Bath’s Top Rated Indian Cuisine: A Review 

While the winter blues have us all begging for a bit of spice in our lives, I’ve investigated Bath’s top Indian restaurants that are sure to add pizzazz back to our palettes.

The Rajpoot

If you are looking for an award-winning meal, all fingers point to The Rajpoot. A favourite of many, this restaurant caters to Indian food gurus and the “extra mild spice, please” beginners. The Rajpoot offers a romantic but functional environment that can fit a work event or date night. If you are aching for a fine-dining, fully ethnic Indian food experience, the Rajpoot has what you are longing for.

Bombay Lounge

For friendly service, great décor and a comforting meal, the Bombay Lounge has you covered.  This place has an extensive menu that can please both vegan and carnivore, with loads of customisable options to meet your needs. If the coziness of your home has you wanting to lounge in pyjamas for the evening, have no fear: Bombay Lounge is featured on Hungry House, a takeaway app that allows you to browse through menus and have your cravings delivered to your doorstep.  Bombay Lounge is also budget friendly and definitely does not compromise on quality.

The Boojon Tandoori

Named one of England’s best curry places, Bath’s The Boojon Tandoori is a local hotspot. Although traditional curry is winning the title at this location, the menu option ranges from poppadum’s to pilau rice to vegetable Jalfrezi. The Boojon Tandoori boasts quality and quantity without forfeiting your newly established budget for 2017: most dishes are in the £5-£9 range.

Bengal Brasserie

Meat lovers, you will love Bengal Brasserie off of Milsom Street. Locally known for the most succulent chicken and lean lamb, this restaurant has a beautiful interior and top-notch staff.  For vegetarians, do not fret: Bengal Brasserie also offers a generous meat-free menu to please everybody at the table.  If you are in a hurry, takeaway options are available here (and at a 10% discount on weekends!)

The Eastern Eye

For a glamorous dine-in experience, I recommend The Eastern Eye. With beautifully decorated murals on every wall and domed ceilings, you will quickly be transported out of Bath and into another world. Voted restaurant of the year for the Southwest Region, The Eastern Eye has an extensive and detailed website that promotes its many features and offers a history lesson on the beautiful building. The menu is user-friendly and offers a variety of options included a lovely buffet. For those seeking the full Indian food experience, The Eastern Eye is where you want to be.

Disclaimer this is a collaborative post.

Curried Potatoes

Curried Potatoes are one of my favourite foods, whether it is the much-loved Bombay Potatoes or simply just adding them into my favourite sauce. This week I thought I would try something a bit new and set about finding a new way to add curry flavour to my Maris Pipers!

I have just bought a slow cooker and am determined to find some new family favourites, so this week I thought it was time to try curry. I searched the internet and came across a simple curried mince recipe. Since I didn’t have mince, I substituted this for soya, which comes dried and you dehydrate.

Ingredients: 500g of mince, or in my case soya, 1 onion sliced, can of chopped tomato’s, 300ml of beef, or vegetable stock, curry powder (between 1-2 table spoons depending on your taste) 500g peeled chopped and rinsed potato’s.

To the basic recipe I added finely chopped fresh ginger, 3 cloves of fresh garlic, 4 cardamom pods, 5 cloves, and 1/2 a teaspoon of each, cinnamon, chilli, paprika, cumin, black mustard seeds, garam masala.

I sautéed the onion in a little oil till golden before adding the soya, spices, curry powder fresh herbs and stock. Then add the chopped potatoes and cooked in the slow cooker for 6 hours on a med setting.

curried potatoes

The resulting curry was very pleasing, and was enjoyed by everyone including the boy who like me is not a fan of beef mince. The addition of beef stock made a nice meaty flavour and the curry had a good kick to it, from the fresh spices. I especially enjoyed the potatoes, and will certainly cook them this way again as there was enough curry left for Dad to have for lunch the next day too. This mine curried potatoes recipe may not win medals in the looks department, but it wins for us in the taste.

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Spices of India, the online Indian grocery shop

Our family favourite Friday night treat is a curry, and has become something of a tradition. The boy has been asking me since Christmas when we would have the next Friday curry. Since he started fencing on a Friday it has been difficult to juggle the earlier dinner and our favourite treat.

Half term was the perfect opportunity for us to all sit down and have our favoite meal together. I had plenty of time to put together a tasty banquet thanks to some samples from Spices of India.

