Friendship Bracelets from My Style – Review

Friendship Bracelets from My Style are great kits with everything you need to make 10 projects and are available from the InterplayUK website for RRP £7.99.

The boy and lots of his mates love to make friendship bracelets so I knew this kit would be suited to a boy as well as girls. The kit contains nine different coloured cords, safety pins suction cup and instructions to make 10 projects. I love the box too which keeps your friendship bracelets safe and is easy to open.

friendship bracelets

The instructions are easy to follow, and once you have learnt the basic forward and backward knots, you are encouraged to make more complex pattered friendship bracelets. The boy chose his favourite colours from the supplied cords and decided on a v chevron pattern. Using a safety-pin to hold your project tight is a great idea. The pins supplied are small and we found a larger pin was easier and less bendy when pulled tight. You can alternatively use the sucker on a shiny surface to hold your bracelet.

friendship bracelets chevron

We found the Chinese knotting thread in this kit is bright, but does have a tendency to slip when you first start. There was some patience needed to get an even pattern as your bracelet is made. There is plenty of cord in the kit to make bracelets of all length’s and a handy ruler printed across the top of each instruction page means that all you will need is scissors.

friendship braelets finished

The finished bracelet is very effective and makes a great gift for friends and family. Once you are confident with each style of the friendship bracelets you can add beads and even charms. The boy loved the finished friendship bracelet in purple blue and black, his favourite colours. The addition of a silver cord makes for a fun and different bracelet.

I can see us making a few of these friendship bracelets as gifts as they are so easy to finish and look great. For more great My Style Craft kits have a look at the website of follow them on social media.

Disclaimer we were sent this kit in return for an honest review.


Wyke Farms Cheesy scones

Wyke Farms are celebrating a whole host of awards including being the first dairy in the UK to be awarded a triple Carbon Trust Standard for carbon, water and waste. Knowing that Wyke Farms are doing their bit for our planet somehow makes their cheese and butter even tastier (if that is possible).

Wyke Farms have 150 years of family farming experience. Wyke Farms’ cheese and butter is made with the milk from their cows grazing the lush pastures of the Mendip Hills in the centre of the Cheddar making region in Somerset.

I decided that I would try out a simple Cheese scone recipe with my Wyke farm cheese and butter. For this recipe you will need: 225g self raising flour, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 25g butter, 150ml milk, 30g Wyke Farms strong cheese.

wyke farm

Preheat the oven to 220 c, and sift the flour and salt into a bowl. Next lightly rub the butter into the flour to form breadcrumbs. mix in the Wykes Farm cheese, and then combine with the milk to make a dough. the less you tough the mixture the lighter your scones will be so I mix in with a knife, and try not to handle the dough too much. Then its time to press out the mixture, and cut out your shapes. Place on a baking sheet, and either glaze with milk of beaten egg.

wyke farm scones

Cook at the top of the oven for 15/18 minutes until risen and lightly coloured. Cool on a wire rack. We enjoyed ours warm from the oven with lashings of Wyke farm butter, and some carrot chutney. Wyke farm cheese and butter is available from the dairy section of your supermarket. We love Wyke farm cheese, and hope that the farm continue their success in the coming year.

wyke farm cheese

Disclaimer, we were sent a range of Wyke farm products to try, the words remain our own and have not been altered.

Confessions of a Summer Parent

Confessions of a summer parent, yes we have all been there! The moment when a game of hide and seek turns into Mum sneaking off for hidden bar of chocolate, or is that just me?

I start off in week one of the summer holidays fresh, ready to tackle the world. With my weekly planner, a mixture of days booked, and exciting activities planned. Baking, working together, meeting friends. You know the kind of things.

Week two we have started to get into the bad habits of late nights, irregular meal times and too much screen time. The boy wants to spend his days on the computer, yes its minecraft. Things not quite going to plan, and lack of summer sunshine never helps.


By week three, and you can throw the planner out of the window. Mornings are spent with long lazy lie ins, and afternoons gardening, cleaning and catching up around the house. While the boy spends too much time on computers and tv, I try to tempt him away.

