miamoo Travel Goodies

I was excited when miamoo offered to send me their travel goodies to try out, as its only 141 days till we leave for our holiday, and the miamoo travel goodies are perfectly sized to fit in your hand luggage. The Travel pack contains everything that you might need for mum’s and babies with 30ml of each product, splashy wash, fresh locks shampoo, huggy lotion, cheeky cream, spritz and wipe, and baba oil. The pack of  miamoo travel goodies also comes in a handy plastic travel purse and has a lovely cotton flannel.

miamoo travel

The first thing I noticed was that all the miamoo products are Paraben and free from other petrochemicals, which means that the boy can use them. The miamoo products are especially kind to children’s and babies who suffer from dry or sensitive skin like the boy.  The first product we tried was the miamoo fresh locks shampoo. It has a lovely lavender smell to it, and is not to overpowering, and I could tell that the boy was clean when he came out of the bathroom as his hair smelt lovely and looked shiny too.

The miamoo splashy wash has a lovely lemon scent which I thought was very pleasant and is a favourite smell of mine. I gave this product a try and it was very refreshing, but without feeling that it had stripped all the oil from my skin it felt very soft afterwards. The boy found that it was easy and gentle on his skin too.

The miamoo cheeky cream as its name might suggest could be used for babies cheeks, but as I don’t have a baby to test on, I tried the cream out on my face. With a very pleasing smell, it wasn’t greasy, this cream made my skin feel very soft, and was also easy to use as a hand cream. Perfect for when I forget to take one on the plane with me which I always do!

miamoo cheeky cream

There are also 3 spray bottles in the miamoo travel pack, spritz and wipe with lime and minerals, which would be great for freshening up after a days travel. This had a very subtle smell and would be great to keep in my handbag for cleaning sticky fingers.

The huggy lotion has to be my favourite from the pack, as it was easy to apply and made my skin feel soft, with almond and marshmallow extracts it makes a perfect all over moisturiser. It is also very easy to use from the pump bottle.

Finally baba oil, and this is something I don’t have much call for now the boy is older, but it is always handy to have. I will use baby oil removing paint from hands, and even tree sap, from when the boy has been helping dad to move the logs. With lavender and almond oil it had a lovely smell, but is not something I would necessarily take on holiday with me.

miamoo huggy lotion

I was impressed with the quality of the miamoo products, and think the handy sizes are a great way to find your favourites, or even give as a gift for a new mum. You can buy miamoo products from their website and the travel pack has an RRP of £15.00, which for this type of product is very reasonable. The full-sized products start from £5.00 which again is very comparable for Paraben and petrochemical free products. Delivery is free for orders over £50.

If you would like to try miamoo products I have a 10% discount code for you. Simply use Blog13 at the checkout and 10% will be taken off your order (full price products only).

To purchase miamoo products or find out more about the story behind the brand why not visit miamoo online, Facebook, or twitter. Also have a look at the 3 step guide online on how to prevent and heal dry skin.

Halos ‘n’ Horns hair and body wash

Halos ‘n’ Horns have just brought out a new Zingy Orange hair and body wash for kids, and this was just the thing to get the boy clean. Despite the initial moans and groans, fancy asking him to try out soap while in the shower! I have found that since the Halos ‘n’ Horns body wash arrived he has actually been using it without asking.

Halos 'n' Horns Zingy Orange

I am very impressed with the price RRP £3.05 as this is much more affordable than the Paraben free baby products I have been buying for the boy. Halos ‘n’ Horns range is available in Asda, Waitrose, Boots as well as chemists and some high street shops.

I love the Zingy Orange smell of the Halos ‘n’ horns hair and body was as I can tell by the smell of the boys hair when he has remembered to use it. Halos ‘n; Horns products also contain no nasty additives, Parabens, Phthalates so I know that they wont make the boys skin flair up. I have the peace of mind that the boy can also use the hair and body wash unsupervised as the tube is easy to open and a little goes a long way so the 250ml tube should last him a while.

I love this product much more than I thought I would, it has such a lovely smell, and the packaging is not too babyish. I certainly will be adding Halos ‘n’ Horns to my future shopping list. I am pleased to be giving away two sets of the Halos N Horns range, so get entering if you would like to be one of the two lucky people to try out these great products!

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Disclaimer I was sent a sample of the Halos ‘n’ Horns body wash to try the opinions remain my own and have not been altered.

DGJ Organics Top to Toe review

DGJ Organics Kids Top to Toe is a great fun shampoo and body wash for kids, all the products from DGJ are organic and are free from Parabens and SLS. Top to toe comes in a funky double ended bottle so you can choose which smell you fancy. One end is vanilla and the other end strawberry this makes the packaging a bit more fun which I liked.

The boy was not exactly excited to be reviewing shampoo and wash, as a typical 8-year-old boy water is not his friend. I was quite shocked when the following night he asked for his new shampoo! so left him to it. This is what he had to say:

It’s not as bubbly as my normal shampoo, and I tried both the smells. I liked the vanilla and the other one smelt a bit funny?

This translates back to English as it was nice that I didn’t have to remember to wash my body after my hair, I liked the vanilla more than the strawberry. As a Mum I have always been concerned by the use of Parabens in lots of children’s shampoos and have always tried to buy products free of these chemicals. I found when the boy was small it would cause flair ups of eczema especially with bubble bath. The problem as the boy gets older is finding more grown up products that are still Paraben free so this will be a great start.

I love this product (I’m not being paid to say this) It solves the problem of sending the boy back to wash his hair as “I forgot Mum!” and I only have to leave one bottle on the side for him to remember. If I had to find a down side the bottom bottle lid fills with water from the shower but I could just separate the bottles!. Kid’s Top to Toe RRP £3.99 this is a great price as I have been paying much more for other Paraben free products and is available from the DGJ Organics website.

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Disclaimer we were sent a bottle of Kids Top to Toe to try, the opinions remain ours and have not been altered.

Dressed like a stick of rock

So how many of you got great gifts this Christmas? I know I was very lucky.
But have you ever had a year when you get lots of the same thing? I know one year I had enough mugs to supply the whole road! Well this year was the year of the dressing gown, I had a lovely one for christmas I have a new one in the wardrobe. And then guess what my first win of the year was, yes a dressing gown! Now it was from a great company Christys, and not your average at £70 each. Something I wouldnt normally consider buying but they are amazing, soft thick a great length and very luxurious.

The only slight issue, we are going to look like a couple of sticks of rock!