Decorating a boys bedroom

Decorating a boys bedroom can often be a challenge, and something I will be considering over the summer. When we moved into our house nine years ago the decoration was very much out of date, with pink ceilings and grey skirting boards. There was woodchip wallpaper, and even a nylon looped pile turquoise carpet! We decided the first room to get decorated would be the boys bedroom. It would be easy as he was into cars and trains so a simple boys blue with car truck sticker details. A new toddlers bed made his room seem so grown up, and with his toys and books around him he loved his little room.


A few years on and we had completed plenty of the other rooms of the house and thoughts turned to moving the boy into the bigger of the two bedrooms. I looked for boys bedroom ideas, and found inspiration like these all over the internet. This made the choice of a mid sleeper a great compromise for storage and space. The boy wanted his say in the room so I took him to a paint shop and let him choose 7 coloured tester pots. He wanted a feature wall with a multi-coloured bar code. We ended up with a zigzag wall that took over 9 hours of masking and painting. The boy loves his wacky wall but it may not be to everyone’s taste.

decorating boys bedroom

Feeling inspired to make and personalise furniture, I was thrilled with our chest of draws, created from a £5.00 B&Q bargain basement flat pack, some additional mdf, knobs and wallpaper. This was much easier to do than I thought, and was a great way to update cheap furniture. I can imagine there are plenty of boys who would love a feature piece of furniture like our Super Hero bargain.

decorating boys room

Now we have finally finished the last room of the house our bedroom, and with no other major projects on the horizon thoughts have moved back to decorating the boys bedroom. As the boy is getting older he is asking if he can have a low bed. The excitement of sleeping up high has worn off, and with the toys getting smaller and more technical his needs have changed. Decorating is the easy part it is finding something that will grown with the boy so I have started looking for decorating ideas. I love the idea of making something bespoke that would fit his needs as we get to the tweenager years.

Disclaimer this post is in collaboration with homify

Lighting your home this winter

Lighting your home in the winter can be tricky. With such a huge choice of table, floor and pendant lights in so many different colours shapes and sizes sometimes I feel bewildered by the choice. I certainly found the lack of light noticeable this year on our return from Florida. The light levels are defiantly lower during the day, and my whole house seemed grey and in need of cheering up! Changing the way you light your home can make such a difference. Not only can it make your home feel warm and inviting, but it can banish the winter blues.

In preparation for putting up the Christmas tree in a couple of weeks time I thought I would have a think about how I light the lounge. I have a couple of table lights which give a soft warm glow and are nice to watch TV by, but have come from our old house and don’t really go with anything. Sometimes we need more focused light as the boy likes to build his Lego models, and needs good lighting to see the instructions clearly, and the only bright light I have comes from the ceiling lights.

lighting your home this winter

I have energy-saving bulbs in my ceiling lights, which I know save me money but I do find can be a little yellow in colour. This isn’t helped by my brown lampshades so maybe its time for a change. I was looking for something not to modern that would still be bright enough to read by, but without being too bright. This Rihanna Flush Ceiling Fitting – Chocolate and Brushed Gold from Homebase, would be perfect and fit well with my colour scheme.


This Living Skittle Rattan Floor Lamp, would compliment my scheme and look perfect in the days after Christmas when you take the tree down and the house feels dusty and a bit duller!


Finally I think a new floor standing reading lamp would be just the thing for the boy, he can sit at the dining table and spread his Lego projects out and construct to his heart’s content!


Homebase have a handy buying guide to lights, explain how to create different effects and moods for your room.


Disclaimer, in collaboration with Homebase. Lighting photos courtesy of the Homebase website.


DIY for kids

Have you ever encouraged your kids to help you with the DIY? I am always getting the boy involved, as Dad M is not that practical when it comes to the decorating it is nice to have the boy on hand to help. OK! I know it’s not every ones idea of fun, but from early on the boy has been interested in building whether its Lego, train sets or just wooden building blocks. The boy is great at sorting out the different screws when we build ikea furniture, he can fit the dowels and tap them in. He has built wardrobes with me before, and is always on hand to pass me a tool.

When I first found that B&Q do kids workshops and that they were free I was surprised at the quality of the objects the boy was making, now 8 months on the projects get better and better. The boys latest project was a trinket box, it didn’t sound that exciting, and possibly a bit girly but how wrong was I!

B&Q kids can do it

This has to be my favourite make yet. The trinket box involves 4 sides fitted to form an oblong, then a base which had been loving machined by Dean our B&Q carpenter. There is a lid with an insert so that the lid fits beautifully, and a knob to top the box. But what I think finishes the box beautifully is the addition of wallpaper. Yes we used a small amount of sample wallpaper from the store to great effect. The boy chose some classic cars, and it makes the trinket box looks so professional.

