Bath’s Top Rated Indian Cuisine: A Review 

While the winter blues have us all begging for a bit of spice in our lives, I’ve investigated Bath’s top Indian restaurants that are sure to add pizzazz back to our palettes.

The Rajpoot

If you are looking for an award-winning meal, all fingers point to The Rajpoot. A favourite of many, this restaurant caters to Indian food gurus and the “extra mild spice, please” beginners. The Rajpoot offers a romantic but functional environment that can fit a work event or date night. If you are aching for a fine-dining, fully ethnic Indian food experience, the Rajpoot has what you are longing for.

Bombay Lounge

For friendly service, great décor and a comforting meal, the Bombay Lounge has you covered.  This place has an extensive menu that can please both vegan and carnivore, with loads of customisable options to meet your needs. If the coziness of your home has you wanting to lounge in pyjamas for the evening, have no fear: Bombay Lounge is featured on Hungry House, a takeaway app that allows you to browse through menus and have your cravings delivered to your doorstep.  Bombay Lounge is also budget friendly and definitely does not compromise on quality.

The Boojon Tandoori

Named one of England’s best curry places, Bath’s The Boojon Tandoori is a local hotspot. Although traditional curry is winning the title at this location, the menu option ranges from poppadum’s to pilau rice to vegetable Jalfrezi. The Boojon Tandoori boasts quality and quantity without forfeiting your newly established budget for 2017: most dishes are in the £5-£9 range.

Bengal Brasserie

Meat lovers, you will love Bengal Brasserie off of Milsom Street. Locally known for the most succulent chicken and lean lamb, this restaurant has a beautiful interior and top-notch staff.  For vegetarians, do not fret: Bengal Brasserie also offers a generous meat-free menu to please everybody at the table.  If you are in a hurry, takeaway options are available here (and at a 10% discount on weekends!)

The Eastern Eye

For a glamorous dine-in experience, I recommend The Eastern Eye. With beautifully decorated murals on every wall and domed ceilings, you will quickly be transported out of Bath and into another world. Voted restaurant of the year for the Southwest Region, The Eastern Eye has an extensive and detailed website that promotes its many features and offers a history lesson on the beautiful building. The menu is user-friendly and offers a variety of options included a lovely buffet. For those seeking the full Indian food experience, The Eastern Eye is where you want to be.

Disclaimer this is a collaborative post.

#ShareTheLove of baking this Christmas

I love to #ShareTheLove of baking at Christmas with friends and family. Sometimes this is with a simple baked cookie, or gingerbread. I have made jam and cakes and even my own mincemeat. This year I wanted to get the boy involved and #ShareTheLove of baking and decided that I would dig out our old family favourite Christmas cake recipe.

Our family recipe for Christmas cake is from our neighbour from when I was very small. Aunty Ursula was the lady in the road that all the kids used to go to for cake and sweet treats. My mum made friends with Ursula not long after we moved to Sussex, and was a source of much of my mum’s baking knowledge. A few years ago I was given the piece of paper with Ursula’s Xmas cake recipe. The paper almost as memorable as the cake itself and since then I have vowed to recreate the cake of my family Christmases.


Ursula’s cake is a lighter fruit cake, which can be baked right up until before Christmas as there is no need to feed the cake, unless you wanted too! I have also slightly altered the ingredients as me and the family don’t like mixed peel so I like to add chopped stem ginger into the mix. The recipe is also in pounds and oz. This is no problem weighing ingredients with digital scales but makes it interesting when trying to buy my ingredients.

I love the boy helping me in the kitchen as I remember helping my Nan who was the real baker of the family. It’s great to #ShareTheLove at Christmas even if the most I can get the boy doing is weighing the ingredients and having a wishing stir. Ok so he also enjoyed licking the spoon and declared the mix a success.

Whitworths are encouraging family’s to #ShareTheLove with the best ingredients and a beautiful story book of family and the true meaning of Christmas. Visit the website  and download this sweet tale, and their cake recipe from the story. Sometimes its good to have time to spend making and baking gifts that you can share with family and friends. I love traditions and maybe one day the boy will #ShareTheLove with his family and have a slice of cake that will remind him of his childhood Christmases too.

