Star Wars Timeline – Review

Star Wars Timeline is an easy to learn game like the other Timeline games. Players place their dealt cards in the order the scenes appeared in the films. Sounds easy? Well it proved more difficult than we first thought.

Star Wars timeline is available from stores and online and comes in two editions. The first covers the original three star wars films (episode IV, V and VI) and the second edition the prequel of films (I, II, III). Each Tin contains 110 cards and are suited for ages 8+. 2-8 players and RRP £13.99.

Star Wars Timeline is already a favourite game and will make a great gift for any Star Wars fan. The boy was excited as he stood a real chance of beating Dad Dragon. The question would be how much could he remember? The answer was more than his Dad! Each of the cards comes with a scene or quote from the film and then these are numbered on the reverse so that you can check where in the sequence they appear.

There are plenty of easily recognizable scenes like the incident in the trash compactor or the first sighting of the death star. Putting them in order though caused much discussion in the family. It isn’t until you turn over the car that you can see which of the films your quote appears so even remembering which film was fun. Once we had completed a few games we discovered that the boy was indeed very good at remembering exactly where in a film a scene or character first appeared.

Star Wars Timeline is my whole families favourite card game for 2016, and is the perfect game for us to take with us and play with family over the holidays. My only disappointment is that the Star Wars edition of timeline cannot be played with any of the history editions. This I guess was to be expected with a fictional story, but somehow might have been fun!. Each Star Wars Timeline edition can be played on its own or mixed up with the other edition to play as a huge timeline game. This could be played with more players and I think will be a fun game to play with all the boys nephews.

Would you like a chance to try the Star Wars Timeline games? My Amazon affiliate links are below or enter my giveaway on gleam.


Star Wars Timeline

Disclaimer we were sent these games in return for an honest review, our words have not been altered.

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Darth Vader Silhouette Puzzle – Review

Darth Vader is part of the Silhouette Series from  Ravensburger, with 1,098 pieces and measures 70cm x 106cm, suited for ages 10+.

This is the first Star Wars puzzle that I have completed. I had hoped that the boy and Dad Dragon might help, but I think the sheer size put them off! Darth Vader is a great shaped puzzle and the addition of the shaped pieces add another part to the puzzle enjoyment.


I have enjoyed doing other puzzles in the Silhouette series, although not easy to start they are something a little different from the normal rectangles. I started the Darth Vader puzzle by sorting what I though might be the edges. It was soon clear that you find the edges for the shaped pieces while sorting. The boy enjoyed sitting and building these mini puzzles for me before leaving me to the vast expanses of space in the puzzle.


From the picture Darth Vader looks colourful with the movie characters inside the formidable shape. When you start to sort however there the colours are all very similar. a few points stood out like some of the space craft and a few of the facial features. I started to sort most of the edges and some of the bottom section of the puzzle.  It was slow progress with vast sections of blue and grey. Good light is needed for this puzzle. It was tricky in the electric light of an Autumn evening.


I have a real love of shaped puzzles as I like the challenge of not having a straight edge. Darth Vader was a good mix of challenge and interest and the finished puzzle is very impressive. You will need some space to complete the Darth Vader puzzle as it doesn’t fit on a normal sized puzzle board. I love the two different shaped mini puzzles and these were the boys favourite as he could complete them on his own.

Darth Vader Silhouette puzzle is available below with my affiliate link, online and in store. You can find more Silhouette puzzles on the Ravensburger website.



Disclaimer were sent this puzzle in return for an honest review, the words remain my own and have not been altered.

Neuschwanstein Castle 3d puzzle from Ravensburger – Review

Neuschwanstein castle is one of the 3D puzzles available from Ravensburger RRP £34.99 for ages 12+.

From the moment I knew I was getting this puzzle to try I was excited, just like I was many years ago when I first discovered that Walt Disney had based his fairy-tale castle on this famous German castle. I hoped that this Ravensburger 3D puzzle would transport me back to my childhood obsession of having everything with Neuschwanstein castle on it. Postcards, posters, and even a very early foam style jigsaw puzzle.


