Getting Dressed Up with JD Williams – review

With the long weekends, come the spring and summer weddings. I had a wedding of some good friends to look forward to. With nothing to wear, JD Williams came to my rescue. I live in Jeans and tunic tops and was not sure where to start. JD Williams have a great selection of dresses with items from occasion wear to everyday.

I was very hopeful that I would find something suitable for a spring wedding. I started with a few searches in the JD Williams online store and found I could narrow down my search by colour, size, style and even occasion. I had wanted a mid length flare dress and had a shortlist of about three. One stood out and despite it being a label I was not familiar with, it kept drawing my attention. JD Williams did have brands I had heard of, and plenty of choice.

The Nightingales dress that I ordered was perfect, and I chose to add the matching shawl as you never know with British weather. I love the cotton content, and the fit was very good. JD Williams also have a large range of shoes, and many come in extra width sizes. The first pair that I chose were too big. It seems that maybe my feet are shrinking. The second pair fitted like a glove and I have been very impressed with the fit, and style. I chose flats as there is so much standing to be done at a wedding, not to mention the dancing.

I love my Nightingales dress from JD Williams, and am looking forward to taking it on holiday later this month. I think the fit is superb, and great quality for the price. The shoes have been much admired and despite not breaking them in before my friends big day there was no rubbing. I can honestly say that I have been very impressed by my first online dress shopping experience. If I’m lucky enough to be invited to more weddings I know where I will be looking first.

Disclaimer I was sent these items in return for an honest review, the words are my own and have not been altered



Last year when I booked my #BritMumsLive ticket I had no idea where I would be in a years time or what to expect. I was quite frankly one of the new kids, and couldn’t imagine that would change in a year. Thanks to the support of some good blogging friends, who saw me through times good and bad, I had no choice but to attend.

britmumslive setting off

On the Friday I set off after dropping the boy off at school, and headed off to the big city with only my suitcase and the knowledge that I was meeting Mary from Over 40 and a Mum to one at the station. I had read that safety in numbers was a good idea at  #BritMumsLive and as we set off to the hotel which we were sharing with some other great bloggers, I knew I wasn’t going to be alone.

I was impressed with the set up at #BritMumsLive, with some great speakers, plenty of workshops covering lots of interesting, varied topics and even the odd slice of cake. I had a great time, learnt lots about all sorts of things, and even met and chatted to some new and interesting brands. Everyone seemed so friendly so getting to meet a few new people was a great experience, although something that doesn’t normally come naturally to me.brit mums live fun

I was told it was best to travel light but wish I had decided to bring my camera as my phone photos don’t do the event justice. I was pleased so that Weird Fish had generously offered me my outfits for the weekend, so I certainly didn’t feel out-of-place. I had seen plenty of other bloggers talking about what they would wear and as a SAHM, I’m not used to spending money on clothes for me, but instead am used to buying uniform, and fencing supplies. My first outfit the lovely Phoebe dress, that I was sent to review last month and you can read the full review here. I am still not quite brave enough to bear my lily white legs to the world, so wore this dress with my jeans, it was lovely and cool in the heat of London, and showed very little creasing despite sitting in for the lectures and walking round the hub.

For BritMums Saturday I wore a lovely new outfit from Weird Fish The Traveller Outfit, consisting of chinos, Nia 3/4 linen summer top, Briony waterfall cardigan in peach blossom, and a coordinating Gincko scarf. The chinos are a lovely soft cotton, in a steel-gray and not only compliment the light cream colour of the linen top. The contrast of the peach blossom colour of the waterfall cardigan, made this outfit look both cool and effortless. I loved the outfit and was concerned that I would be too hot, but the lightweight of the waterfall Briony cardigan made a lovely change to what I would usually choose and looked good for the whole day.

