My Little Champion Fencer

My son at his first fencing competition. I love this picture, it was taken at my sons first fencing competition. Each time I find it on my computer it makes me smile, as he looks so genuinely happy! I wonder what will happen at this years competition which is coming up soon. He came 3rd last year but had only been fencing a month. This year he says he wants to come first, so we will have to wait and see. Whatever happens, I hope he continues to enjoy taking part, and I know that I will always be proud of him whatever he does.

2 thoughts on “My Little Champion Fencer

  1. We were there again tonight, the club has one of the BritishJunior fencers, and also a lad who is now training with he GBR Olympic fencers. I find it so interesting, and the boy works so hard. The added bonus is I got 6 blog post written in my hour sit down! so win win as they say!

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