Neuschwanstein castle is so well know now that this puzzle would have to be pretty impressive to live up to the real castle. The puzzle box says that there are 216 pieces to this puzzle, but it is worth noting that this  number is just the jigsaw pieces that make up the square part of the castle. In addition to this there is a base, towers gates, gable ends, turrets and lots of connecting pieces. The box also contains a detailed instruction booklet in full colour to guide you through the assembly process.

Neuschwanstein castle

Starting by sorting and assembling the jigsaw pieces. I did this by number with help from the boy, we soon had walls. this didn’t take long at all, and it was by far more complicated putting all the different parts together. If you want you can assemble the puzzle pieces by picture, but this would be far more difficult as they look very similar. We have assembled other 3D models before and Neuschwanstein followed the same principles of small teeth at the bottom which locate into groves in the base shape. What makes the Neuschwanstein castle puzzle different is that the base is not a true oblong, and has infact a slight turn to it. This was very cleverly done with one edge being slightly shorter and when fitted into the base kinked the shape slightly.

Neuschwanstein acastle construction

By far the trickiest part of the build is the top roof support and roof itself. The boy made a few attempts to complete this part of the construction before handing over to me. I too found this very difficult to assemble as you have to remember the walls are made from puzzle pieces, and prone to fall out if pushed too hard. You also have to be careful not to dislodge the two front towers as these have to be added before the roof, as I found out.


The remaining small buildings, towers and turrets all slotted together easily, and although these parts are not numbered it was pretty easy to work out which ones belonged together. The only disappointment we had with this puzzle was some of the L-shaped locking clips on the front part of the puzzle had already broken off in the box. Some were also very fragile and broke off in construction. This didn’t seem to affect the final construction as there are roof parts which hold the walls together.

Neuschwanstein model

The finished model is magnificent and certainly does the Neuschwanstein castle justice. The finished castle measures 39 x 23 x 38cm and is the largest 3d puzzle we have completed. The details on the pieces for the building are beautifully coloured and shaded giving the model a realistic feel. It looks true to the original castle with the shape and colours including the pink brick entrance. The boy was a little disappointed that there weren’t more puzzle type pieces, and we think the front gable and even the gate could have been constructed this way.

The Neuschwanstein castle would make a fantastic gift for any puzzle fan and even the ones like me who collect everything Disney! Have a look at my Amazon affiliate link below for more technical specifications.



Big Hero 6 Puzzle – Review

Big Hero 6 is the latest Disney movie, and is due to be released this Friday 30th January. Ravensburger have released some great new puzzles to coincide with the launch of this action packed film, and the boy was excited to see if he was up for a little jigsaw challenge of his own. There are two new Big Hero 6 puzzles from Ravensburger and we were sent the Big Hero 6 XXL 100 puzzle, RRP £7.99 for ages 6+. The boy was convinced he could do this puzzle with his eyes shut (it’s a boy thing)

big hero 6 puzzleWhen the boy first completed the Big Hero 6 puzzle we had no idea of the story from the film. Now that we have seen it the puzzle picture makes much more sense.  Like all Ravensburger puzzles the picture is bright and clear, and the Big Hero 6 puzzle is action packed too. The picture features all the hero’s from the film in their special super hero suits and includes the lovable Baymax character.

big hero 6

The puzzle proved to be enough of a challenge, but without loosing interest for the boy and he completed the puzzle in about 20 minutes. I love the grading of the pieces, which allows you to choose a puzzle that will suit your child’s age or abilities. Its been a long time since the boy sat down and did a puzzle, but he was very patient and actually enjoyed this quiet time. The pieces for this puzzle are XXL, and I think are a great way to encourage hand-eye coordination as well as visualising the pieces and where they might fit. I can see that this Big Hero 6 puzzle will be a popular puzzle, and certainly one that the boy has enjoyed and even gone back to. I can thoroughly recommend Big Hero 6 as a great family film, and this puzzle is a perfect gift for a Big Hero 6 fan.


