Cravendale our #milkdrinkersmilk story

We have been challenged to try Cravendale milk as part of the Brit Mums #milkdrinkersmilk challenge. This wasn’t going to be difficult for the dragon family as we love Cravendale. Dad dragon likes his milk fresh as it makes a great froth for his cappuccino. I like it as it hasn’t got a strong milky smell. As a non milk drinker I find it easier on the nose on my cereal in the morning. Cravendale is great for cooking macorroni cheese our family favourite. But most of all Cravendale is best natural and fresh out of the bottle. The fact I can shop once a week for my milk and it stays fresh for the whole week is a bonus. Perfect for when the boy wants his bedtime milk with a biscuit, perfect to help him sleep soundly. So we all love Cravendale milk as it is the perfect fresh white stuff!

cravendale #milkdrinkersmilk

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#MorningWin Challenge

I have already confessed that “I don’t do Mornings” I really don’t, and my family know that. But the one thing that makes my mornings just that little bit more bearable is getting ready the night before.

I hate the whole shouting at the boy to hurry up, so planning what is needed the night before, is the only way we get out of the door even remotely on time. First I check the homework, and the school bag, to make sure no letters have appeared that need action. Next is there any extra kit, is it swimming? Yes I have had to run home before now for the trunks and towel. Is it PE, yes another bag. Has the boy got his reading book, and diary? Have I remembered to fill it in? I wont have time for scribbles in the morning.

Next the uniform, Has he got clean trousers? Shirt, jumper, did he remember to even bring the jumper home? There are so many things to remember I would have no chance in the morning of getting them all sorted in time. So with the clock clucking 8am (yes our clock clucks) its time to grab my clothes, sort out my life and collect the boy ready for the off.

Most mornings he is busy telling me all about the latest app, school club or what his friends are doing that day, which is great! But there is hair to comb, socks which seem to go missing, and shoes. Even the coat is an effort. Someday I have to repeat to myself, stay calm… Once out of the house, the battle is over we are on our way. No turning back, well unless we have missing trunks.

Before the boy arrived life was easier, quieter and somehow less colourful. As much as I HATE mornings, I wouldn’t change them for the world and especially the ten minute walk to school before I hand the boy over for the day. Those ten minutes are ours, and our time to be friends #MorningWin.

#winmorning with belvita

Belvita biscuits are a quick and easy start to the day, especially if you are having something on the run to school. The boy loves the new belvita Crunchy biscuits and chooses them as an after school snack. Even Dad has discovered the new Crunchy Hazelnut biscuits and says they are pretty good at filling him up till tea time!

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My #RealMumsAllBran 5 day challenge

Learning to love your tummy can be part of being a busy mum. I know that I try to make sure that I have a good breakfast each morning. If I don’t my tummy is soon telling me that it is not happy, and I find myself snacking on bad foods for the rest of the morning?

I was invited to take part in the #RealMumsAllBran 5-day challenge, and was excited to find a new breakfast cereal. All-Bran now comes in 3 tasty new flavours, chocolate wheat’s, Golden Crunch and red berry crunch. The challenge to try the new All-Bran cereals for 5 consecutive days and see if it made a difference.


The first packet that we opened of chocolate wheat’s didn’t last for 5 days as we all had a bowl, agreeing that they are very tasty and feel more like a luxury cereal than a healthy one. The boy and Dad M opened the Golden Crunch, while I enjoyed the Red Berry Crunch. Both are very tasty cereals, and by the end of day 3 I started to notice a difference.

Instead of the 11am lull that usually means a biscuit tin raid, I found that I could go all the way through to lunch without the usual tummy rumbles. The new all bran flavours were a nice change from the blander cereals I usually choose. They complimented the grapefruit which I have each breakfast, and were not at all bran like.

Learning to love my tummy as part of the #RealMumsAllBran challenge, made me think that I should start to take better care of my tummy too. I am always worrying about my boys health, and thinking about what he is eating. The lesson should start with me looking after myself. I know it’s a cliché, but thinking about the example that I set for the boy is possibly more important, so eating a good healthy breakfast is a great start.

Bran is a very important part of your daily diet, and as a mum of a child with severe constipation, I have a new-found respect for all the different types of fibre needed in your diet. The boy needs to have a balance of soluble and insoluble fibre as well as the medicines which will stop the need for any further disimpaction sessions. Having a regular breakfast of bran, is something the dietitian has recommended to us, and the New All-Bran new cereals are a great and tasty solution.

Next time you find yourself hungry at 11am then why not try the All-Bran 5 day challenge, and see if it stops the tummy rumbles for you, I know it’s worked for me!

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I dont do mornings!

I don’t do mornings!

There, I have said it, I am not a morning person, I never have been and I expect I never will. My family knows that there is an invisible “Do not Disturb” sign that is over me till at least 10am or the second cup of tea! The boy used to use his cute baby smile to try to bring me round, and it worked for a short while. Who couldn’t resist the cheeky grin, and wide awake blue eyes. You would think the presence of a small person in our lives might have changed our breakfast routine. Well it did slightly, but it also gave me the excuse I needed to go back to bed after breakfast. As they say sleep when baby is asleep.cheeky morning face

Now is where the population of GB will dislike me just a little bit! as I confess Dad M makes breakfast each morning, and brings mine to me in bed. OK, I know I’m lucky, but he is still a man and not completely domesticated, as the evidence in the kitchen each morning can prove. Yes he does the packed lunches, and feeds the boy, but that is where out breakfast treats stop! I still do the school run, and can be up dressed and ready to leave in 10 minutes flat. I have no idea how I ever used to get to work on time, well maybe on time ish.


So breakfast is important in the Soup Dragon House, the boy has to have something that will keep him going and learning, cereal, yoghurt and toast is preferred. Some mornings fresh fruit and the odd croissant for a treat. For me I like fresh grapefruit, cereal and the all important first cup of tea. For Dad M he has the same cereal each day, he doesn’t like change.

So what did my family think when I offered them belVita biscuits for breakfast?

The boy likes something healthy, and liked that these biscuits are a good source of vitamins, he is currently obsessed by what foods contain. BelVita met with his approval as they contain no colours or preservatives. I tried the new yoghurt crunch which go well with a cup of tea, I found them a bit dry without. Dad M was not fussed, as I said he doesn’t do change, so it might take him a while to get used to something new. BelVita are a good source of slow release carbohydrates so are great to keep you full for longer. This might even stop my horrid mid morning snack habit.

belvita breakfast

I would love to find out more about your mornings. Do you get breakfast in bed, or even a cup of tea, and what is your favourite food for breakfast?

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