If you love to cook Indian Food then here, at Spices of India, you’ll find the widest selection of  Ground Spices, Whole Spices, Beans, Lentils, Appetisers, Snacks, Masalas, Pastes, Pickles, Indian Sweets, Desserts and much more

I love the fact that the boy is always willing to try out new foods, and he seems to like them tasty and a little bit hot, rather than the milder flavours. We were sent a Chilli Fry curry to try. This is quite a spicy curry, I did add a little yogurt to it to make it slightly milder. It was easy to prepare and comes in a easy to open pouch. You simply add your chosen ingredient and some fresh coriander to serve. It was very tasty and we all enjoyed it.

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To go with our Chilli we had a Lime chutney, this was not like the lime pickle you get from the take away, but was a milder sweeter chutney style. Dad M said it still had a bit of a kick too it, and was very tasty. You only need a little bit so the jar will last us some time, and will keep in a cool place for 6 months.

Next time I am looking forward to trying out My Huda’s Tikka Paste which looks very authentic. With 16 cooking servings per pot this curry paste will be a useful store cupboard ingredient

“Combination of fresh herbs and authentic spices, uncooked and naturally preserved in rapeseed oil, just the way we chefs blend in our kitchens.”, Maf Huda – Chef & Creator

Spices of India have a great selection of not only curry spices, pastes and other grocery items but you can also find recipe books, storage and even cookware. Postage starts from £3.95 and orders over £35 will be sent throughout the UK for FREE.


Disclaimer we were sent products to try, the opinions remain ours.

Half term fun

Last week was our half term, and time to spend the whole week with the boy. I find it strange that although we spend all week together it seems like we spend all our time doing other things and not quality together time. I had nothing planned, and felt quite bad when I talked to another Mum who said she didn’t have a day free! But then I thought of all the fun things we could do, and lets face it the weather hasn’t been that great so decided to just go with it.

And guess what it was a lovely week! I wanted to catch up on all the things we never seem to have time to do, so first was to decide on a couple of competition entries. The boy, and children in general have a much better chance of winning than adults as there are far less entries, so I told the boy about 5/6 that I had found and let him choose. Of course he chose the Lego ones, but I decided another fun one would be building a marble run.


We started off in the garden, I had bought some garlic and onions and needed to get them in the ground. We have some lovely gardening posts coming up with some fab reviews so watch this space…

the boy


We spent the day just chilling, the weather wasn’t nice, so we baked scones for lunch and started to build our Lego masterpieces. We had great fun making Lego animations with our new Hue Animation studio while we chatted about things, school, friends and the Olympics.



I had booked some last-minute swimming lessons, as the boy wanted his swimming badge for cubs and needed to be able to complete his 25m. Our local pool do a 2 day crash course, and for £12.50 I thought this was good value. The boy seemed to be having fun and it turned out he knew two of the boys, so was very happy. After swimming we decided we were hungry, with very little food in the house a trip to Asda! OK!, I had a reason for the 1/2 hour journey as I knew they were doing some fun half term Lego activities. We made a Lego figure and had our photos taken, then a hot drink and cake in the café, followed by shopping. Finally we headed to Hobby Craft, just to pick up some paper. Unknown to me they had half term activities too, and the boy was soon engrossed in a bead workshop. I think his Minecraft inspired creation is wonderful, and lots of the other kids were in awe too!



Swimming time again, and this is a great way to get up and out as we have to be at the pool for 8.30am! An hour of swimming and the teacher was happy that he could earn his cub badge, not only that but he has moved up a group as well. The boy was very pleased with himself, and a treat of a donut in the café was on offer. But the call of the marble run, and Lego building was calling and he wanted to get home. So the rest of the day was perfecting the marble run. 30 seconds sounds ok, but when it takes up all the dinning room and lounge you realise it is quite a task. Videoing was also a challenge, as after 17 attempts, the battery ran out on the camera. Finally we managed to capture the whole run, and you can tell the boy was pleased.


A chilled morning, some TV together, a spot of lunch and a bit more Lego. We finished off a couple of our gardening projects and soon Dad M was home. We watched the Olympic short track and commiserated that Elise Christie was disqualified again. We needed cheering up! With Fencing every Friday we don’t often get the chance now for our Friday curry so this week was a special treat!


Sometimes with the rush of the week, all the clubs, cooking, cleaning and just general family life I forget to slow down and enjoy my time with the boy. This week we had fun, lots of cuddles, tickle fights and Lego. I was allowed to build Lego on my own, which is a first and quite refreshing! I wonder too who enjoyed their week more, me or the other Mum rushing round trying to fit everything in?

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