Week four and its time for a change. We like to go away, and Dad dragon has booked a week off. I however have a confession and haven’t managed to find anywhere reasonable priced to stay! Whoops. Resulting in a grumpy husband and a staycation. I quickly get my thinking cap on and prey for good weather, the odd ice cream and trip to the beach, I manage to save the week.

confessions pictures

Entering week five and already the panic has set in. Do the shoes fit? Wjat happened to your PE kit? Is it still at school? Where can we get those bits of uniform? Ah yes I had forgotten all your school trousers have holes! So its time to get the iron out and the name labels on order.

By week six we are on the home straight, and this is where my confessions of hidden chocolate come in. The boy however has sussed out my hiding places and can hear the crinkly sound of an opening wrapper. Like lightning he can intercept me, with a well placed “where’s mine?” and before we blink its the new school year.

confessions summer

I love the summer holidays, the best days are the ones that are unplanned. The days where we get on our bikes and see where the wind takes us. As a family doing silly things and often free activities are the ones, which have the fondest place in our memories. I am lucky, I get to spent the whole summer with my boy, there are good and bad days, but when he goes back to the school routine, there is a big gap. He is already going into his last year of primary school, so my summers are running out. I had best get the planner out and hiding the chocolate ready for summer 2016.

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Ravensburger 3D puzzles – Review

Ravensburger 3D puzzles have a great range. Everything from castles to minions, and also light up night edition models like the Chrysler Building.

The Chrysler Building is just one of a new range of Ravensburger 3D puzzles that light up. The puzzle contains 216 pieces, standing 48cm tall when complete RRP £24.99. The boy was very keen to help me complete this puzzle. We chose to use the numbered pieces rather than completing using the patterned side. Starting at the bottom we built the puzzle up using the clear inserts. I will admit this was a little fiddly. You will need some patience to complete this model.

ravensburger 3d puzzle night edition


Once complete and with the addition of 3 AAA batteries, this Ravensburger 3D puzzle lights up in ever-changing colours. The shape is very authentic to the Chrysler building in new York. With lights shining up from the base this model was fun, and great to look at when complete.


The Empire State building is also available as a Ravensburger 3D night-time edition. The puzzle contains 216 pieces, requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) finished height 48.5cm RRP £24.99. The Empire state building was our favourite of these puzzles.

ravensburger 3d puzzle

There was so much detail to look at on the completed model. With 5 different light effects that scroll through. This model is almost as good as the real thing! Fitting some of the flooring and clear pieces again takes some patience, but it is worth it when finished.

Finally we completed the final New York Landmark the Statue of Liberty. This Ravensburger 3D model has 108 pieces, is 37.5cm tall when complete RRP £19.99. The Statue of liberty has great detail and was we were a little disappointed that there were not more pieces. The base of the model is made up from the puzzle pieces.  The statue comes in a few pieces, but it would have been nice to have a few more.

ravensburger puzzles

The models still has some great features and when complete, looks very authentic. The clever way that Ravensburger 3D puzzles fit together allow some complex shapes and a great finish.

We have enjoyed our Ravensburger 3D puzzles, especially the night editions, as these would be perfect on display for any fan of New York City!

Disclaimer, we were sent these puzzles in return for an honest review.

Enjoy Water Challenge

We have been challenged by Robinsons and BritMums to find ways to keep hydrated as a family and enjoy water. With two out of three parents saying they don’t know how much water their children should be drinking each day. I don’t feel alone in saying that this challenge needed to start with me!

The boy drinks lots of water when he does sports. Getting him to enjoy water on other days it is like asking him to chop a leg off. I bought him a large one litre sports bottle which he takes to school and day trips. Its huge and takes up so much room in his bag. It’s great for his fencing competitions, when he needs to keep hydrated, not so good on a day out.

enjoy water

Robinsons have launched the “Enjoy Drinking More Water” campaign to help families like ours enjoy water. With a range of Squash’d flavours they hope to encourage families to fruit up their water. This idea has proved a hit with the boy who loves these little squeezy bottles.They have great fruity flavours too with Orange and peach, summer fruit and my favourite pink grapefruit. The best part is they have no added sugar, and we adults rather like them too!

So over the last couple of weeks we have been keeping a chart of our water intake. The boy has loved adding fruity stickers to his chart and trying to increase how much he drinks each day. Robinson’s Squash’d bottles have been taken to Dad dragons work, for him to try. I have been drinking more at home, and the boy loves watching the water change colour as he adds a dash of Squash’d. This has helped us to enjoy water and drink twice as much as we did before.

enjoy water more

I think the important part of drinking more is to get involved as a family. Don’t nag! that never goes down well. So having a bottle of water on a desk or next to a chair means it’s always to hand. Pop a bottle or Robinsons Squash’d in your bag to liven up the dull bottles of water, and finally get outside and have fun.

