Decorating a boys bedroom

Decorating a boys bedroom can often be a challenge, and something I will be considering over the summer. When we moved into our house nine years ago the decoration was very much out of date, with pink ceilings and grey skirting boards. There was woodchip wallpaper, and even a nylon looped pile turquoise carpet! We decided the first room to get decorated would be the boys bedroom. It would be easy as he was into cars and trains so a simple boys blue with car truck sticker details. A new toddlers bed made his room seem so grown up, and with his toys and books around him he loved his little room.


A few years on and we had completed plenty of the other rooms of the house and thoughts turned to moving the boy into the bigger of the two bedrooms. I looked for boys bedroom ideas, and found inspiration like these all over the internet. This made the choice of a mid sleeper a great compromise for storage and space. The boy wanted his say in the room so I took him to a paint shop and let him choose 7 coloured tester pots. He wanted a feature wall with a multi-coloured bar code. We ended up with a zigzag wall that took over 9 hours of masking and painting. The boy loves his wacky wall but it may not be to everyone’s taste.

decorating boys bedroom

Feeling inspired to make and personalise furniture, I was thrilled with our chest of draws, created from a £5.00 B&Q bargain basement flat pack, some additional mdf, knobs and wallpaper. This was much easier to do than I thought, and was a great way to update cheap furniture. I can imagine there are plenty of boys who would love a feature piece of furniture like our Super Hero bargain.

decorating boys room

Now we have finally finished the last room of the house our bedroom, and with no other major projects on the horizon thoughts have moved back to decorating the boys bedroom. As the boy is getting older he is asking if he can have a low bed. The excitement of sleeping up high has worn off, and with the toys getting smaller and more technical his needs have changed. Decorating is the easy part it is finding something that will grown with the boy so I have started looking for decorating ideas. I love the idea of making something bespoke that would fit his needs as we get to the tweenager years.

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Painting rooms

Is it ok to paint a room the same colour as a cereal packet?

Strange question I know, but one I found myself thinking about. Now if I go back to the beginning…
A year ago I was lucky enough to win a competition with Dorset Cereal. It was one of the first ones that I won on Facebook, and is still one of my favorites. You had to suggest a new flavour for granola and mine was Elderflower and Blackcurrant.
I was really quite shocked when they invited me to their Dorset HQ, and was given a lovely hamper. For six months of last year my cereal was on sale in Waitrose, Tescos and Sainsbury.

Fast forward…my husband jokingly suggested that we paint the dining room the colour of the packet, I wasn’t convinced but did like the idea. Last week, I had a day off and thought it would be good to decorate the small bedroom. Now the colour would really suit a spare room. So off to the Dulux decorating centre, I thought I might get a strange look when I pulled out the packet of cereal and asked them to match it! But it turns out that they have seen everything from flakes of paint, a coat with the person inside and even a front door!

I am very pleased with the result, The colour is a great match and with some Next sale curtains and a lamp to finish it off, I feel very at home in my new office!