Disimpaction Part 2

Ok, so Disimpaction part one, didn’t go quite according to plan. Coming home from hospital was however a good decision and one that the boy was ok about. With lots of lovely sleep, and plenty of being allowed to do what he wanted during the day, the whole two weeks flew by.

As for the medicine, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. The boy needed the toilet more often, but all things being considered we had more clean pants, no accidents and even managed a day out in London on the second week. Our nurse came to see us and is very happy with the boy, I am still feeling apprehensive that we need to keep reinforcing that he will need to make sure he goes to the loo so we don’t end up back at the beginning. Maybe I am being a bit to hard on him, but I am still impressed.

We have had one dry night! now that the volume of liquid has gone down, and the smell which I usually associate with the boys clothing has gone. The boy has also been drinking all his water, as well as taking the Movicol. So now starts the next step, to keep going and now we introduce Senna, which is used to stop constipation. The next few weeks will see a mixture of different doses at different times to see which works best for the boy. Then long-term we can start to look at other problems like the night-time bed wetting.

All things considered I have to say I am very hopeful, while still being caucus. I keep asking myself why we didn’t do this ages ago. I can only think it was because I just didn’t know how the boy would cope, and you can’t give a child with diarrhea to a child-minder. Being at home has finally had some use, other than being the orderer of the mystery parcels!

That’s My Hero

I think we all have our own Hero’s growing up, whether they are family members or sporting stars. I know that mine was, and always will be my Nan, she was a big part of my family life and I have lots of very happy memories of summers spent in her garden or playing in the park.

So when I saw this competition with Tots 100 and Money Supermarket to find your Child’s Hero I though it would be a great question to ask the boy. I did wonder who he would choose, maybe a family member, maybe a friend maybe even his fencing teacher? I wasn’t really prepared for the answer!

So tonight I asked the question “Who is your Super Hero?” The answer was very clearly “Miss B” with no hesitation it was quite clear that he had though long and hard about it. Now this is a shock to me for one reason I didn’t think that he got on with his temporary teacher. His class has had a rocky start to the year with their permanent teacher being in hospital for a major operation. I didn’t think that they had realised how lucky they were to have just one teacher in place for the last 8 weeks! Clearly I was about to be proven wrong.

So here she is in all her super hero glory, and this is what the boy says…

Miss Super B

Miss B has secret powers and is able to fight crime and send children flying to Mrs A (The Head) just by clicking her fingers. She can speak 15 different languages “That’s my lucky number” She can tidy up so quick if you blink you miss it, as all the things fly back into place. She can breath in space and lives in Cornwall!
With her sonic click, objects can knock baddies out and sends them to prison. Miss B has lots of mysterious things, that nobody knows. If you think there is no end to her talents you are wrong she will have more hidden! Her clothes never get dirty and she always wears her hidden outfit. She can defeat criminals even if she is in the swimming pool, and everyone will be “flabbergasted!”
She knows the answer to every sum even the hardest sum in the world, and I like her!

In the picture you can see Miss Super B in the classroom sending a sonic message to Mrs A because she has spotted someone in the playground being naughty.
There is a shelf to hold the class dancing clown, and she is just about to tidy up using her sonic click.

I know that we all hope as parents that our child’s teacher will spark their imagination, and encourage them to learn. So I think that all the lovely things the boy said about Miss B are high praise indeed. Coming from a 7-year-old who I know is not always the most cooperative child, and who has had his fair share of being sent to Mrs A!

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