scales for the hint of blue. Still building up the back of the model with my vintage bricks I fitted another panel as the torso of Brian made from the roof of the Lego camper van. This was hinged again to get the right angle from the front, and then a small printed logo added for effect.

Adding in the detailed pieces for the sides was a fiddle, as I was not used to using the more advanced Technic Lego, which allows you to build on the side as well as top and bottom. The addition of a couple of Star Wars round dish shapes, and then the joints from the Ice Dragon allowed me to complete the side. Lego Hero arms were perfect for the model and not to off scale so I used these to complete the arms.

On to the all important face. I knew I had the blue dots from Lego City police cars for eyes, and a Star Wars grill for a mouth. But getting the shape how I liked it was tricky. I had a couple of attempts and then I found some more curved roof parts from the camper van which I think worked perfectly. Adding the head so it can both tilt and swivel allowed the face to have a little more character when I took the photos.

brian collage 1

I am so pleased with my finished model, and he is currently a proud addition to the model collection in the boys bedroom. If you would like to wish me luck, of have a look at some of the other amazing Lego Creations then pop over to the Brian Facebook page and my effort can be found here.

I love a creative competition, and this one is by far one of my favourites as I have a bit of a soft spot for Brian and the funny adverts that make. They certainly do stick in your mind.

Half term fun

Last week was our half term, and time to spend the whole week with the boy. I find it strange that although we spend all week together it seems like we spend all our time doing other things and not quality together time. I had nothing planned, and felt quite bad when I talked to another Mum who said she didn’t have a day free! But then I thought of all the fun things we could do, and lets face it the weather hasn’t been that great so decided to just go with it.

And guess what it was a lovely week! I wanted to catch up on all the things we never seem to have time to do, so first was to decide on a couple of competition entries. The boy, and children in general have a much better chance of winning than adults as there are far less entries, so I told the boy about 5/6 that I had found and let him choose. Of course he chose the Lego ones, but I decided another fun one would be building a marble run.


We started off in the garden, I had bought some garlic and onions and needed to get them in the ground. We have some lovely gardening posts coming up with some fab reviews so watch this space…

the boy


We spent the day just chilling, the weather wasn’t nice, so we baked scones for lunch and started to build our Lego masterpieces. We had great fun making Lego animations with our new Hue Animation studio while we chatted about things, school, friends and the Olympics.



I had booked some last-minute swimming lessons, as the boy wanted his swimming badge for cubs and needed to be able to complete his 25m. Our local pool do a 2 day crash course, and for £12.50 I thought this was good value. The boy seemed to be having fun and it turned out he knew two of the boys, so was very happy. After swimming we decided we were hungry, with very little food in the house a trip to Asda! OK!, I had a reason for the 1/2 hour journey as I knew they were doing some fun half term Lego activities. We made a Lego figure and had our photos taken, then a hot drink and cake in the café, followed by shopping. Finally we headed to Hobby Craft, just to pick up some paper. Unknown to me they had half term activities too, and the boy was soon engrossed in a bead workshop. I think his Minecraft inspired creation is wonderful, and lots of the other kids were in awe too!



Swimming time again, and this is a great way to get up and out as we have to be at the pool for 8.30am! An hour of swimming and the teacher was happy that he could earn his cub badge, not only that but he has moved up a group as well. The boy was very pleased with himself, and a treat of a donut in the café was on offer. But the call of the marble run, and Lego building was calling and he wanted to get home. So the rest of the day was perfecting the marble run. 30 seconds sounds ok, but when it takes up all the dinning room and lounge you realise it is quite a task. Videoing was also a challenge, as after 17 attempts, the battery ran out on the camera. Finally we managed to capture the whole run, and you can tell the boy was pleased.


A chilled morning, some TV together, a spot of lunch and a bit more Lego. We finished off a couple of our gardening projects and soon Dad M was home. We watched the Olympic short track and commiserated that Elise Christie was disqualified again. We needed cheering up! With Fencing every Friday we don’t often get the chance now for our Friday curry so this week was a special treat!


Sometimes with the rush of the week, all the clubs, cooking, cleaning and just general family life I forget to slow down and enjoy my time with the boy. This week we had fun, lots of cuddles, tickle fights and Lego. I was allowed to build Lego on my own, which is a first and quite refreshing! I wonder too who enjoyed their week more, me or the other Mum rushing round trying to fit everything in?

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Catch Phrase TV board game

This weekend we have been playing Catch Phrase TV Board Game from Drumond Park. Catch Phrase is a game I remember watching as a child with my Nan, and still remember the “Say What You See” catch phrase of its own. Now that the TV show has returned with Stephen Mulhern at the helm, Drumond Park have made the return of the board game. Complete with Mr Chips and all new catch phrases, the boy was keen to try it out. The boy hasn’t watched the programme, but he understood the concept and decided he would like to be the game host.

Catch Phrase montage LR

Catch Phrase is suitable for 2-4 players aged 8+, we did try playing with two people and found it a bit difficult as one of you has to be the host. We think Catch Phrase is much better if played with three or more, and if you have a large family you could adapt it to play in teams especially if you have little ones. You have rounds just like in the game show with each round earing you money, and the winner being the person with the most money at the end of the game.

