Easter Crafts with Baker Ross

With Easter so soon after the half term we decided to make some Easter crafts in plenty of time to pass them onto our family.There are so many great kits to choose from but we decided to try out the fuse bead birds, and a wooden apple bird feeder from our Baker Ross craft kits.

easter crafts

Just like the heart fuse kits we tried the last month the Bird kits come with everything you need to make at least 6 of these brightly coloured birds. I decided that I would try and follow the pattern for the robin. I was pleased how easy the pattern included in the kit was to follow. It would be easy for the boy too as he likes following instructions. The result was a cute little bird model and this was perfect for a finishing touch for the Easter craft gift for the boys Granny.

easter birds

The bird feeder was also going to be for Granny, as we know she loves feeding the birds. We decided to try out the Artepatch papers to decorate our wooden bird feeder. This was very easy to do by tearing up small pieces and adding them to the surface with a large amount of pva glue. The Wooden bird feeder will make the perfect gift, and will be something that I am sure granny will treasure. I was impressed with the finish and with very little skill so perfect for the boy, as he is quite the perfectionist!

easter crafts apple

The boy has been doing some more Easter crafts with cubs and I love these scraper eggs which they made. Perfect as an easy craft for the Easter holidays.

easter crafts baker ross

Have a look at the website for more great Baker Ross crafts, where they have some great offers for the holidays.

Disclaimer were sent a selection of crafts to try, the words remain our own and have not been altered.

Mothers Day crafts with Baker Ross

Mothers Day is only a few days away, and we have been making a few gifts for the Mum’s and Granny’s in the family. Baker Ross have some great new spring kits which are perfect to complete with all the things you need in each pack, they are perfect for the boy who has become a bit reluctant to complete craft projects. Having a kit with everything included means there is no delay in getting started.

mothers day crafts

We spent the weekend having fun with the Heart Fuze Bead kits which make the perfect Mothers Day gift. This is one craft that the boy is happy to sit and make his own unique patterns. Each of the kits comes with a sheet of suggested patterns and we enjoyed making these as well as our own. The boy was very pleased that he is old enough to have a go at fusing the beads with the hot iron He was very confident using it as he has been learning to iron his cub uniform.

mothers day

Baker Ross have a great selection of Mothers Day craft kits, and we were sent some which we have been sharing with the boys cub pack, as they are completing their artist Badges. Our Cub leader always buys Baker Ross kits for the kids to do, and they love having something to take home and show the parents. Because you can buy Baker Ross craft kits in larger quantities at a saving these are perfect for after school groups like cubs.

mothers day Baker ross

Have a look at the Baker Ross website for a great selection of crafts, for all ages. With Easter coming up there will be plenty of time to get crafty with some lovely gifts for all the family to make and enjoy. For me Easter is not the same without the little fluffy pipe cleaner chickens!

Disclaimer, we were sent a selection of projects to review, the words remain ours and have not been altered.

Christmas Craft with Baker Ross

Baker Ross are a great place to look for craft packs and we were sent a selection from their Christmas range to try out for ourselves. There is a craft to suit everyone and every pocket with packs from as little as 99p.

christmas craft

With so many to choose from the boy wanted to start with the Gingerbread Decorations Sewing Kits, so we worked together to make the cute little Gingerbread house. This Christmas Craft kit comes in a pack of three with a boy and girl gingerbread man, and a little house. The kits had everything included in the kit and the best part was that you didn’t need any glue, as the decorative parts of the kit have a sticky backing. The Gingerbread Christmas craft has felt shapes to sew together and then felt decorations to add to your creation. There is a plastic safety needle, wool, ribbon and simple picture instructions to guide you.

christmas craft gingerbread

Use the wool threaded onto the neat safety needle to simply stitch together your matching felt shapes. The holes are pre punched so this is a great Christmas craft even for little fingers. You will need to leave a gap to pop in your stuffing, and then sew up the gap. The boy found using the needle easy and the fact he couldn’t hurt himself gave him the confidence to be able to sew this project on his own. It is then as simple as decorating and popping on the ribbon to finish of your Christmas decoration.

christmas crafts sewing

The boy has been making Christmas crafts with his Cub group and they all enjoy making  something different each year. The bonus of working towards a badge is always good to encourage boys to get crafty. This year the boy made a candle from the mouldable wax which warms in your hand, and becomes soft enough to make your own wax creation. (£7.99 per pack) The boy also coloured in this cute Santa to pop in his bedroom window.

christmas craft with baker ross

Our little Gingerbread house decoration looks lovely on our tree and would make a fantastic gift for one of the boys grandparents. Have a look at the Baker Ross website for this Christmas Craft which is available for £3.60 for the 3 piece set. I have found that Christmas crafts are something that the boy and I can do together once school has broken up, and there is nothing nicer than spending time chatting over a string of paper chains and a pot of glue. The boy is very excited to be decorating his bedroom this year so I think I will let him loose with the snowman house kit available for £1.99, perfect for the wet dark winter holidays. Visit Baker Ross on Pinterest for inspiration or visit their blog here.

Disclaimer we were sent a selection of Baker Ross craft kits for our hones review, opinions remain our own and have not been altered.