This post is an entry for BritMums #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge, sponsored by Robinsons

Love the Sales

Love the sales is a website for people who love a bargain, or like me who don’t buy clothes unless they are on sale! I never seem to have the time to spend money on my clothes so tend to pick up bits and pieces as I see them. I was interested to find out more about the Love the Sales website, and see if I could find something in the Vera Moda Sale.

Using the website is easy, you don’t need an account and it isn’t a shop, you simply register an email, then fill in as much information or as little as you like. You can add your favourite labels and stores, with not just clothes but home and garden and pretty much everything in between. I thought about getting the boy something new, but he has more clothes than he wears, so instead thought I would treat myself.

love the sales

Love the Sales was easy to use, and I soon found my way around, with some great bargains to be had. I live in Jeans so first stop was a new pair of dark denim skinnies. Love the Sales allows you to search for colours, sizes, labels so you only see the items that are available currently. I quickly found the right size and decided to choose some summer tops to complement my new trousers.

vera modea love the sales

I chose a tunic sleeveless top with a high neck because I liked the pattern. A floaty summer tunic, plain green top and a rather nice cotton jumper for the chilly evenings. Because each item was on sale the total value of my clothing should have been £126.00 but cost just £58.00 saving me over 50%. Love the sales are not a shop so for each item you are redirected to order from a high street store or online retailer. Postage may be extra dependant on the store or collection options, but even taking this into account saving over 50% of the retail price is enough for me to keep my eyes peeled for more Love the Sales Bargains.

Via lovethesales


Doctor Panic – Review

Doctor Panic is a family game for 2-9 players aged 8+ distributed by Esdevium games for RRP £24.99.

Doctor Panic is a true team game, where instead of competing against each other you work as a team against the clock. There are lots of parts in the game box with a total of 8 individual tests, various cards, tweezers and even medical hair nets! You will need plenty of space to play Doctor Panic. Starts by downloading the app to your phone, or visit the website for a soundtrack. At first Doctor Panic looks complicated, but the app allows you to play a short test game to get you familiar with the set up.

doctor panic

Doctor Panic can be played in teams so we decided to start off as one team with the three of us. The rule book details each of the set ups for cards and instruments ready for you to do each test. We downloaded the app to the boys IPad, but after it crashed twice mid game, switched to my phone. This worked fine and we managed to complete the test game.

doctor panic review

The game is made more fun by the beeping of the app. Having to complete each test task as quick as possible. For each game you will need to choose the person who will act as the head and wear the hair net. The Doctor Panic game starts by dealing out 8 cards, one from each of the test card packs. Shuffle and these will form the order of the tests for your team. Start the app and follow the instructions to save your patients.

doctor panic game

You have 12 minutes to complete all the tests, and the heart beat bleeping means the patient is still alive. At any time they could go into cardiac arrest. This is signalled by a continuous bleeping, you must stop all tests and while one of you uses the heart whoopee cushion to keep your patient alive others make the code ready to shock the patient back to life.

doctor panic family game

Mix in a few Managers calls and funny tasks and Doctor Panic becomes a very active and funny laughter filled game. The tests are a mixture of skills, we found some are more funny than others. I think our favourites are the x-ray test and describing how to make funny shapes with your body. The boy liked examination with the magnifying glass and also suturing test. The game ends when either you run out of time, or you complete all the tests before the end of the 12 minutes.

Doctor Panic board game

There are different levels from easy to hard, and 8 different patients which change the game of Doctor Panic. Add in additional teams if you have more players. I think the only thing stopping more people joining in would be lack of space! Doctor Panic is a fast, fun and enjoyable short game that is suitable for all ages. Younger kids will love using the whoopee cushion, and resuscitating the patients. I can see this game being a great one for big gatherings.Playing outdoors with more space for the funny poses and managers forfeits would make this game perfect for the summer.

You can buy Doctor Panic from toy stockists in the Uk, have a look here on the Esdevium website for your nearest toy shop, or click below for my Amazon affiliate link.