Now I would recommend that if you have a child aged 7-11 then you should give these workshops a go and you can find all the booking details here on the B&Q website. Not all stores take part, and we have to drive 20 minutes to Havant, but it is worth the petrol and time. I will add that each store is different, while they may be making the same project the finished article will depend on the staff running the workshop. Dean and Robert who run the Havant store workshops are brilliant, and go far beyond the call of duty to make sure the kids not only finish the projects but that they also have something at the end to treasure.


If you can’t make it to the store, then there are a number of handy project sheets so you can make your own bird house, feeder and boats. For fathers day we will be making toolboxes and boats, although I do think that Dad might not get given them if the boy decides they are too nice to give away. Have a look at the sledge we made in Jan, now we need some snow this year to try it out. The boy also made a Christmas tree advent calendar and a spooky bat.

I find you asking why is this a magic moment? Well inspired by a weekend of making pom poms and crafting paper aeroplanes I thought that the boy should take his projects into cubs and see if he could get his DIY badge. Now I am proud to say that he passed and now has his official DIY cub badge ready for me to sew on!.

I have included pictures of just some of the fantastic things he has made, and I hope it inspires you to let you kids have a go at DIY with you very soon.

A New Office Chair from Lakeland furniture

I was so pleased when Lakeland Furniture offered to send us a new office chair, for two reasons. The first is my office chair is a little lumpy and needs replacing and second the boy and I get to make another video!

We had selected a Rio Office chair in red, it arrived well packed with some assembly needed. As before the delivery was on time and the customer service faultless! The Rio Office chair is made to the same high standard we experienced with our kitchen bar stools, and at £59.99 I think is a great value for money. There was an amount of assembly required and the boy couldn’t wait to get started!

Once we had unwrapped the parts from the box we set about putting the chair together. I will say at this point the instructions while clear do need a little adjustment as you need to leave the bottom fixing bolts loose enough to add the back part of the chair before tightening. This was the only issue we had with assembly. It took 20 minutes to assemble, and the chair was ready for use.

The Rio Office chair is made from a leather type material as well as a black canvas, with chrome details. The chair certainly has a very smart finish and feel to it, and  doesn’t look cheep. The chair is height adjustable with a simple lever and there is also a knob to tilt the seat. I am pleased there is also lumber support on the back of the chair, although this is fixed I found it very comfortable.

I am very impressed with the Rio Office chair and it certainly will smarten up the office, that is when I get all the junk out. How would you like to smarten up your office with a new  chair. Thanks to Lakeland Furniture I have a Rio chair just like mine to offer one lucky winner.

Simply complete the rafflecopter below, and keep your fingers crossed!

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Disclaimer we were sent this chair to review, the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

Kids can do it at B&Q

Kids can do it at B&Q are fun workshops designed to give kids a hands on experience of building things for themselves. From bird boxes and mug holders or in our case a spooky Halloween bat sign for the door. Kids have to be aged 7-11 to enjoy the classes run by B&Q, which are free to DIY club members of £5 to non members.

I booked the boy on 3 courses over the next 3 months and this was going to be our first. We have to drive half an hour to our larger B&Q store, and the morning didn’t get off to a very good start as when we arrived the staff member knew nothing about it! It turned out the person running the workshop was off sick and they hadn’t had a chance to handover any information!

This is where I have to comment B&Q Havant on their excellent customer service. The person we had asked found a senior member of staff who sat us in the café with a free cuppa coffee, while he went off to see what he could do! Within 10 minutes, he had found a colleague willing to run the workshop, cleared the shop floor set up tables and we were go! He apologised for the delay and left us to make our creepy spider.

OK at very short notice it was a little disorganised, but great that it was recognised that the disappointment of a small boy keen to make and drill was more important. We were given a huge wooden spider that we had to drill a hole in and then paint. The boy chose black (favourite colour) and was happy working away to complete the spider. Dad and I took it in turns to have a wonder and a good look round what is an impressive store, and picked up a new toilet seat in the process! The boy was given some string for his creation and paper to wrap it for its trip home in in the car.

The boy was very impressed with his creation, and with a little help from a packet of spiders web and a few plastic spiders now has a Halloween spooky bedroom! We of course had to have tickets and a tour of the room in a very dungeon style way! Well done B&Q for what was a great educational and free morning!

Next month we are booked in to make an energy saving coaster set!

Have a look at the B&Q website and see if you have a local store doing the Kids can do it classes, as they are well worth a go for all mini DIY enthusiasts, they also do adult classes which could come in useful.

Kitchen #Flashback Friday

Today I was reminded while searching for a particular photo which I still cant find! of my kitchen not so long ago!

KitchenIts not looking its best, this was just after I had ripped out all the kitchen units, only to find where the old range cooker used to be and some very dodgy electrics!

It was a slow progress as a complete rewire, new piped gas for the cooker, new ceiling and lighting and lots of re-plastering.

plasteringIt started to get better as the cupboards went back in, and then the floor. I don’t think the builders could believe the colour I painted it when they came back on the Monday, but I love it!

Today my new fridge freezer arrived so finally we are complete, now its a fantastic place to experiment and bake.


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