Disclaimer we were sent a selection or Whitworths ingredients so that we could bake our cake and share our story with you.

The Wedding – What if? – Review

The Wedding is Number 16 in the series of What If puzzles. This 1,000 piece puzzle is available from Ravensburger for RRP £11.99.

The weeding is a fun illustrative puzzle where the picture on the box is not the finished puzzle picture. Some of the elements remain the same but others change and until the puzzle is finished you wont see the full picture. This is the second What if? puzzle that I have completed and I do find them more of a challenge than a standard picture puzzle. The boy likes these puzzles too as he likes the sense of humour and spends time spotting all the jokes.


The wedding as you might have guessed shows a wedding party, but not as the bride had hoped. The puzzle picture is what might happen if the groom was in charge of sorting out the wedding reception. I found this puzzle tricky to complete and took me a little longer than I normally would spend on a 1,000 piece Ravensburger puzzle. The picture is bright and engaging and despite not having a full picture to work from was not hard to complete.

the wedding what if

I started with the edges, followed by the block colours. The speech bubbles are also easy to pick out, and from then on you have an idea of where the picture is going. The finished picture has some funny touches, but I wont spoil it for you by showing you the completed puzzle as you will have to try it for yourself. I think this puzzle would make a fun gift for a friend who is getting married, or simply if you like a puzzle that is a little more challenging.

Ravensburger puzzles are available from toy and game retailers as well as online from Amazon and other online sites.

Disclaimer I was sent this puzzle in exchange for an honest review.

Cravendale our #milkdrinkersmilk story

We have been challenged to try Cravendale milk as part of the Brit Mums #milkdrinkersmilk challenge. This wasn’t going to be difficult for the dragon family as we love Cravendale. Dad dragon likes his milk fresh as it makes a great froth for his cappuccino. I like it as it hasn’t got a strong milky smell. As a non milk drinker I find it easier on the nose on my cereal in the morning. Cravendale is great for cooking macorroni cheese our family favourite. But most of all Cravendale is best natural and fresh out of the bottle. The fact I can shop once a week for my milk and it stays fresh for the whole week is a bonus. Perfect for when the boy wants his bedtime milk with a biscuit, perfect to help him sleep soundly. So we all love Cravendale milk as it is the perfect fresh white stuff!

cravendale #milkdrinkersmilk

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H is for…

This weeks letter for the Alphabet Photographic project is H, and I have thought long and hard as to what to use as my picture for this week, I was thinking House? Home, and even holiday, finally I came to the conclusion that I would go with Happy. Not a word that I find comes easy, but right now something I am feeling more each day. It could be something to do with the sunshine and good weather, working from home, or simply just singing the ‘Happy’ song with the boy on a regular basis. Happy to me is wrapped up in a small eight year old, he makes me smile and frown, happy and sad, all rolled into one.

Here he is in his fencing glory, which makes me more happy than I can explain. Seeing him enjoy his sport with such a great bunch of kids and seeing his sweaty smile each week makes me happy.


Here are my other Alphabet photos B C D E F G Thanks to PodCast for a great photo challenge.

G is for…

G is the letter for this weeks photo challenge from PODcast, and I have been wracking my brains for an image or topic to fit this letter. Garden, grass, green, there are so many, but after feeling gutted that I didn’t do Fencing for the letter F last week I have chosen Glove.

Our family life is starting to revolve around the boys Fencing competitions, and I will confess that I think I enjoy both the social side and watching this fast paced sport as much as the boy enjoys competing.

The boy has competed in the British Youth Championships where he fenced against 55 other competitors. Also the Leon Paul series competition at Portsmouth only a week ago, and now I have him booked in to take part in possible the most difficult competition he has tried. The English Youth Championships will see some of the best fencers in England, taking part to secure places in next years competition as well as improving their ranks. This competition will be tough on the boy as at 8 years old competing in an under 11 competition he will be up against competitors nearly two and a half years older and obviously more experienced.

