Summer Cycle Ride

It has been the perfect weather for a summer cycle ride, and something we love to do as a family. While the weather was still good we thought we would go out and try out my new cycle helmet. Yes I realised its time I followed the rest of the family and wore one. The boy chose the inland cycle route, which is a great track out towards the nearby town of Barnham. The place we catch our trains to London! It’s a great route and one I like as it has no traffic.

summer cycle ride

The track was busy, with dog walkers, and other cyclists, and we soon arrived at the other end, where I knew there was a new play park area. The boy and Dad enjoyed playing a game of football, and basketball. The boy enjoyed playing and climbing in the new playground and I enjoyed the sunshine and quiet.

outdoor fun summer bike ride

I was trying to get the fit right on my new bike helmet. are a great website for all sorts of outdoor gear, and the Adult Cycle Helmet I was sent to review was perfect. The only problem was my head was too small. I am aware that it is important to have a well-fitting helmet, so after a couple of attempts, I decided the helmet is better fitted to Dad! I think the yellow colour rather suits him, and he found it a very easy helmet to adjust and wear.

summer cycle ride tmart

While I now use the more subdued grey helmet, I am very impressed with the range of TMart helmets that they offer on their website. The price for this yellow cycle helmet was less than £17 which is a competitive price, and with all the safety certificates. The helmet was easily adjustable and very lightweight. The delivery was well packed and speedy, so great service all round.

summer bike ride


The cycle ride home was beautiful as we watched the diggers finishing off the new road, and there were hundred’s of butterfly’s in the hedgerow. I kept having to stop to take photos, but the boy was gone. He loves the freedom of this cycle path, and we think they should build a few more. Cycling in one of the activities that will join our Summer Holiday activities list, and I think the boy would rate it in his top five things to do!

park fun

Disclaimer I was sent the cycle helmet in return for an honest review.

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Moments that Matter

Moments that matter that is what Lloyds Bank are asking bloggers to think about. I decided to look through my photos from 2013 for inspiration, I wasn’t sure that I had any particular moments. One thing I did get from all the photos was that we have had some fantastic times in 2013.

The first pictures that I came across were of the boy and his bike. We bought the new bike for his birthday with the help of Bingo Granny. He has loved the bike from the first time he saw it, and spent most of the summer out riding it. Getting a new bike wasn’t a new experience for him, as he has had two bikes previous to this one. He has enjoyed the  independence, that a big boy bike has brought, in turn it has made him so much more grown up.

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Going from his very treasured blue bike with stabilizers, to learning to ride without them and then what seems to me to be an adult bike. The transformation has been huge. I hope that he will get a few years out of this bike and enjoy the countryside around us. Our favourite ride had to be out into he farmers fields, and the photos make me smile each time I see them. So much so that I had to add them as my blog header.

We also were very lucky as a family this year and won a trip to Disneyland Paris, crowned Disney’s funniest family. The whole experience was somewhat surreal as this time last year we were dancing in a paddling pool full of Jelly. Then in August we got to spend the weekend in Disneyland Paris. The best part for me was seeing the boys face when we went on Big Thunder Mountain for the first time. The look on my face after we had been on the ride for the 16th time was not quite so good!

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Finally the boy going to BIG school, which I had secretly been dreading! Leaving the Infants and going into Junior school is not a time I remember, but I do remember it being a bit scary. We have had problems on and off with different teachers and issues. But I think this is just how it goes. The uncertainty of not knowing what was ahead, is never easy. This year the boy has slotted right in. From leaving Infants and his cute teddy leaving gift which sleeps with him every night. To homework and proper lessons, he has taken it all in his stride.

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I will always be proud of my boy, but the moments that matter are the ones I spend with him now, as I will never be able to get the time back. So I enjoy all the time I can with him, and can’t wait for more cycle rides in the summer.

This is my entry for the Lloyds Bank ‘Moments That Matter’ Bloggers competition.

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Family cycle ride

On a Friday Daddy M finishes work at lunchtime so we thought as it was such a lovely day we would go for a family cycle ride. This made the boy happy as he will take any opportunity to take his new bike out. We usually like to go along the seafront but there is a cycle route we have been meaning to do for over a  year.

About two years ago the council made a footpath into a cyclepath through the farm fields from the coast at Felpham into Barnham. I’m not sure how far it is but I know other friends have told me how beautiful the countryside is, so we thought we give it a look.

Its a great route for budding cyclists as its nice and wide, flat and lots to see without the worry of the boy wobbling into traffic. We say lots of wildlife and even found a café at the other end for tea and cake. We all decided we need to get out more as a family and cycle to local places and I am sure we will use this route again soon.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall