Magic Moments Birthday

This weeks magic moment has to be the Boy’s Birthday. I can remember so clearly the day he was born it was a Sunday and he arrived just in time for roast dinner. Shame I only got offered Marmite on toast and a cup of tea. I don’t think I cared though as I just kept looking at my little bundle and saying hello. I still say hello to him each night before I go to bed when he is tucked up and all the troubles of the day have disappeared!



Birthday wishes #FlashbackFriday

Today I am sitting in my office (at home) and thinking of all the things I should be catching up on. Mostly long outstanding blog posts, but housework and decorating as well. But instead I find myself wondering through Facebook, twitter posts and other people’s blogs. That was when I cam across #FlashbackFriday, having seen a picture of a friends one year old, I couldn’t help remembering my boys 1st Birthday, so it seemed fitting to join in.

Birthday Wishes
I can remember being very excited and thinking he would need a party for his birthday. But actually the reality was that at age one children like to play on their own, don’t have strong friendships and actually family seem more important. Our family’s are quite spread so it ended up that the boy had 2 celebrations the first at home with our Bournemouth Family. This was a low-key party food meal and playing with his cousins and of course eating cake. He had a lovely day but was a bit grouchy as I think his teeth were bothering him.

The following day was a day at the beach, yes in September we were lucky with the weather and this was to be with friends and local family. There was lots of sand, a trampoline and a slide. Our friend carried the trampoline all the way to the beach and back! There was of course more cake, one with ladybirds which the boy was obsessed with now we know why because he couldn’t see properly. I remember the cute little grown up shirt, which I still have and some lovely gifts. It was a lovely afternoon with friends and one that I will remember more than any of the subsequent parties which we have enjoyed.

If you are planning a 1st Birthday, then just enjoy, clichĂ© I know but you can’t get this time back and it is so special.

This post was brought to you as part of Flashback Friday

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