Catch Phrase strip LR

The game comes with 96 double-sided catch phrase cards, 15 larger bonus catch phrase cards, with a slide in holder, 48 super catch phrase cards, money, a playing board and my chips. We found some of the pieces difficult to assemble and take apart especially Mr Chips who doesn’t store back in the box once assembled, but this didn’t stop the game from being good fun. The boy enjoyed being the host of the show, and picked up the rules very quickly. The pictures were not to difficult for him to guess a few. As well as some classic words there are some cheeky new ones which I don’t think Granny would get, so this makes it fair for all ages to play together.

Catch Phrase strip 2 LR

Catch Phrase will be a game that we get out for some of our visitors over the festive season, and as you have plenty of cards I don’t think that they will repeat too often that you would get bored if start to remember the answers. Catch Phrase is available from all good shops and has a RRP £19.99, this game doesn’t beat Logo Billionaire as the boys favourite game, so for that reason we give it a 4/5.

We still enjoyed playing Catch Phrase and if you would like to have a chance to try this game then why not enter our giveaway.

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Disclaimer: we were sent a copy of Catch Phrase TV board game to review and keep the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

The Soup Dragon Big Night In

It’s a challenge many of us face when we become parents – how do you have a special night, when most of your nights are spent at home?

I think most parents can associate with this quote, and I find I am no different. This is the question asked by LittleStuff in their competition with brand new bingo review portal Two Little Fleas.

I have never been a particularly social person preferring a small group of good friends and a good chat rather than a big room full of people. I have had to change how I think about going out, with my change of lifestyle. As a new work from home mum if I didn’t talk to friends at the school gate or in shops I might go a bit crazy. I have even had to plan actual nights out with friends which has never come naturally to me.
So to be asked to plan a BIG night in is actually a dream scenario for me, as some of my favourite nights have been those spur of the moment ones at home. You know the type, where you bump into someone and say “what are you doing tonight?” The ones where you end up laughing so much you need a lie in, in the morning to recover and no alcohol was involved!

If I have £750 to spend on my Big Night In , where would I start?
I think I would have to start with the guest list, inviting my oldest and longsuffering friends. They are great friends as we have known each other since we were in our teens, sometimes I think we know each other too well. Now we both have families and other commitments we have less time to catch up, so a great excuse to find out what’s been happening…

Next the food, well that would normally be difficult, as we are all very different in what we like. We have a tradition of getting together on Christmas Eve and so the Mums don’t end up cooking (we will be doing lots of that over the following days) we order take away. Instead of a Christmas gift we will order any take away a person wants rather than having to just choose one and split the bill as our gift to each family.

This usually results in the following:

One Kebab order including chips and sides for one Dad.
One Chinese order of crispy duck, pancakes for the other Dad, one Mum, and noodles for smallest boy.
One Curry order of tandoori chicken for the teenager, and sides for the boy,
Finally pizza and sides for this Mum and the boy likes a bit too.

We love to place the orders all at the same time and see who can get the delivery of food to turn up first. This is ok if you win, but torture if yours is last!
We find one of the above will have some offer for pudding so this will consist of ice-cream or cheesecake, which inevitable gets left for breakfast the next day.

Next on the list is entertainment, I think one of the best nights we had recently was playing Just Dance on New Years eve 2012/13. I can still remember the bad Dad dancing, and the kids beating us. It was the laughter that sticks in my mind most, as they say there is nothing better to heal the soul. I think this could be true as it was the best way to start a New Year.
I think investing in some new games and a console with all the bits would be something the boy would like, as I know he wants an Xbox. I would get a Kinect as well, I love the idea of using your body to move the game. Plus points, no wielding controllers around my living room, and some funny Dad moves. Negatives, I might have to join in as I cant say “I don’t know which buttons to press?” There are some great games online and I had trouble choosing once I started looking. The boy of course wants Minecraft, I’m not sure I want to loose him to the dark side just yet so I would choose some family fun games. As a Disney fan I would choose the Disneyland Adventures, I think sports are always good for a laugh and a little Star Wars for the three boys. I would of course have to add Just Dance 4, as none of us have played it before know one would have an advantage. When we get together there is some major competition so this would be good to watch, especially the dancing to Barry White!

The fun and games would take up a large portion of the budget, add in all the popcorn crisps and drinks to keep us going on a marathon games night. Maybe a soda stream to keep the fizzy on tap? Then I would need somewhere for us to all flop, when the fits of laughter subside. I think a couple of huge beanbags, the type once you are in you cant get out of.

Anyway which we spent the money on a Big Night In would be irrelevant when we are old and grey and sitting in a café somewhere we can say

“Do you remember the night we played games till 2am and you fell over the cat!” “Yes those were the days”

The fantastic memories will live on long past the money.

This is my entry into this months, LittleStuff competition with brand new bingo review portal Two Little Fleas to provide you with some inspiration on how to have an incredible night – without having to book a baby sitter!