My Angel Delight Moments

I can’t remember the first time I tried Angel Delight, but I know it was a big part of my childhood memories. Angel Delight was one of those puddings that was a real treat. My Mum I think hated the grind of cooking after school, and even back in the 70’s when I was little there wasn’t the convenience food that we have today. Meals were all home cooked, and there never seemed to be time for pudding.

Angel Delight became one of those quick easy and I am sure slightly good for you puddings. I hated milk! Even now the smell is enough to make me feel a bit queasy. I think the smell of the warm school milk was what started my hatred off. I was a fussy eater and my Mum was always nagging me to eat so I guess Angel delight became a good way for me to get my daily intake of calcium. All I know was Angel delight was something we were allowed to make ourselves. Me and my brother used to add banana toppings and hundreds and thousands which we called ants. Chocolate Angel Delight was amongst our favourites but Butterscotch was at the top.

angel delight moments


Fast forward 20+ years and it was good to rediscover the love of Angel Delight through the eyes of the boy. He likes to hide surprises at the bottom of the bowl, sometimes fruit and sometimes chocolate. Sprinkles have gone the colours of the rainbow, and now we have squirty cream. He says to add height!

So when the boy gets home from school today and sees his surprise pudding I hope he will be as excited as I was all those years ago to be having an after school pudding treat. Even if it is just so I can use up the left over milk before we go away on holiday!

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Kitchen, heart of my home

The kitchen is the heart of my home, but it’s not the room that sold the house too me! Ok so I have to confess the one thing that made us want to buy our current home was in-fact the garden. With the boy aged 18 months we knew that a move would have to happen sooner rather than later. We knew as he grew that having a garden the size of a postage stamp was never going to work. Something bigger was needed, for riding bikes, trampolines, and summers spent water fighting and having fun.

The rooms in the house were all clean, not to our taste but live-able until we had saved the money to change them. I also believe you have a better idea of what you need in a house if you have lived in it for a while. The kitchen, with the 80,s grey fake wood, its separate oven and hob would have to wait a full five years before we had the funds to change it. But when the day arrived to strip it out I knew exactly what I wanted.

I have my cream units, the duel fuel cooker that I had lusted after since I married.  A long work top for baking and decorating cakes, and space to perch and eat breakfast. I have added little touches,  a few fairy lights, fancy jars for sugar and pasta. bright coloured ornaments and best of all the dishwasher that saves me from my most hated job in the world washing up! Trying Fairy Platinum, has meant sparkly dishes with even less effort, and shiny glasses that sparkle on my special display shelf.

My Kitchen

The view over the fantastic garden is the icing on the cake and a place where I can gaze out at all my hard work, enjoy the seasons and the changing flowers.  A place to dream as I peel carrots and bake cakes. Somewhere I can watch the boy running around with his friends, popping in for ice cream. Watching him change from a toddler, to a little boy, and not so far away teenager. My Kitchen is the heart of my home because it is the window from which I watch my family change and grow.

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