Fencing Glove

We will be wishing him and his fellow fencers all the luck we can muster, but it will be luck of the draw in who he is pooled against on the day. So this week G is for… glove, and lets hope it brings him some good luck this weekend.


F is for… Flowers

This week F is for… Flowers, and I have lots of different ones to choose from. I love the Alliums which I could never get to survive in my last garden but thrive in the flower bed outside my kitchen window. There is one flower in my garden that looks at its best this month and that is the rose. Apparently the last owner didn’t like them, but with more than 30 in the garden when we moved in he didn’t dislike them that much. I bought a few special ones with me, including one very dear rose who’s name I can’t remember. This particular rose was always know as Nan’s rose as I grew up, and grew in her front garden as a shrub rose. I spent many hours searching garden centres to find one for my own garden and finally 2 years came across a local grower who not only identified it but found one for me. I chose to buy it as a climbing rose to grow through my cherry tree and this will be the first year it has had a chance to flower properly.

I was inseparable from my Nan as a young girl, and spent all of my summers, holidays and weekends with my Nan. She was very much-loved by all the family, but will always be part of who I am. My only regret is that she never got to see who I am now, and meet my cheeky little boy who has something of her mischievous twinkle in his eye. So here is Nan’s Rose, climbing through the cherry tree for everyone to see. The smell is divine, and I smile every time I walk past.

Nan's Rose

Thanks to PODcast for running the Alphabet Linky, I am loving the excuse to look through all my pictures!






Getting out in the Garden

The half term was the perfect excuse to get out in the garden and check on the progress of our fruit and veg. I had hoped that we would be planting a few more vegetables but once again my seed growing skills have failed me.

The strawberry’s are looking pretty good, and if I can get to them before the woodlice then we will be having a bumper crop. The fruit on the red currant, blackcurrant and blackberry bushes are also looking good, and now I will need to start thinking about making room in the freezer for a bumper harvest.


I have planted out our latest delivery of plants from Potter and Rest who sent us some lovely herbs and an unusual plant called a Stevia. This is a new plant for me and although I had heard of the name I hadn’t realised that the plant could be grown in the UK. Now confession time! I re-potted the stevia and it was looking very happy, but then Dad M decided it needed watering and I think he drowned it! I will have to go out and replace it now as I had planned to try and make a sugar syrup with the leaves, it is supposed to make a good substitute for sugar.

potter and rest herbs

The flowers in the garden are looking quite magical, my rhododendrons are just finishing and the poppy’s and lilies’ are about to start flowering. The garlic and onions that the boy planed earlier in the year with his new Twigz tools are looking very healthy and we will be trying out some recipe’s soon.

twigz gardening

The boy enjoyed bouncing on the trampoline which we have pulled out to clear and mend as the trees around it were getting a bit overgrown. As usual the trampoline will get a lot of use in the coming months, and the boy loves to make up new games, now the holes in the net will need mending, but this garden toy has been by far our best investment.

It was great getting out in the fresh air, and I hope the weather lasts so we can enjoy our green garden space more over the coming months.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Outtakes 11/04/14

This weeks outtake is again from the boy, and our short stay at hospital. He may have not realised that food wouldn’t be quite the same as it is at home, and lunch on the first day was pretty good. The boy loved having the choice, and one of the conditions of coming home was that I have to give him a choice of 3 lunch items with sides.

So here is dinner, pineapple and ham bake with mashed potato, sweetcorn and red pepper. The boys words “How can you go wrong with mashing a potato?” Clearly you can!


the outtakes

Joining in the #52 photo challenge

I had all these big plans at the end of last year,  I had a new Camera for Christmas and Birthday. I even thought I might have a go at taking a picture of my garden each day and making a time-lapse with the photos. Here I am on 6th January already and I have only managed to take a few photos so joining in the #365 photo challenge is not for me, but a once a week one is more realistic!

So here is my first weeks photo, and one I particularly like. I am still getting the hang of the new camera, and pictures are not as clear as I would like. This is the boy with his newly built B&Q Kid’s Can Do It  sledge, his pride and joy, now we need some snow?

finished sledge

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