Happy Days Edinburgh – Review

Happy Days Edinburgh is a great illustrative puzzle from Ravensburger which is part of a series of puzzle with a retro feel. This 1,000 piece puzzle is available from retailers and online from Amazon, RRP £11.99 suited to ages 10+.

This is the second puzzle I have completed in the Happy Days series from Ravensburger. Happy Days Tenby is one of my favourites so I was looking forward to the bright inviting illustration of this puzzle. This puzzle depicts Edinburgh town and is the 12th puzzle in the series. Happy Days Edinburgh is illustrated by Kevin Walsh, a well-known artist of historic and retro prints The illustration for this puzzle has a lovely nostalgic feel, and with bright colours which made it great to complete.

Happy Days Edinburgh

I found this puzzle easy to complete as there are plenty of starting points. Starting with the edges. I then picked out the red of the cars and the yellow and blue of the little girls dress. The figures were easy to pick out too. The bus signs and flags next ant then the background and road were soon filled. The boy helped with this puzzle and enjoyed the little details on the bus and van.

happy days puzzle

I have not had the chance to visit Edinburgh, and this puzzle certainly gave me a feel for the city. With the hustle and bustle and classic kilts which you would expect. I love the Illustrative details on Happy Days Edinburgh and am looking forward to doing some of the other puzzles in this series soon. I had no problem completing this puzzle in around 4/5 hours, and as the boy joined in a little less. If the family join me for a puzzle I know its a good one, giving Happy Days Edinburgh the thumbs up!

happy days edinburgh puzzle

You can click on my Amazon link below for the best price on the Happy Days Edinburgh Puzzle. Visit the Ravensburger website for details of this and other puzzles in the Happy Days series.


Disclaimer I was sent this puzzle in exchange for an honest review.


The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt is the latest in a series of Galt Mini Masterpieces to inspire children to look at famous painting, and create new masterpieces of their own.

We were sent a Galt Sponge Painting kit to start us off, but the boy had ideas of his own on how to approach decorating his template. We started by downloading and printing off a copy off The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. This picture sparkles like a thousand jewels and the boy wanted to use his imagination to make the picture as colourful as possible.the kiss

I didn’t show him the original as I didn’t want him to simply copy the painting. So the transformation began. The boy loves to make his creations in pencil, and very occasionally coloured pencil, this time he chose loom bands. These colourful rubber bands lent themselves well to the brightness needed for The Kiss. The boy is fairly fast at weaving these rubber bands together and soon had a band long enough to fill the cloak.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

While I popped off to finish dinner, he continued to fill the picture with different colours for the hair and faces, and said he was very pleased with his finished artwork. I will confess he is not as arty as I had hoped, he does like a craft or two, and loom bands are his thing at the moment. He has never been much for painting, although he has been enjoying it a bit more now with his school projects. Hopefully the Galt Minimasterpieces might have inspired him to create something different, and we cant wait to see what the painting will be over the summer holidays.

The Kiss Gustav Klimt

If you would like to join in the Galt Mini Masterpiece this month you have until 21st July to download and submit your child’s handy work. There is a new famous piece each month so why not have a go with your children. You never know your little Picasso might win a bundle of Galt art and craft goodies for their efforts.

Disclaimer we were sent a pack of painting materials in return for post.

Eggnogg FREE colour-in picture book

Do your kids love stories and colouring in then this may just be the #WorldBookDay story for them. Eggnogg offer a fun range of colour-in products from cards and stickers to the more unusual, placemats and table cloths. have a look at their website, Facebook and Twitter pages for fun party, and more rainy day colouring in.

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For #WorldBookDay they are offering you the chance to download a copy of Under the Weather Wendy, a colour in picture book. This fun book tells the story of Wendy who is really not having the best of days. We can all identify with these days I am sure the ones where a small black cloud is following you all day. What will happen to wendy? you will have to download and find out.

Under the Weather Wendy can be downloaded for FREE HERE today for #WorldBookDay, normal download price is 99p