I had a great weekend, and have been inspired to have a good look at both what I do in the world of blogging, and how I do it. As the time went by my confidence grew and I was able to introduce myself to some new blogging friends, even in the lunch queue. I learnt about topics like SEO, that only just over a year ago I had no idea about, I was inspired by some great films from Greg Brand from Travizeo. Beautiful photography from Julia Boggio, designs from Lucy Heath, and even listened to a travel favourite in Simon Calder. I caught a quick picture as he unfolded he tiny bike and headed off into the city.

#britmumslive simon calder

Finally on the Saturday afternoon it was time for the Keynote bloggers. These emotional and moving pieces written and read out beautifully were enough to move everyone to tears. I think everyone in the room could connect with the stories in one way or another. The performance from the new musical the good enough Mums club was amazing, funny, sad and inspirational all in one. I was proud to finish my weekend in London with the chant of “I’m Good Enough”

brit mums live

I have to say if anyone out there is reading this and thinks that they don’t know whether to go to #BritMumsLive 2015 then I wold say do it! Find a friend, don’t go alone, and enjoy having some great times with friends, it’s not all work. Then there is also the goody bag to look forward to at the end, with lots of exciting goodies.

It helps to have a great clothing range to choose from, to make you feel extra special so a big thank you goes to Weird Fish. They have a great and affordable choice, and I know that I will get lots of wear out of my outfits, not least while on our holiday in 113 days time. So now just the small matter of getting my #BritMumsLive ticket for 2015, and the planning starts all over again.

Disclaimer, I was give this outfit for the purpose of review and to wear to #BritMumsLive 2014 the opinions remain my own and have not been altered.

Keeping warm on the school run

Damart’s thermal range is celebrating a 60th year of production and I was sent a Thermolactyl Cardigan to try, with a definite chill in the air on the school run this week the cardigan arrived just in time. Layers are the key to keeping warm and this cardigan with its batwing sleeves is a great way to keep warm and stylish at the same time.

I will confess this time last year I thought thermal clothing was for wimps and Grannies, but that all changed when the snow arrived. I am now the proud owner of two thermal vests and was very happy to wear them on the icy school run. Now that I work from home, I will need something easy and warm as I have no plans to run the heating all day! The Cardigan is beautifully soft to the touch and is wearable over the top of a neutral top. I have been wearing it now for a couple of days and it defiantly has a extra warmth to it. Investing in a few thermal items of clothing is defiantly would be my advice for everyone who has to stand in the playground on a cold winters afternoon, because I can guarantee my boy will be the last one out!


As part of Damart’s celebrations you have the chance to win an amazing Icelandic adventure. Just don’t forget to pack your thermals if you win!

Onesie trendy? or just wrong?

Ok so you might have guessed already that I am not a fan of the Onesie! I just don’t see the point? The thought of wearing what is in fact a giant adult sized baby grow is beyond me, but what shocks me more is the thought people wear them in public! I can see tucked up on a sofa, in a cold drafty house on a cold winters evening with your favourite film and possibly a bowl of pop corn. Surely with the cost of energy these days we should be insulating our house not ourselves? I understand being warm, and lounging but in years to come there will be far to many incriminating photos floating around!


From a selection of Onesies available from Next

So how about the kids? babies and toddlers a Onesie could be the solution to keeping everything warm, and lets face it a cute toddler in a little fluffy suit, what is there not to love? Just please don’t let them do ears, if you wanted to give birth to a panda then go to the zoo! You might be worth millions to medical science,  you have a baby and they are cute just as they are.


Available from Next this monkey suit doesn’t do it for me!!

The thought of my other half in a fury all in one, I can’t say fills me with excitement either, so in this house the verdict is summed up by the boy…

“I don’t understand why someone would want to wear a baby grow. Do they think it will make them grow? because it doesn’t work?”


Ok so if you are still undecided as to whether to purchase yourself or a family member this fashion fo-par! Then have a look at the boy modelling a Onesie which is good enough to win any Halloween competition!

Yes this really is a nylon yellow PomBear Onesie, Trendy or just wrong?