Disclaimer we were sent this puzzle to review, the words remain our own and have not been altered.

What do Holidays mean to you?

What do holidays mean to you?

Holidays when I was small didn’t happen often. I remember my first trip to the Isle of Wight, aged 7 where discos, soft toys and sweets were the most important element. As I got older I remember trips to Cornwall and Devon, dramatic scenery and eating chips on the harbour walls. But most of my summers were spent with my Nan and brother on the beach at home.

holidays one

My first foreign trip wasnt until I was 21, and my boyfriend (now other half) treated me for my birthday to two days in Paris and EuroDisney. The trip has so many lasting memories, the rain, thunderstorms and lightning that struck the Eifel tower making the front page of the papers. Weird food and ending up in McDonalds where our lack of language skills, nearly landed us with 15 strawberry sundaes, and an everlasting love of all things Disney.

holidays two

Being young, and carefree, holidays became our luxury and when we realised that we could choose our destination, without our parents dictating where we should go. Destinations of Austria, where we nearly got stuck on a mountain in a storm and made coats out of binbags. Cornwall, Blackpool, and Devon have always been favourites and the beaches are some of the best in the world.  A tour of Italy where we drove for 48 hours with friends to the Tuscan landscape full of olive trees and some amazing views. We ate peaches the size of your hand, and pizzas that were unlike the ones at home.

holidays three

Further afield now, and Las Vegas where we entered a slot machine tournament, and I won! You could eat for $3 a day, and the noise of machines throwing out coins deafened us. New York, we walked for miles and found some surreal shops. The Macy’s Parade was amazing watching huge balloons floating down narrow streets. We spent a month in America staying with families. San Francisco, Arizona, Utah and Florida, so many different states and all sorts of different people.

holidays four

We had a budget last-minute holiday to Barbados, where all we could afford to eat was Peanut Butties. But in the sunshine it didn’t matter, we fished, with the locals, and saw a side of Barbados that the rich never see. Miami was another favourite where we ate grapefruits on the beach for breakfast, used public transport ending up in the “no go” area, where we quickly got back on the bus.

holidays fiveOur last trip abroad alone was when we married, having fallen in love with America and especially Florida. We decided rather than spend money on a big wedding we would get married in the home of Mickey Mouse, and spend the money on a cruise. This was an amazing trip, from the New York shopping, to the Florida Wedding. Then setting off for the Caribbean where we fell in love with the Island of Grand Cayman, the snorkelling, being eaten by fish and swimming with stingrays.

holidays six

Then the boy arrived, and things changed. I didn’t want to fly for hours with a small baby, and just the thought of it filled me with dread. Instead voucher holidays, to caravan parks, it was thrilling to find somewhere new. The Isle of Wight where we went back to the places I remember visiting all those years before. They are still there, and pictures in the mouth of hell. In Devon and Dorset we travelled on trams, picnicked on the beach, watched cheesy shows and laughed every time we played Bingo. We took another road trip when the boy was young, with mountains, and even snow. We ate amazing fresh pizza, and saw Roman landmarks. Pisa was a favourite climbing all the way to the top for the amazing views.

holiday 7

We had dreamt of taking the boy to Florida and wanted to wait until he would enjoy and remember this trip so he was nearly 5 before we went. This trip was amazing, filled with smiles and laughter, we have so many memories of the things we did, people we met and mostly the look of wonder on the boys face. This is something I will remember more than the torrential rain.

family eight

The weather forced us return, and this time Halloween, the weather was much kinder. The trip was mixed as traveling with a 6-year-old, meant late slow mornings and pushing a sleepy child in his pushchair till the early hours! We discovered rollercoasters, the boy became a Jedi, and went trick and treating American style.  We made friends with a dolphin called Dixie, ate lots of fries and blue  ice cream.

holiday nine

Three years on and we have just returned again from Florida. This time the boy was 9 and could ride all there was to offer. We saw dolphins in the wild, and space ships up close, ate Dole whips and funnel cake, we made new friends and played magic games with mystical cards. In-between Florida trips we have filled our summers with days on the beach, weekends to Blackpool and Devon. Weekends away in hotels as we toured theme parks, and even the odd night in a tent!

holidays ten

In writing this I have learnt one thing, there is no such thing as “the perfect holiday”. Our holidays sometimes haven’t gone to plan. Sometimes the weather has been against us, other times just circumstances, with each one leaving a lasting mark in our memory.

