Today I am taking the boy for an x-ray, but don’t worry he hasn’t broken anything! His Fencing teacher would never forgive me if he had. Today we are going to the local hospital to finally find out if there is something wrong with the boys bowels. He has always had a problem with going to the toilet, not something you talk about with people on the street, but something that affects every part of his life.

So what will they do, I have been told it is simple as they will just x-ray his intestine area and that is it. But the slightly more interesting part has been the boy having to take a series of tablets, called a transit study. The boy has taken 3 tablets one each day for 3 days then a rest day then the following day the x-ray. Each of the tablets contained tiny little markers each one a different shape. Day one was a ball, day two a stick and day three a mini do-nut shape. These should show up on the x-ray and the doctor can then tell how fast or slow food is traveling through the boys system.

In a way we are all quite interested to see the results, and as there will not be a bad outcome we are not worried about the findings. If they do find a blockage then this can be sorted, if they find a normal system this is good news too. So after 8 years of trying to convince the medical world that I thought there was something other than just being a boy, it will be interesting to see if I was right. On the other hand if I am wrong then I could be back to square one, and the laundry will continue to build up.



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  1. Sounds like a really interesting way of doing things and I suppose it is easier to explain to your son that way too. Fingers crossed they can find out what is wrong and get him sorted once and for all!
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  2. It would be good if they could sort him but sometimes things go on for so long they become the norm! this is one of them, but it would be nice so here is hoping.

    • Thanks, we got to see the x-ray and it was like a little Christmas Tree with all the markers in there! I’m no doctor so now just need to wait for the verdict!

    • It was interesting to see the x-rays they took 2 in the end. And to be honest I don’t mind the outcome, just that there will be one!

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