For your chance to win this Doctor Panic board game enter with my Gleam app below.

Doctor Panic

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The Supermarket -Review

The Supermarket is a 1,000 piece puzzle, number 15 in the Best of British series from Ravensburger RRP £11.99.

The Supermarket is the first puzzle in the Best of British series that I have completed and I was surprised how much I enjoyed both the illustrative style and humour from the artist Geoff Tristram. He has produced a few other puzzles with Ravensburger including Number 14 in the series titled Fit 4 nothing Gym. There is certainly plenty to look at in this puzzle, and the boy enjoyed working out some of the supermarket puns and jokes on the signs contained within the CheapoSave store. I even managed to convince Dad Dragon to help me out with this one.

the supermarket

I found this puzzle was straight forward to complete in the traditional way of edges first. With the logos and signs being the next thing I completed. There are lots of bright colours to pick out and complete. With so much detail in the supermarket puzzle you will continue to notice new things even after some time completing the puzzle. There are details on the shelves, packets and puns everywhere you look. Our favourite was the Diet coke bottle ” contains nothing beneficial” This puzzle has been such fun not just to complete but to look at afterwards as some of the details too small on the box come to life in the puzzle itself.

supermarket puzzle

Bingo granny is also looking forward to completing this puzzle, as she worked in a large supermarket for many years so the jokes will be even more relevant to her. The Supermarket I am sure will be much-loved by the Best of British fans and shoppers alike!

supermarket from ravensburger

Visit the Ravensburger website for the rest of the puzzles in the series of click my affiliate link below to buy this puzzle online.

Disclaimer I was sent this puzzle in return for an honest review.

Hotter Shoes at Chelsea

I was recently invited to a Hotter shoe party in Horsham by BakesBooksandMyBoys which got me very excited as I never treat myself to anything! This was going to be my first experience of Hotter shoes, and after a warm welcome and a few nibbles I set about browsing the store.

I decided to have my feet measured, as I can’t remember the last time I did this, and after some trying on and great advice from the staff discovered that I have strange feet. Although I am a standard six, due to a low ankle bone and narrow heels a five and a half or narrow fitting was a much better fit. I was very impressed with the patience and of the Hotter store staff as I spent an hour trying to find the right shoes. Only slightly disappointed that they didn’t have the chosen ones in stock, they offered to have the shoes ordered and delivered to my home.

hotter shoes

Leaving with an empty bag, was a little strange, but I was assured they would arrive shortly. I was excited that I would no longer be a hotter shoe virgin. Sure enough after about 10 days my shoes arrived, I had chosen Quake in Mauve Nubuck (although I think they look more of a soft pink). They fitted perfectly and had arrived just in time for me to set them the ultimate test a day out at Chelsea Flower show.

hotter shoes at chelsea

Chelsea flower show was the perfect test of all the Hotter shoe claims, comfort, style and adventure! There was no slipping about on the tube as the touch fastening kept them in place. They certainly had style and looked so much nicer than my trainers. I saw so many people as they left changing out of their shoes into something more comfy. I didn’t have too, as the Hotter shoes have millions of little bubbles in the soles to keep your feet comfy. It certainly was a long day on my feet, and with plenty of walking I made it home with happy feet, and a camera full of fantastic flower pictures.

hotter shoes london

I have been impressed with my Hotter shoes, and the fact that 80% of the shoes from Hotter are British made means that I will be back for more very soon. If you would like to try hotter shoes for yourself I have an offer to share with you, use the code PPATEN to receive £10 off plus free delivery for your first order, then you too will no longer be a Hotter shoes virgin!

Terms and conditions are £10 off plus FREE delivery is for first orders only. You are entitled to £10 off the total order value of any full priced items in the Hotter range (excluding shoe care products and accessories) plus FREE delivery. Minimum order value £25. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer or on Sale or Factory Clearance items and gift vouchers. Expires 30/6/16

Disclaimer I was given a pair of hotter shoes in return for being asked to write about the event. The words remain my own and have not been altered.


Triop World Giveaway

Have you seen my Triop World review? Well here is your chance to win this educational kit from My Living world. The Triop world kit contains everything you need to learn about these fascinating creatures, and the boy has enjoyed trying to spot these almost microscopic creatures.

triop world

Enter below on my Gleam app, and don’t forget to leave a blog post comment on my review HERE.

Triop World

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