So Mark Warner, my perfect holiday would be one with my little family, there may only be three of us, but we love to go out have fun explore. But most importantly we enjoy making new marks on our memory.



This time last week – #CountryKids

This time last week we had only just arrived back from our two week holiday in Florida, it was wet and cold and all we could do was dream about the fantastic holiday we had, had! I hope to share lots from our trip, once we get over the small thing called Christmas! but in the mean time here are a few of our pictures, two weeks spent outdoors without coats!


florida2We made so many family memories while we were away, from exploring our Caribbean island, swinging in hammocks. Meeting the wildlife, one very brave squirrel in Magic Kingdom. The newly named Popcorn Pecker birds, the boys craze for selfies everywhere, rides and staying up past midnight. Then there was food with ice creams, dole whips, mickey pretzels, puddings all washed down with chocolate milk.


florida4Holidays are a great time for us to reconnect as a family, and spend time just having fun. I hope we will be able to go back one day and had better start saving now!


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower – Review

When we were offered the Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower, I was hardly going to say no! Especially as this Ravensburger puzzle is 3D. Since we reviewed the 3D Taj Mahal the boy has been excited at completing a few more jigsaw puzzles which make a nice change from his usual construction toys.
I was excited to see what made the Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower different from the other Eiffel Tower puzzles that Ravensburger make. First it was nice to see that this puzzle comes in a box the right size for the content. I hate over-packaged toys, and this smaller box is a much better size. As with all the Ravensburger puzzles the Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower is made from the sturdy plastic pieces with their unique folding system.
Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower
Each piece locks beautifully together to form the tower starting from the heavy card base up through the two floors to the summit. There are two ways to complete the puzzle.
The hard way: look at the picture and match up the different sides, linking each floor together.
The easier way: Look at the back of each piece and follow the number and arrow system.
The boy loves the number system and as soon as this parcel arrived he wanted to put it together, even though we had visitors at the time. He sat for ages in his PJ’s before I made him go to bed, only to get up bright and early in the morning just so he could finish it.
building Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower
Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower is a great puzzle, and was slightly easier to put together than the Taj Mahal, despite its smaller size it still has 216 pieces, and took the boy over an hour to complete using the number linking system. This puzzle has to be a must for all the Disney and puzzle fans, and despite the recommended age of 12+ the boy completed all except the very tricky top-level completely on his own.
finished Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower
The finished model is 44cm high, and quite impressive, I love the colours which give a night-time look with added Disney details of Micky & Minnie kissing under the tower. I think this would be a great gift for any Disney fan, and we have enjoyed building it. The Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower from Ravensburger is available online and in shops for RRP £22.99


Disclaimer we were sent the 3D Mickey & Minnie Eiffel Tower to review the opinions remain our own and have not been altered.

I is for…

I is for…
Well that’s is where I got stuck, I have been thinking for the last 24 hours what I has meant to me and I just came up blank. I decided there was only one way to find a picture and that would be to fire up my external hard drive, and have a look at all the old baby pictures for inspiration.

With only 106 days till we leave for our Florida Holiday, I was again drawn to the many folders of Disney pictures. They all bring back so many happy memories of our last trip. There has been lots of talk about the trip this week as I have just paid the final invoice and it seems all that more real. Defiantly more real than it did when I booked the trip a year ago! So with my head full of pictures I have chosen this one of the boy, to me it shouts Imagination. The one word that Disney has been built on, something the boy has bucket loads of, and I hope he manages to keep hold into adulthood. For most of the holiday the Polar bear travelled with us and had to have its photo taken, the boy wasn’t afraid to be a bit different and use his imagination. He was 6, and doesn’t remember much from the holiday, I am hoping the memories from our trip in October will last a little bit longer, and that he will take his imagination and see where it leads him.


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180 days till Disney

Today marks 180 days till our Disney holiday, and while this is not an important day in most people calendar it is in our house. Today will be the first of the days where I can start to make dining reservations on my My Disney Experience, and I have a couple of special reservations planned.

If like us you haven’t been to Walt Disney World Florida for a while, things have changed in the parks. With the removal of the ticketing for Fastpass, and change over to the new Fastpass+ system. I have been reading up on the new system and am both curious about the new Magic Band and Fastpass system as it potentially will make the holiday more tailored to our family. While there is some apprehension as to how easy the system will be to use while on site.

Disney 2010

Magic Bands have been phased in across the parks for about a year now and I have read with interest both the positive and negative reactions from guests on various forums. Yes I really do go into that much detail on my Walt Disney World planning. I have found in the past, having an idea of how the systems work allowed us to make the most of the 14 days on site. Some people may like to have a more laid back nature to their break, but when we go I fill our time as I am never quite sure if we will be able to return.

Disney 2011

So if like me you like to plan then don’t forget to look on the Walt Disney World website as park hours are released 180 days prior to your trip. I like to have a calendar with a rough idea of which parks on which days. If only to utilise the extra magic hours for guests staying in Disney hotels. Another good source of information is Dis Unplugged, they have twitter and Facebook pages for all the latest information. This will of course include the launch of the new Seven Dwarfs mine train, scheduled for live testing in the next few weeks. Moms panel is also a great forum for getting answers to your particular questions from people in the know and Mums who are used to planning their Disney Holidays. I know I have used them in the past for information on taking the boy when he was smaller.

disney christmas 2011

This might be the boys last visit to Walt Disney World, I hope not but at 9 I would guess he might be too old in future years for the magic and fun of my favourite place to holiday. I know Disney is not for everyone, and would love for everyone to go to a place that makes me feel special, and safe!

Whether you plan the heck out of your visit or like to go with the flow, I hope you have a fantastic time full of some very special memories, I know we have our share of them.



Disney Florida #Flashback Friday

I have been enjoying joining in with Flashback Friday for the past few weeks and this weeks picture was one I came across while looking for something else in one of my Photo files. It makes me smile each time I see it for so many reasons. The first is the cheeky grin, but when you see the other photos with it you realise that he was being instructed by the photographer so that she could get him to pose in a certain way.

Ok, so the story behind the picture is that we were on the boys first trip to Florida, one we had been planning since I was pregnant, so 5 years. One we had dreamt about, and just couldn’t wait. We were married in Florida and have been lucky at this point to be making trip number 4 to Disney.

So the weather, well imaging the weather we have just been having with rain and storms every 4 days, water ankle-deep and constant for over 10 hours each day! Not what you expect in Florida, and not the holiday we were expecting. This picture is special then for two reasons the first, its wasnt raining when it was taken. The second it was Mothers Day (in the UK) not the US and my boy, and Hubby had a special treat meal booked.

disney florida

This is Main Street with Cinderella’s Castle, and the boy who loved shirts and ties is in my favourite of his outfits, which I bought for him at Christmas. He posed so well for each of the shots, and we had no clue what she was up too. This was our first experience of some of the special effects they add to your pictures.

Tinkerbell!! Yes the boy was less than impressed, “She’s a fairy!” “I wasn’t holding her!” but she is in the picture and then 4 1/2 he couldn’t work out quite how she got there!

Priceless moment, and with just 200 days till visit number 6 for us 3 for the boy, one of the things I will be booking in advance is my Disney Photo pass. just for the moments like this that I get to keep forever.

mummy mishaps